2018 Fall Weather Forecast: Snow Before Halloween?

Read our Fall Weather Forecast to see what's in store for Autumn 2018!

September 21, 2018
Fall Leaves in Water

This summer is now tied with the summer of 1934 as the fourth hottest on record in the United States. Will the arrival of fall bring relief from summer heat? See what to expect for your area in our 2018 Fall Weather Forecast!

Fall Weather Forecast

Fall officially begins with the autumnal equinox this weekend (Saturday, September 22)! According to our traditionally 80 percent–accurate weather forecasts, autumn temperatures in the U.S. will be “cooler than normal in much of the Northeast, from the High Plains westward to the Pacific, and in the Desert Southwest.” Elsewhere, temperatures will likely be warmer than normal during the autumn months. In October, a little more cooling than usual will arrive to provide some relief.

Rain will also define the season in many parts of the U.S., with above-average precipitation in Florida, the Deep South, Ohio Valley, and Texas, as well as from Illinois westward to the Intermountain region and in the central Pacific region. Near-normal rainfall is expected elsewhere.

Snow Before Halloween?

While it may feel like summer is overstaying its welcome, it won’t be long before winter takes hold. The Almanac’s forecast calls for a chance of snow before Halloween in the Northeast, Appalachians, Lower Lakes, Ohio Valley, Upper Midwest, High Plains, Intermountain, and Pacific Northwest regions, as well as Alaska. Texas and Oklahoma should prepare for a very wet October, with heavy rains and thunderstorms predicted throughout much of the month.

Pumpkins in Snow. Photo by Nancy Bauer/Shutterstock.
Snowy pumpkins could be a common sight this fall! Photo by Nancy Bauer/Shutterstock.

Meanwhile, in Canada …

This past summer has been hot and dry throughout most of Canada. “Hot” will continue to define the forecast into the fall months except in Alberta and portions of British Columbia, where some relief will arrive in the form of cooling temperatures.

A good portion of the Prairies, along with British Columbia, will see above-average rainfall throughout the season.

Winter Is On Its Way!

We all know what comes after autumn… So enjoy the crisp air and colorful leaves while they last! Check out our First Day of Fall page for autumn facts, folklore, and more.

Be prepared for the coming season by picking up your copy of The 2019 Old Farmer’s Almanac today. Find a copy online or in a store near you!


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Goodbye Summer

Summer in Texas started early, but wasn't notably hotter than average. Mid August thru September have been cooler than average with plenty of rain.

4th hottest summer

Really? Here in the deep south of the United States it wasn't as bad as it could be and has been years ago. I think maybe 8th coolest.They must be taking an average across all of the US.