Backyard Vegetable Garden Layouts

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Vegetable garden layout plans and pictures

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A backyard often has many family demands placed upon it. How do you integrate a garden? Here are some complimentary backyard garden layouts to inspire you!

A backyard may be a place of recreation, somewhere to relax and unwind, an alfresco dining area, a space for children and pets to play, and an area for growing as well as fruits,vegetables and flowers—all at the same time! 

Because of the multi-use requirement for the garden, it’s worth considering how plants can be protected from trampling, stray footballs, boisterous dogs and so on! 

  • It’s usually best to grow edible plants in their own dedicated area.
  • While you can plant in traditional in-ground rows or raised beds (or both), having raised beds and/or clearly defined paths will help children and pets know which area is which.
  • Low-level garden bed edging made from wood, wicker or looped wire can offer additional protection.

Below are three sample garden plans created by Almanac readers with the Almanac Garden Planner!


1. Backyard Garden Traditional Rows

“This our our backyard garden plan for next year! The small triangle bed is actually in the front but wanted to show you what will be in it. The big open green space under all boxes is where our swing set is.”

Garden Size:  60’ 11” x 54’ 11”
Garden Location: Ohio
Garden Layout: Traditional layout, rows.
Sun or Shade:  Sunny

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2. Backyard Garden Raised Beds

“We just built a new house and relocated to Denver. Raised bed gardens are planned for this coming season. Patio/Pergola is 3-5 year plan.”

Garden Size: 29’ 11” x 29’ 11”1.
Garden Location: Colorado
Garden Layout: Raised beds
Sun or Shade: Sunny
Soil: Good Soil

See plant list


3. Backyard Garden Plan

“My first Vegetable Garden in 25 years. This is Plan B. Plan A was way too ambitious for a first garden. This is a 2 or 3 phase garden. I plan to add more to the green space next year. Perhaps a flower garden.”

Garden Size:  25’ 0” x 15’ 11”
Garden Location: Lebanon, MO
Sun or Shade:  Sunny
Garden Soil Type:  Heavy / Clay soil

See full plant list!

Looking for more garden plans? See free layouts for other types of gardens.

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