Over 20 Vegetable Garden Layout Ideas

Free Layouts for Raised Beds, Square-Foot Gardens & More

By Catherine Boeckmann
December 20, 2018
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Here are over 20 free vegetable garden layout ideas to inspire you! Choose the right plan for square-foot gardens, raised bed gardens, small-space gardens, and more.

Nothing beats having great examples of garden plans to use for inspiration!  We’ve handpicked some great garden plans created by—guess who?—our own Almanac gardeners! 

Whether your garden is small or large, shady or sunny, dry or normal, using beds or containers, we have the perfect garden plan for any size yard.

How did they do this? Discover the Almanac Garden Planner! We’re offering a 7-day free trial, ample time to play around and plan a garden!

Vegetable Garden Layout Ideas

I. Regular Backyard Garden Layouts

See 4 free garden layouts for your yard.

Image: Traditional vegetable garden in rows. By Daseaford/Shutterstock.

A backyard garden can have traditional straight rows, geometric shapes, or raised garden beds. You can add garden structures such as arbors, paths, and containers.

It can be all edibles or a mix of edibles and ornamental flowers and plants. You can grow enough for your immediate needs or grow extra to store, pickle, can, and preserve—or, even sell.

Let your imagination go wild!

II. Small-Space Garden Layouts

 See 4 free layouts for small gardens.

Image: A community garden in an urban location. By Arina P. Habrich/Shutterstock.

If you are a beginner or you just do not have much space, start small! This is especially useful for community gardens, urban settings, patios, and any small space!

The goal is to maximize your harvest and minimize waste with a great garden plan. 

III. Square-Foot Gardening Layouts

See 4 free square-foot garden layouts.

Image: Square-foot gardening bed. By GrowVeg.

Square-foot gardening (commonly referred to as SFG) is a special practice with raised “boxes” that can be densely planted for multiple harvests. 

By getting rid of traditional rows, you can use your space more efficiently and weed less, too.

It’s especially helpful for new gardeners, people have little time, the elderly or disabled, and children.

IV. Kitchen Garden Layouts

See 5 free kitchen garden layouts.

Image: Raised Beds. By Del Boy/Shutterstock

By kitchen garden, we mean focusing on just growing what you would eat fresh—producing fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs for delicious, healthy meals.

Ideally, a kitchen garden is right outside the kitchen. Otherwise, the closer it is to your kitchen, the better. 

Kitchen gardeners are great for beginners, small-space gardeners, or people who just want to eat fresh—not necessarily preserve, store, or sell.

V. Partial-Shade Gardens

See 3 free layouts for partial shade.


While most vegetables are sun-lovers, there are a handful which do tolerate some shade. Not all of us have a sunny spot, but we can still have fresh greens and other garden goodies.

See our list of shade-tolerant vegetables plus sample garden plans located in partially shady spots.

VI. Gardens in Dry or Drought-Susceptible Areas

See 5 free layouts for gardens in dry climates.

Image: Raised beds with irrigation are helpful when gardening in drought. By ucanr.edu

In much of North America, lack of water is a pressing concern.  Therefore, we have an entire garden type dedicated to gardens in desert or drought areas—and those who wish to be water-wise.

Raised garden beds, irrigation, companion planting, mulching, and water-efficient crops are all important for gardening in dry climates.

Discover Hundreds of Free Vegetable Plan Layouts

We have highlighted sample plans here, however, you can find hundreds of garden plans using our Almanac Garden Planner tool—in locations all over the world!


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Love the Kitchen Garden Layout

Personally like the kitchen garden layout because of the garlic. I can eat garlic with anything but besides having a good garden layout, the landscape overall has to be tight.

I have raised beds in my

I have raised beds in my backyard and plan to install plastic covers in order to extend the planting season. I did a quick plan for my zip code (80210), but am wondering how it would change when I install plastic covering. Thank you!

Plastic covers will raise the

Plastic covers will raise the temperature in the raised beds. You can start your seeds and plants several weeks earlier. You may also be able to reseed or replant certain vegetables and harvest more produce during the growing season.

Also, the Garden Planner

Also, the Garden Planner includes icons for row covers (as well as cold frames, greenhouses, hoop houses etc) which automatically adjusts the season for plants grown beneath them. You can find these icons by clicking on the selection bar drop-down filter (just above the plant selection bar), and choosing Garden Objects from the list - the garden objects will then replace the plants in the selection bar. Add the row cover icon to your plan over your plants, and the Garden Planner will automatically extend the dates for those plants.

I live in zone 7. When

I live in zone 7. When should I plant potatoes?

I love this program. It was a

I love this program. It was a move into the 21st century for me. After 37 years of growing my own food with paper records I took a chance with total satisfaction. My garden is complicated and this makes it simple.