Kitchen Garden Layouts (Potager)

How to design a kitchen garden.

April 17, 2020
Kitchen Garden

A kitchen garden (also called a potager garden) is designed to give you easy access to vegetables and herbs for cooking. Here are six kitchen garden layouts—plus a helpful video—to help you design a successful small kitchen garden!

What is a Kitchen Garden?

Imagine growing fruits and vegetables right outside your kitchen door. A kitchen garden or potager is the ultimate in practical gardening.

What gives the kitchen garden its charm and appeal is the blend of vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers that are grown together like a living tapestry. They may be designed in geometric patterns or in a more flowing design, and are normally positioned right next to the house for convenience and to make it easy to enjoy the effect from indoors. Kitchen gardens are planted and replanted throughout the season for a continuous supply of fresh food for the kitchen.

Many fresh herbs and vegetables taste much better when they’re freshly harvested and what could be more convenient than having them just outside the back door? You can also grow varieties that are known for their superior flavor, or quirky colors and textures to take your cooking to the next level.  Freshly picked corn, sun-ripened tomatoes and aromatic herbs are always best fresh from the garden. Learn more about what to grow in a kitchen garden!

See a Kitchen Garden (Potager Garden)

Photos of a Kitchen Garden



After you review the examples below, enjoy hundreds more garden plans with the Almanac Garden Planner here.

6 Kitchen Garden Layouts and Plans 

We hope these kitchen garden (potager garden) layouts by real Almanac readers provide some practical help as well as ideas and inspiration!

1. Potager Kitchen Garden Layout

“We just finished our 2019 garden plans for our potager garden.  I can’t rave enough about The Old Farmer’s Almanac’s Garden Planner. It’s completely worth the $29 a year, if you need a more comprehensive planner.” —Read the full review from 2 Bees Farm!

Garden Location: St. John’s, Arizona
Garden Size: 59’ 11” x 59’ 11”
Garden Layout: Potager / Country garden
Sun or Shade: Sunny
Garden Soil Type: Good soil

See full plant list here!


2. Kitchen Garden Layout With Raised Beds

This is our second year in the garden!

Garden Location: Near Toronto, Canada
Garden Size: 56’ 0” x 56’ 0”
Garden Layout: Raised Beds/Home Garden
Sun or Shade: Sunny
Garden Soil Type: Good soil

See full plant list!


3. Kitchen Garden Plan With Raised Beds

Create a three-season vegetable garden in the southern U.S.  (This garden is zone 7a/b.)

Garden Location:  Georgia
Garden Size:  20’ 11” x 19’ 11”
Garden Layout:  Raised Beds
Sun or Shade:  Sunny
Garden Soil Type:  Heavy/clay soil

See full plant list!


4. Kitchen Garden Plan: Raised Beds

“My Blue Heaven” organic garden!

Garden Location:  Spokane, WA
Garden Size:  69’ 11” x 29’ 11”
Garden Type:  Home garden
Garden Layout:  Raised Beds
Sun or Shade:  Sunny
Garden Soil Type:  Good soil

See full plant list.



5. Kitchen Garden Plan: Raised Beds

Garden Location:  Charlottesville, VA
Garden Size:  20’ 11” x 19’ 11”
Garden Type:  Home garden
Garden Layout:  Raised Beds
Sun or Shade:  Sunny
Garden Soil Type:  Good soil

See full plant list.

6. Kitchen Garden Layout (Potager)

Simple country garden and orchard combo with lots of variety.

Garden Location:  Mitchell, Ontario, Canada
Garden Size:  50’ 0” x 29’ 11”
Garden Type:  Home garden
Garden Layout:  Potager / Country garden
Sun or Shade:  Sunny
Garden Soil Type:  Good soil

See full plant list here.


Looking for more ideas? See our layouts for other types of gardens.

Free Garden Planner

We have highlighted sample plans here, however, you can find hundreds of free garden plans using our Almanac Garden Planner tool—which will customize your planting and harvesting dates! Try the Almanac Garden Planner here.



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Need help with veggies I can grow in pots

I have been a fan of farmers Almanac and had gardens for many years following your advice. Because of medical issues I can’t take care of these gardens anymore but I could raise a few vegetables in pots outside my door. I must have at least one tomato and pepper and some greens but am unsure how to pick a determinate pepper that will grow well in a pot. Can you give me a suggestion and what growing medium to use? I am grateful for your help. Thank you.

peppers in a pot

The Editors's picture

Vivian, we can not identify “determinate” peppers anywhere; as you know, that is more commonly a type of tomato. Here are a few pepper varieties, all of which will grow successfully in pots:

• hot peppers: ‘Cubanelle,’ ‘Cherrytime,’ ‘Jalapeno,’ ‘Apple (Hot),’ ‘Red Cherry’ and ‘Red Chile’

• larger (milder) peppers: ‘Sweet Banana,’ ‘Lady Bell,’ ‘Gypsy,’ ‘Crispy,’ ‘New Ace,’ ‘Bell Boy’ and ‘Sweet Chocolate’

Hope this helps! Thank you for your interest in The Old Farmer’s Almanac!

Potager in Santa Fe New Mexico

Hello hello, in a executive chef and owner of a boutique hotel in Santa Fe New Mexico. We will start building a cooking school and I've thought about the beuty of a potager besides the kitchen. I will really appreciate if you can give ideas and support me with this project.
In gratitude,


Garden Planner for Potager

The Editors's picture

Hi Carolina, Sounds exciting! We would encourage you to just experiment with a free 7-day trial of the Garden Planner where you’ll find many more potager examples, a free newsletter, and lots of tools and inspiration.

Would be nice to also show a

Would be nice to also show a kitchen garden for the north. I'm in Wisconsin and I don't think the Virginia garden would be appropriate for the north.

There are several gardens on

There are several gardens on this page for the north and are relevant.

I'm not sure where you are

I'm not sure where you are getting your information, but good
topic. I needs to spend some time learning much more or understanding more.

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