Bird Sounds: Mourning Dove

Mourning Dove Calls

April 29, 2016
Bird Sounds and Songs-Mourning Dove-US Fish and Wildlife via Wikimedia Commons

A mourning dove rests on a warm rock.

Photo by US Fish and Wildlife via Wikimedia Commons

Here you can identify the sounds and bird song of the Mourning Dove. Compliments of The Macaulay Library at The Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

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Have you heard a Mourning Dove? Add your comments below. Be sure to let us know where you live or where you’ve heard this bird sound before!

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Mourning Doves

Like another commenter I live in the Pacific Northwest, however I see them pretty regularly. Well, I hear them but when I do I look for them. They nested in the fencing and rock area of the store I worked at and when I was there really early in the morning they were all you would hear.. I find their song so relaxing.

Mourning Doves

Like another commenter I live in the Pacific Northwest, however I see them pretty regularly. Well, I hear them but when I do I look for them. They nested in the fencing and rock area of the store I worked at and when I was there really early in the morning they were all you would hear.. I find their song so relaxing.

Mourning Dove

I live in upper Manhattan, in Washington Heights, near the Hudson. I’d been hearing mourning doves for the first time here - and this morning, around 6:45, one of them flew onto a windowsill next to where I was sitting and gave me an intimate view and concert!

Mourning Doves - Pacific Northwest

We normally don't see mourning doves in the Pacific Northwest but on the rear occasions that we do, they're always in a pair. If I'm correct, I understand they mate for life. My grandmother used to say that when you see a mourning dove, a loved one has passed on. Sure enough, I received word the next day that a very dear friend died. Silly I know, but hmmmmm.....

morning doves, arlington, va.

the morning doves love my back yard and seem to be here year round. Hang out close to the house and on my deck.

Mourning Doves Greensboro NC

We have two that spend a lot of time in our yard. In the morning they are foraging, and we hear their calls in the evenings.

Mourning Dove

We have some visit us to eat with our chickens!

Mourning doves

I am in Toledo, Ohio. It's 3/26/20 was just listening to a mourning dove which is actually nested in front of my house!

Mourning Doves

I'm in Simpson County Mississippi & I've been seeing & hearing Doves since the 3rd week of February. So far this year I've seen 4 pairs in my front yard!

Mourning Dove

My son lives in Tempe,AZ and as I’m sitting outside in the cooler morning there is a very vocal Mourning Dove on the electric wires behind his house and I have heard “him” every day on my visit

Mourning Doves 2019

I see Mourning Doves all the time around my property in Pennsylvania. I usually see them in pairs. I believe they started popping out in late February, early March. I hear them the loudest at 6am, when I have my dogs out. All the birds are so loud, it’s beautiful!

Mourning Doves

I live in Westminster, Colorado and I have a pair of Mourning Doves that visit me. They are kind of bullies if the sparrows are eating they just walk up and the smaller birds fly away. I hear their call usually in the morning.

Mourning Doves - No more calls

I'm in southeast Michigan and year 2018 is ending. Last time i heard mourning dove's 'mourning call' was in late august, though they all do come to our patio to eat grain regularly. I'm wondering if its possible that some of them communicated among themselves that some people (humans) consider their calls as melancholy to their moods and doves eventually (learnt to) stop them. I'm anxious to know if anyone else observes that.

Mourning Dove Sounds

We live in Vinton (Roanoke) Virginia and we can hear the sounds of a mourning dove every day, at any time of the day or night. Wasn't actually sure what it was until we googled it and now we know!

Heard one 6/10/2018

We live in Dighton, MA and have at least two in our back yard.

Mourning Dove

I live in south eastern Kentucky and have just been listening to the peaceful but lonesome sound of the Mourning Dove. I live in a semi secluded area where I consider myself lucky to see and hear alot of wonderful wildlife

Mourning doves

I have bird feeders in my yard. I use a flat dish feeder on my porch. The doves are mostly ground feeders and flock to my porch within minutes of me filling the plate. I like their courting behaviors and the way the males puff themselves up to lure females. They bill and coo all over my yard. I have several that roost in the dogwood trees as well. Love these little creatures of the prarie. West Frankfort Illinois......

The most irritating bird sound ever

These birds are cute but I wish they'd stop nesting outside my window. I get woken up every morning by their hollering and it's now one of the few noises that will send me into an instant rage. And they're so noisy when they fly too. Never been so annoyed by a bird in my life.

Life's too short to rage over

Life's too short to rage over the call of a bird that symbolizes peace.

Morning Dove

I hear this at work in the wee hours of the morning in Summersville WV

Morning Doves, Living Like "Snowbirds" in Sunny SoFla!

Morning Doves, Living Like "Snowbirds" in Sunny SoFla! #LOL We have lived her for 24years. We are in an Rural Ranch Area way west not far from The Everglades. We have doves by the dozens. I love the sound of the cooing. It is very calming and tranquil. However they are not the only Birds...We are on a migratory path for many birds of North America. As well as many water birds. Great blue Herron , Ibis, Wood Storks, many different ducks, peacocks, hawks, wild parrots. The list goes on. Different times of the year we have had entire flocks of birds land on our property, they eat the berries out of the Native trees that were here when we built. We are on acreage. So many all at once the ground looks like it's boiling. Who knows they could have been coming threw for generations. This area use to be sod farms and plotted in 1902. Old for South Florida... The birds are a plenty now, so I thought, but Old timers of the area, have mentioned there were so many birds they'd darken the sky when a flock would fly over. I worry about the Morning Doves because there are lots of ferrial cats around, and raccoons as well. And I won't even get started on the lizards, pythons, snakes, gators and iguanas taking over...

Morning doves

I live in southeastern ky. I have an apple orchard that these doves live in. They bring joy to me listening to them everyday

Mourning Dove

Every morning I hear the mourning dove call, here in Lancaster, PA!

Mourning doves

I live in western Kansas and these birds are so prevalent here they drive me nuts.
Their constant repetitive cooing (wailing) in the mornings deprive everyone of a
full night's sleep. Not only that but they use my wooden mailbox and the railing
on my wooden deck as their private bathrooms. I do love most birds but these
I could do without.

Every evening

We have them, live in suburbs of KCMO close to the outskirts of town, borderline farmland. They sing in the evenings. Reminds me of my childhood, then they would sing in the evening also. We have owls too. I love hearing them. It doesn't mean anything superstitious. I know why the owls are in my yard- lots of voles and moles tearing up my garden! Go owl go! Get those pesky critters!

Mourning dove cry

Trenton, NJ - sounds kind of sad.

Mourning Doves

I live in Washington, DC. Every spring I see two doves that seem to live in the alley in back of my house. Everytime I go out to the alley they are there and fly away as I approach the alley. Every few days I hear a mourning dove call out a song so loud you can hear it a block away. He sings for about 2 minutes, then stops. I have seen two mourning doves in my alley, and sometimes in my backyard for years, as far back as I can remember. I know I've noticed them for the last 6 years at least.

morning doves

I live in southern Montana, a town called Belfry, north of the Wy. state line. We have had morning doves for years out in our pine trees. This year however they have been singing constantly all day for weeks it seems. Never have noticed this before. We don't mind it, we just wonder why?

Minnesota Mourning Doves

I have had doves come back to the same nest for the 3rd year in a row this spring. Many families raised over the years except for one baby didn't make it & one egg was abandoned. It broke my heart! We've already seen them successfully raise two babies this spring. I've seen a male bring twigs back and forth while his two children wait patiently for him. I see them fly together, at the bird bath together & dad teaching them to eat & fly. They've got flying down pretty well now but no where near as good as dad. I noticed we now have two nests in the same pine tree. This one is quite new so I'm not sure if the old one had mites so they built a new one or if it's a different families. It's definitely a doves nest but when I last looked, it wasn't quite finished. I know "my" doves by their markings & how comfortable they are around me. I don't touch them although we have put fledglings back in the nest after they fell out from a bad storm. They weren't old enough to leave yet so we scooped them up and set them back in the nest. Mom & dad came back to feed and stay with them at night. This year they were too old so both parents kept trying to push them out but they stayed on the edge of the tree for hours before flying to the ground. It was kind of funny to watch as they kept pushing & pushing but one fledging just kept going back to the nest. I even saw both parents literally sitting in the nest with him/her like "get out of here, you are too big"! I eventually saw dad with them on the ground as well as watching from above. My husband & I just love watching them every year from as early as April this year to early to as late as mid October some years. Their song is so peaceful and soothing. I'm quite protective when it comes to our doves that when a crow is near, I walk around my backyard until I hear all of the birds start singing again & cannnot hear or see the crow. Our doves don't mind us or our dogs so they're not frightened when we are around. They often come pretty close to us while outside doing yard work or just sitting on the deck. I'm looking forward to watching them this year & hope they keep coming back. I know I will be devistated if/when they ever stop returning. For now I will enjoy them for as long as I can.

Mourning Doves!

I live in Southern Illinois and hear this noise daily, especially in the mornings, usually they sit right outside of my window and wake me up. Honestly kind of used to it by this point!