Ice-Fishing Tips

September 21, 2009
Ice-Fishing Huts

Ice-fishing, while enjoyable, can also be dangerous. Here are some ice-fishing safety tips for those lucky enough to fish all year-round!

  • Wear creepers. These spiked shoes will keep you from slipping and falling on the ice.
  • Carry two picks to help pull your way out of the water if you fall through the ice. Once you spike your way out or are pulled out, don't stand. Roll across the ice in the direction you came from.
  • Carry a buoyant seat cushion. It will add to your seating comfort while fishing and give you something that floats to throw to someone who has fallen through the ice.
  • Keep your auger covered. The blades are sharp and can easily cut you.
  • Spray vegetable oil on your auger and snowshoes. Snow won't stick, and you won't cut yourself when cleaning off the snow.

Work should not be so pressing as to prevent a day's fishing through the ice.
The Old Farmer's Almanac, 1910

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Ice fishing safety

When going out onto the ice, follow a well used path if there is one. Don't go alone if possible & walk single file about 20 feet apart. Carry a 50 ft. length of nylon rope with you in case somebody falls through the ice. If you fall through the ice, try to stay calm & catch your breath for the first minute, before you attempt to get back on to the ice.

helps to bring a heater along

helps to bring a heater along too. also bring some beverages and depending how long you are out there bring some snacks also.(Don't forget the worms!!!!)

Dress in layers, avoid

Dress in layers, avoid sweating when walking out onto the lake,and making a hole in the ice. Ive seen so many people do this and there cloths get damp and no matter how much outter clothing they have on they get cold after a short time after they start fishing... makes for a bad day out on the ice if you cant get warm