How to Hypnotize a Chicken: Two Easy Ways to Calm Birds

Chicken Hypnosis Works!

How to hypnotize a chicken, sleeping chicken

A relaxed chicken is a happy chicken; try chicken hypnosis!

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Wondering how to hypnotize a chicken? Learn to calm a high-strung bird with the oscillating finger method or sternum stroke method.

Oscillating Finger Method

1) Place the chicken on its side with a wing under its body. Hold it down gently with one hand. Note: You will want to make sure its head is flat on the table.

2) Using a finger from your other free hand, move your finger back and forth in front of the bird’s beak. The key is to go from the tip of its beak (without actually touching the beak) to a point that is about four inches from the beak.

3) Keeping the finger in a parallel line to the beak, repeat the motion until the bird is out.

Sternum Stroke Method

1) Place the bird gently on its back. Note: You may have to use an item to keep the bird from rolling to its side.

2) Hold the bird down with one hand.

3) With your free hand, lightly massage the bird’s sternum with your thumb and index finger slightly spread out.

4) Repeat until the bird is out.

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This article was originally published in 2012 and has been updated.


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Aren't you cutting oxygen

Aren't you cutting oxygen supply by rolling them on their backs!? That's where the lungs are located. So they are basically passing out.

hypnotizing a chicken

It seems to be more of a “freeze” reaction, not suffocation. Perhaps one of life’s mysteries. Let us know if you decide to do some research!

How do you wake the chicken

How do you wake the chicken back up?

Brandie, Momma said this is

Brandie, Momma said this is info every chicken owner needs to know.