Bird Sounds: Mourning Dove

Mourning Dove Calls

Bird Sounds and Songs-Mourning Dove-US Fish and Wildlife via Wikimedia Commons

A mourning dove rests on a warm rock.

Photo by US Fish and Wildlife via Wikimedia Commons

Here you can identify the sounds and bird song of the Mourning Dove. Compliments of The Macaulay Library at The Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

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Have you heard a Mourning Dove? Add your comments below. Be sure to let us know where you live or where you’ve heard this bird sound before!

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Morning Dove

I hear this at work in the wee hours of the morning in Summersville WV

Morning Doves, Living Like "Snowbirds" in Sunny SoFla!

Morning Doves, Living Like "Snowbirds" in Sunny SoFla! #LOL We have lived her for 24years. We are in an Rural Ranch Area way west not far from The Everglades. We have doves by the dozens. I love the sound of the cooing. It is very calming and tranquil. However they are not the only Birds...We are on a migratory path for many birds of North America. As well as many water birds. Great blue Herron , Ibis, Wood Storks, many different ducks, peacocks, hawks, wild parrots. The list goes on. Different times of the year we have had entire flocks of birds land on our property, they eat the berries out of the Native trees that were here when we built. We are on acreage. So many all at once the ground looks like it's boiling. Who knows they could have been coming threw for generations. This area use to be sod farms and plotted in 1902. Old for South Florida... The birds are a plenty now, so I thought, but Old timers of the area, have mentioned there were so many birds they'd darken the sky when a flock would fly over. I worry about the Morning Doves because there are lots of ferrial cats around, and raccoons as well. And I won't even get started on the lizards, pythons, snakes, gators and iguanas taking over...

Morning doves

I live in southeastern ky. I have an apple orchard that these doves live in. They bring joy to me listening to them everyday

Mourning Dove

Every morning I hear the mourning dove call, here in Lancaster, PA!

Mourning doves

I live in western Kansas and these birds are so prevalent here they drive me nuts.
Their constant repetitive cooing (wailing) in the mornings deprive everyone of a
full night's sleep. Not only that but they use my wooden mailbox and the railing
on my wooden deck as their private bathrooms. I do love most birds but these
I could do without.

Every evening

We have them, live in suburbs of KCMO close to the outskirts of town, borderline farmland. They sing in the evenings. Reminds me of my childhood, then they would sing in the evening also. We have owls too. I love hearing them. It doesn't mean anything superstitious. I know why the owls are in my yard- lots of voles and moles tearing up my garden! Go owl go! Get those pesky critters!

Mourning dove cry

Trenton, NJ - sounds kind of sad.

Mourning Doves

I live in Washington, DC. Every spring I see two doves that seem to live in the alley in back of my house. Everytime I go out to the alley they are there and fly away as I approach the alley. Every few days I hear a mourning dove call out a song so loud you can hear it a block away. He sings for about 2 minutes, then stops. I have seen two mourning doves in my alley, and sometimes in my backyard for years, as far back as I can remember. I know I've noticed them for the last 6 years at least.

morning doves

I live in southern Montana, a town called Belfry, north of the Wy. state line. We have had morning doves for years out in our pine trees. This year however they have been singing constantly all day for weeks it seems. Never have noticed this before. We don't mind it, we just wonder why?

Minnesota Mourning Doves

I have had doves come back to the same nest for the 3rd year in a row this spring. Many families raised over the years except for one baby didn't make it & one egg was abandoned. It broke my heart! We've already seen them successfully raise two babies this spring. I've seen a male bring twigs back and forth while his two children wait patiently for him. I see them fly together, at the bird bath together & dad teaching them to eat & fly. They've got flying down pretty well now but no where near as good as dad. I noticed we now have two nests in the same pine tree. This one is quite new so I'm not sure if the old one had mites so they built a new one or if it's a different families. It's definitely a doves nest but when I last looked, it wasn't quite finished. I know "my" doves by their markings & how comfortable they are around me. I don't touch them although we have put fledglings back in the nest after they fell out from a bad storm. They weren't old enough to leave yet so we scooped them up and set them back in the nest. Mom & dad came back to feed and stay with them at night. This year they were too old so both parents kept trying to push them out but they stayed on the edge of the tree for hours before flying to the ground. It was kind of funny to watch as they kept pushing & pushing but one fledging just kept going back to the nest. I even saw both parents literally sitting in the nest with him/her like "get out of here, you are too big"! I eventually saw dad with them on the ground as well as watching from above. My husband & I just love watching them every year from as early as April this year to early to as late as mid October some years. Their song is so peaceful and soothing. I'm quite protective when it comes to our doves that when a crow is near, I walk around my backyard until I hear all of the birds start singing again & cannnot hear or see the crow. Our doves don't mind us or our dogs so they're not frightened when we are around. They often come pretty close to us while outside doing yard work or just sitting on the deck. I'm looking forward to watching them this year & hope they keep coming back. I know I will be devistated if/when they ever stop returning. For now I will enjoy them for as long as I can.

Mourning Doves!

I live in Southern Illinois and hear this noise daily, especially in the mornings, usually they sit right outside of my window and wake me up. Honestly kind of used to it by this point!

Mourning Dove

Kiefer, Oklahoma
We have a pair sitting in our red bud tree. We hear them every morning.

Mourning dove

I live in Derry PA and have a pair that live around my house. I hear them every morning

Mourning dove sounds

I have heard the Mourning dove in just about every state I've moved to in the past 5 yrs. Starting in Florida to Michigan to Illinois to Ohio to Virginia and back to Ohio. Kinda made me feel right at home.

Mourning dove

South east Portland OR
We had a pair last year and just this week they have returned.
We enjoy their singing

Mourning Dove

Every morning as a child in Clinton NC that was my wake up call. I just heard that familiar sound here in Lumberton NC.

dove or owl

I'm hearing a mourning dove at 3 am most mornings in Boulder, CO. I first thought it was an owl, but alas it must me a dove.

Morning coos from a Mourning Dove in Atlanta, GA

This morning, I had my back porch door open when I heard a bird sound that was different from the others I hear. It did sound like an owl, which I thought was odd, so I peered out on to my porch and saw this little guy sitting in my herb garden planter, right next to my chives (the only thing still alive :) I was so intrigued by his sound, I had to look it up and as soon as I saw the picture here, I knew that was him. Their beaks and tails are unique then the sound completely confirmed it. So cool!!

Mourning Dove

We have Mourning doves in NC. I saw one in my neighbor's yard and took a picture of it.

Grey hoo hoo bird in Troutdale, Or

I now know what type of bird is hooing on the most upper branch of the tree in back of our house. It sits there all morning hooing. At first I thought it was an owl until I spotted it and realized it was a bird. Our Morning Dove is more light and dark grey in color. It's such a wonderful sound.

Mourning doves in California

There must be one by our bedroom window here in SanJose. I had been wondering, hey is this dove lonely, or lost its mate? Bu I guess it's a mourning dove,so loud I could hear at front of house about forty feet away indoors..very loud!God hath made a strange creature here:)

Dove cooing like an owl

I live in Northwest Indiana and I was in the pool with my mom and was like that bird sounds so pretty. She told me when she lived in southern Illinois Galatia area she could here the noises when she was younger and it brought back memories. I first maybe it was an owl but I thought at this time of the day? So I googled and it she time here and it was spot on!! Love the sound and birds in general but this experience in just hearing the dove was beautiful ❤️.

Dove cooing

We have several pairs of doves in this semi-rural neighborhood on Milwaukee's far north side. My neighbor insists that the cooing is owls. his grandfather taught him that when they'd come to Wisconsin in the summers. We only have a few pairs here, but on my farm farther south in Racine county, we would have 10 or more of them sitting on the power lines. Love their soothing sound. They come to the feeders - male, female and young ones. They will eat at the feeder trays but seem to prefer eating off the ground.

There has been one single

There has been one single mourning dove cooing on my neighbors roof off and on all day long for the past couple of weeks. Does anyone know if this means it is calling for a mate? I feel bad that he is alone.

I live in California

Oh and just to let you know I live here in California I live in the city of villa park and sometimes I hear doves in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon but never at night but I love the sound that they make and it's so peaceful to me

I love doves

I love the sound of this bird. Every time when I hear the sound of this bird it makes me think of my dad. Every time when my dad hears this bird it makes him think of me and we will always think of each other every time we hear this bird.

Trinidad,WI...and Glendale, CA

I was completely taken aback when I heard this bird one morning, that took me straight back to my childhood in the Caribbean. I used to hear this every morning when I woke up. When I heard it recently, it brought back so many memories I decided I had to figure out what it was!

Hear them in NYC all the time

I am from NYC and I remember hearing these birds for the last 20 years. When I was a boy I thought they were owls. They are really beautiful birds...

I love having these birds

I love having these birds near, years ago I saw a hawk in the front yard eating one. My friend had them nesting on the ground next to her house, we have a stray tomcat so that's probably not going to happen here.

Mourning Dove South Central Ohio

When I lived in Clark County, Ohio, I could hear the mourning dove at any time, but since I've been in South Central Ohio I only hear it at dusk, as if telling everyone it's time to pack it in for the day. It always catches my attention because the song is so soulful. Robins to wake me up, cardinals to call the dog during the afternoon (that's what I thought the call was the very first time I heard it -- someone calling their dog), and the mourning dove telling me the day is done. Ah, nature.

Central Iowa

Have heard them wherever I have lived. Very relaxing.

I live near Sacramento, CA.

I live near Sacramento, CA. I hear them every morning. They wake me up and I can't go back to sleep. Woo, Coo, Coo, Coo, wait 10 seconds. Woo, Coo, Coo, Coo, wait 10 seconds. Over and over.

Yea i thought it was an owl.

Yea i thought it was an owl. Im searching for owl sounds and BAM! The mourning dove was on the list of sound a likes! Ive heard this b4 but never paid any attention. Im in Cleveland,oh.

Morning Dove

I hear this sound nearly every morning when the weather is warmer. I live in White River Junction, VT.

Mourning doves

I woke up this morning to the call of the mourning dove. He sang for about 15 minutes. I thought it was pretty early in the year for them to be back in Northeast Ohio (Kent).

Love the Doves here in

Love the Doves here in Rialto, CA. We moved here 18 months ago when there was a pair of doves. I started feeding them and other birds in my back yard. Now we have 8 Doves and a variety of other wild birds. They are such a blessing, so peaceful.

I have had a pair of Doves

I have had a pair of Doves cooing on the telephone wire for the past 4 months, mostly day time hours. This past week, one has disappeared the one remaining is making this pitiful sounding call that is a one-syllable "rasping" sound. It is constant. Does anyone know what this sound means? Obviously it has lost its mate/friend but I have never heard a call like that from a Dove and I can't find any info anywhere on the various bird websites either. Thank you! Carol in Northern California

The mystery is solved! It

The mystery is solved! It wasn't the Dove making the rasping sound. It was a pair of Mockingbirds who are nesting in the thick bamboo nearby and I thought it was coming from the Dove up above! The Mockingbirds were being bothered by some squirrel intruders to their nest area!

Like some others here, I

Like some others here, I associate this sound with my childhood, in Indianapolis, and I like it very much. I imagine most people in my state have heard the mourning dove. Just heard one here in Bloomington 15 minutes ago! These doves I find so lovely, with their soft grey and plumpness and gentle demeanor. And their sound is so serene. I have even thought that I wouldn't mind it if their call was the last thing I hear when I take leave of this life.

Is mourning dove sound at

Is mourning dove sound at home is good or bad?

Sweet! I've been hearing

Sweet! I've been hearing these calls for years, but could never match them with the bird until now. So now I know there are Mourning Doves in the neighborhood, even though I don't recall SEEING any. I've seen the Robins and Sparrows, and there are apparently Blue Jays in the area as well that I haven't seen either.

I live in southern San Diego

I live in southern San Diego County, California, very close to the Mexican border. I hear them early in the morning. I love that they seem to be having a conversation. One dove will sing, and then another will answer. And these birds are at a distance from each other, as much as 30 or 40 meters.

Though most songs will have 4 "syllables" sometimes they will have five or six! And when the song is a long one, sometimes they make a short pause between "syllables" I am always fascinated, and wonder what they are saying to each other.

I have a nest in my garage on

I have a nest in my garage on top of my garage door opened with 2 new babies just born. This is the 2nd year for the best. I have quite a few at my feeders, they are so serene.

Houston, TX My neighborhood

Houston, TX My neighborhood has many established pairs each year. Along with the cardinals and bluejays it can be quite beautifully cacaufunous (sp) at times. But all go quiet when a hawk passes overhead!

March 13/2015 I heard a

March 13/2015

I heard a dove singing in the night time . I live in Capreol Ontario

I live in NJ. Not only do I

I live in NJ. Not only do I hear them, I see them. I feed them. I've watched them mating and then hanging out together like an old married couple.

Yes, I have heard the

Yes, I have heard the mourning dove...Sweet! First I thought as did Victoria C.who commented on 4-27-14, that it was an owl and I felt uneasy. Someone mentioned, it could be a mourning dove so I got on this site and I love it. Finally, I saw two doves just walking down our driveway, it was so cute,, I feel it was the male dancing all around her! We do feed a lot of birds! I live in Ft. Gibson, Okla. (Oldest town in OK.)

quite common here in aptos,

quite common here in aptos, ca.
I use my cupped hands, blowing thru my thumbs to immitate.
opening of index finger can vary the tone.

I have two newborn doves in a

I have two newborn doves in a nest on top of a cabinet! It is so exciting! They are rather big already and the daytime babysitter allows us to get about a foot away from it. Luv their sounds and they stay all year round northwest nj

The sound of Mourning Dove

The sound of Mourning Dove scarred me first. Couple of days ago early morning about 4 am I woke up for his voice. First I thought that's an owl and I was afraid there will happen something wrong in my family. I am from Europe and there is a tradition in some country, if an owl coming to your house at night or early morning then there will be someone dead soon. I called my Mom and my kids but they were ok. Now I wanted to know what bird has this sound and I found this great site. Thank you. Now I am ok I know that is not an owl but still scary because of his name (Mourning). I am living North of Minneapolis, MN. I love birds and their songs but not this one. Hope they will move from here soon.

Hear them in my back yard

Hear them in my back yard near Dallas.

So glad I found this call! I

So glad I found this call! I heard this bird throughout my childhood in Santa Monica, California in the 80s—the call is so strongly associated with my childhood years and lazy summer days. I recently moved to Northern California and hear this bird's call regularly here, too, which I love. I've been trying to figure out what bird it is and am happy to finally have an answer!

Lake Havasu City, AZ We have

Lake Havasu City, AZ
We have doves often and on all day and every day. The last couple of days we've been matching a pair of doves with the male doing the mating call and dance. Fascinating!

Gainesville, VA - we have a

Gainesville, VA - we have a morning dove who makes her nest under our deck each year. She was perched on the ledge of our deck earlier this week singing her beautiful call. I enjoyed watching her.

The Mourning Doves frequent

The Mourning Doves frequent my yard & feeders, I'm a little west of Boston, MA, my husband keeps telling me he hears an, I had to play the doves coo for him, he was astounder how much they sound like an owl. I also have many Cardinals as well, they love the Safflower seeds.

Here in Dracut, MA we hear

Here in Dracut, MA we hear them all the time, and we even hear them up in the White Mountains in New Hampshire!

so glad i finally found out

so glad i finally found out what bird this was i recently made a song incorporating the haunting notes of the mourning dove. great site!

we have been waking this song

we have been waking this song for weeks now. I do not remember hearing them before. Tisdale Saskatchewan

I hear a mourning dove every

I hear a mourning dove every day now in our back yard here in Georgetown KY. I thought they were owls until I actually saw the bird that was making the sound.

I watch the doves all the

I watch the doves all the time, since I feed them.Every evening I feed before I go out they are lined up across the street on the highline wires. After I throw the feed they all come down to eat, sometimes there are as many as 50 doves, it is a wonderful thing to watch how they fly in, eat a bit then fly out.. I have two black ring doves who come every evening, they make a much different sound than the regular doves..The cooing sound comes from the regular doves you can see them when they are making the sound.. I love watching them it is so peaceful watching them...

I have never seen one, but we

I have never seen one, but we hear them constantly in our neighborhood in Cottonwood Heights, Utah. It's such a mellow peaceful sound. I'll keep looking for them.

Morning Dove(s) present in

Morning Dove(s) present in our area. Olympia, WA near Puget sound (two blocks) and the Nisqually River. They stop by around the ground below our feeders on occasion and we are wondering how to feed them more in a way that would invite them more.

We have several at our feeder

We have several at our feeder every morning here in southern WV.

I was visiting in

I was visiting in huntsvile,al when we heard one,we thought it was saying who,who.

April 2012, we have a pair

April 2012, we have a pair (Sandia Park, New Mexico), it is 3:16 a.m., what prompts them to coo?
I love their sound, but was surprised to hear them in the middle of the night..maybe the light in the house that prompts them ? They are beautiful and we have water out for all the birds.

The perch-coo is from an

The perch-coo is from an unmated male and signals the beginning of courting. Yes, they will coo at night. Also, sometimes you'll hear paired males give the three-parted “nest call” (co-OO-oo) while nest-building. On the nest, the male does a daytime shift and the female does the night shift.

very morning we have a pair

very morning we have a pair of morning doves sittling on the fence in front of my house. They nest every year in the thicket of the short pine trees. I love to hear them sing from spring to fall.

I hear them a lot and then

I hear them a lot and then one of them made a very strange call that I never heard before and the call added a 4th hoo at the end

I see a lot Mourning Doves at

I see a lot Mourning Doves at my house! Like one time, I was taking my dog out and I saw one on the roof of my house.

I live in Wilmington, N.C.

I live in Wilmington, N.C. and the first time I heard this I thought it was an owl until I was up close to one and heard the same coo.



The mourning doves are here

The mourning doves are here in pairs. So peaceful.

Doves come to the feeders but

Doves come to the feeders but eat on the ground. Other birds kick seeds out and it looks intentional. I've heard the sound is the male mating call. Is that true? I live in Southeastern Kentucky.

I found a "just hatched" dove

I found a "just hatched" dove 3 months ago (I had no ideal what it was). As time has gone by, I have listened to it develop it's vocals. Recently, it started this "song" and I have fallen in love with it. I have done alot of reading and what I have learned just from this new "song" is, I HAVE A MALE BIRD, and, since he is not mated, that is the call they make. I, like you, have yet to find out if this is a mating call. Although, from what I have read, he may be a bit too young to mate (not that I have intentions to do so). I have been trying to find someone to talk to back and forth about what I have learned since I found this little guy, with no luck.
NorthEast Kentucky

Also here in Oklahoma

Also here in Oklahoma (northeastern), we have 2 pair of these and a pair of the Eurasian Dove (they have a black ring almost completely around their neck). They walk around under the bird feeders looking for the seeds and my husband has a spot on the ground where he sprinkles some for them since they seem to be ground feeders.

Occasionally here in

Occasionally here in Northeast PA, I hear them in the morning. I have always loved hearing their voices, one of my favorite.

Mourning doves frequent our

Mourning doves frequent our bird feeder here on Trinity Bay. We are located on the Gulf Coast in Texas and have enjoyed their feeding habits.

These birds are in abundance

These birds are in abundance here in rural Dobson, North Carolina. We observe them almost every morning as we are having our breakfast. They are on the ground, right below the birdfeeders, and also walking among the flowers, always searching for that one special morsel of seed.