Dog Age Chart: Dog Years to Human Years

Dog Years: How Old is Your Dog?

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How old is your dog in human years? Multiplying your dog’s age by seven is easy, but isn’t very accurate.

This carefully graded system piles the equivalent human years onto a dog’s life more quickly during the dog’s rapid growth to maturity.

If we think like a dog, here’s how a dog’s age compares to a human’s age! There may be some differences between breeds, but this should give you a good sense of where your dog is in the development/aging process.

Dog Years to Human Years Converter

Dog's AgeHuman Years
years years

Enter your dog's age (from 1 to 30) to get the human years equivalent.

Dog Years to Human Years Chart

Dog Years

(dog’s age according to the calendar)

Human Years

(dog’s age in equivalent human years, based on stage of development/aging)

6 months 10 years
1 year 15
2 years 24
3 28
4 32
5 36
6 40
7 44
8 48
9 52
10 56
11 60
12 64
13 68
14 72
15 74 ½
16 77
17 79 ½ 
18 82
19 84 ½
20 87
21 89 ½
22 92
23 94 ½
24 97
25 99 ½
26 102
27 104 ½
28 107
29 109 ½
30 112

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What's the Lifespan for a

What's the Lifespan for a German Shepherd. My Buddy turned 5 yrs in April 2018 and at what age is he considered to be a Senior? Thankyou so much for all this info.

life span

German Shepherds usually live between 9 and 13 years, often between 11 and 13 if they remain healthy through most of their lives. 

Human age of my dog

I just adopted a Yorkie and he's 2years old, how old would he be in human years? Thank you!

Is it too early to take the puppy home?

Hi. My family and I are going to be getting a new puppy on Saturday. The gentleman that has been a breeder for several years and has great reviews and extremely happy customers.
My concern is that pur puppy was born on January 4th, 2018. The post/ad said that the puppies would be ready for pick up on March 1st. However when I talked to the gentlemen and asked if he still had any male puppies left and he said yes. He said he's asking for a $100 nonrefundable deposit. So I told him that we live 4 to 5 hours away from him and wouldn't be able to drop off the deposit until February 17th as it is a 10 hour round trip. So he said that when we come up on February 17th that we could bring the full amount for the puppy and we could bring him home that day. Even though they have had all deworming meds, 1st set of shots, & are seemed and eating puppy food and are doing well I am concerned that he may not be old enough to leave. I mean wouldn't he only be about 6 or 7 weeks old?

when to take home a puppy

If I understand correctly, on February 17, your puppy will be just 3 days past six weeks old. Ideally, the longer a pup can stay with its mom, the better, as far as developing social skills with other pups in the litter, etc. Six weeks is the minimum time when pups should be taken to their new home (unless in an emergency). Some state laws require that the pup must be at least 8 weeks old (which would be March 1 in your case, as the ad said). You might contact a local veterinarian to see about your state’s laws and whether in general there might be any concern about the timing. Ideally, if you can wait until the March 1 date for pickup, your pup might be better off in the long run.

When to take a puppy home.

Thank you so much for your quick response. I will be contacting our vet right away tomorrow morning. I wouldn't mind keeping the puppy where he is until March 1st, but it seems like for some reason the breeder feels like it will be fine. So I'll check with our vet and get her take on the situation as I Don't want to do anything to harm the puppy or it's development. Thank you again.

Weenie puppies

I have had several litters over the years, Also I curently have a litter now as well. Born on feb 2, I've always kept them about 7 & 8 weeks but the experience I've had is if mommy does not want them at all anymore there eating dry and wet food peeing and pooping,playing all on there own I don't see the harm in sending them to there forever homes before they get to attached to my surroundings when they could be bonding with there new familys

Dog years

My great dane was 9 1/2 (dog years) (54 human years) when he passed. Pretty young sounding, huh. I don't think this chart gives a true picture as to how old they are in human years, as your larger breeds have a much shorter life expectancy than your smaller breeds. As grey as my old man was, and the difficulty he was having walking he sure seemed a lot older than 54. I miss him dearly, he was a gentle giant, with a huge heart.


My deepest condolences on you dog's passing, Debra. And I do agree with you. Giant breeds, such as Danes, don't live as long and therefore age at a much faster rate. According to the Great Dane Club of America the average lifespan is only 6 - 8 years. That would be middle age for a Yorkie. A 4 year old Dane would be approx. 35 human years old. The chart you have here can, at best, be used as general information and not be breed specific.

Dog years to human years

Pedigree's conversion is much more representative. My Ozzie, a Black Lab mix, was 16. Pedigree says he was 120 in human years. It's a lot closer than what these folks say. Ozzie had cataracts, his back legs became useless and his hearing was bad in the upper frequencies. But he could smell a mosquito fart. I think this site says he was in his 70s. I don't think so.

My dog's age is..

About 36, according to the chart, (wow, older than me!) I had him for about 3 yrs, he is a Beagle Sheltie mix, he is an adopted shelter dog. We guessed on his bday, vet says around 2 when we got him. Q. My cat is about 6 yrs old, how old would he be in ppl years?

cat years

According to many conversion charts, a 6 year old cat is thought to be about 40 years old in equivalent human aging, and would be considered to be in his prime.

What about cats? How do they

What about cats? How do they age?

You have the terminology wrong

I don't understand why you have dog years and human years the way you do. A human year equates one year. When we use the terminology of dog year it implies the equivalent in dog years, not "human years" as you state.

dog years

We understand your point, and it can be confusing. “Dog Years” in this case is the actual dog’s age, such as would be on a veterinarian chart (tied into Gregorian calendar years). “Human Years” is the equivalent age in human years that matches the stage in development of the dog at the specified dog age (the one on the veterinarian chart). So, for example, because a dog ages faster than a human, a 1-year-old dog according to the Gregorian calendar (dog years) would be the equivalent in age and development of a 15-year-old human (human years). We’ll think about the headings and description to try to make this clearer. Thank you for your feedback! 


I have a adorable new puppy her name is Bubbles. I love her so much. She is 2.5 months human years but I cant work out how old she is in dog years. Please help me. Thanks.

puppy age

Unfortunately, our chart does not cover dogs that are less than 6 months in age. Puppies mature rapidly in their first months of development; just how much will depend on the dog breed (size) and other factors. For a very rough estimate, you might use the formula: 6 months dog age/10 years human age = 2.5 months dog age/x years human age, which yields  a little over 4 years in human terms. Hope this helps–and congratulations on your new puppy!


Does the dog age chart apply to CATS too??


No it doesn't, but I sure wish they'd publish a chart that does.

cat ages

Traditionally, it was said that each year a cat lived was equivalent to having lived 7 human years (so, a cat 3 years old would be 21 years in human terms). However, this turns out to be incorrect. Cats mature faster during their first 2 years. Actually, looking at the dog chart above, it is very similar. The first 2 years of a cat’s life, it is estimated that they have matured to about 24 or 25 years of a human’s life. Then from there on, the cat develops more slowly, every year being the equivalent to about 4 years of a human. Maturity rate, aging, and lifespan of an individual cat will depend on environment, health, breed, etc., but this is a general guideline.

Dog age

I have a female rat terrier that is 17/79 1\2 years old. Very loyal and loving dog. My new puppy is 4mths old so she isn't quite 15 human years, my Res Boston Terrier is 8 dogs years & 52 human years. All are family dogs. Love them all.


I've also seen where a pup's first year was equivalent to 15 years old, and subsequent years equaled 7 years...

My American Pit Bull Lived to

My American Pit Bull Lived to be 15 or 16 years old and died from health problems


how do horses age?

horse ages

The age of a horse equivalent to human age will vary upon many factors, such as breed, etc. In general, though, it is thought that horses age about 6.5 years for each human year until age 4, when it is a young adult of about 20 in human years. After age 4, they age about 2.5 years for every human year.

My boys

Bruno made it to 48 or more....

Levi's currently 64....

Luv dawgies like they the only real true good in a bad bad world....

And dad mom too


And bye




I have two questions
1. If a dog is born 12-5 how old is she??
2. If a dog is born 2-10 how old is she?? Both of this year


Gingersnap was 13.5 yrs approx 110 in her years. She was a shelter dog mix of German shepherd, Chelsea collie, beagle, and husky.
Little on the heavy side about 110-125
One of the best dogs I had, smart, loyal, protective when need in her mind, loved kids, and would kill if you forced your way in the house with out a ok given. She was great miss her after 2001.

Our dog Lindsay lived to 98

Our dog Lindsay lived to 98 using this formula, not bad for a dog with only 3 legs. We miss you girl.

Like my dog throws up idk how

Like my dog throws up idk how long he is going to live how do u know when your dog going to die