Left-Handed Facts and Folklore

Why Are Some People Left-Handed?

Left-Handed Facts and Folklore

Here are some fun facts and folklore about being left-handed. Right on, left-handers!

Years ago, some teachers insisted that all students, including left-handers, learn to write with their right hand. Teachers thought that students would have an easier time if they were not “different” from right-handed writers. Some thought that using the left hand was just a bad habit. Some even slapped or punished left-handed kids who had trouble!


Now we know that everyone should use whichever hand is most comfortable. Today, 10 to 12 percent of the world’s population is left-handed. It’s not surprising that lefties sometimes feel “left out.” Plenty of superstitutions and odd terms exist.

Left-Hander Superstitions and Terms

  • Many people believe that the devil is left-handed.
  • The Latin word for left, sinister, also means unlucky, evil, and suspicious.
  • The French word for left, gauche, also means clumsy.
  • A left-handed compliment is an insult.
  • A leftist favors changing the established government or order, usually to benefit the common man.
  • A left-handed baseball pitcher is called a southpaw. (There’s no such thing as a northpaw.)

Why are some people left-handed and others right-handed?

Scientists aren’t sure what causes left-handedness. Genetics plays a role, but it’s not the whole story. For example, identical twins have the same DNA, but it is common for one twin to be right-handed and the other to be left-handed.

Many left-handers have a symmetrical brain, meaning that the left and right portions of their brain are shaped alike. Right-handers often have an asymmetrical brain: The left cerebral hemisphere is often larger than the right cerebral hemisphere.


No matter the shape of your brain, or the hand you favor, here’s what we have—um—left:

Left-Handed Facts and Trivia

The Left Test

There’s no sure way to measure “handedness.” One of the most widely-used tests is called the Edinburgh Handedness Inventory (developed in Edinburgh, Scotland in the 1970s). This test asks participants which hand they most often use for a series of activities, including writing, eating, drawing, throwing, cutting with scissors, brushing teeth, and unscrewing a lid.

Left-handed Burgers? Baloney!

A full-page ad in USA Today in 1998 claimed that Burger King had developed the “left-handed whopper.” The burger had the same fixings, but they were turned 180 degrees so that they wouldn’t drip out on left-handed customers. It was a joke! The ad ran on April 1 (April Fools’ Day).

Lefties Day

August 13 is International Left-Handers Day. The tradition was started by the Left-Handers Club, a group in the United Kingdom. Club members around the world give interviews and play left-handed games.


Left-hander Heaven?

Lefties might want to travel to Left Hand, West Virgina, where there is a church, a school, and a post office. The village was so named because it sits on the left-hand fork of the Big Sandy River, not because of the way its citizens write.

Left-handed Reward

A few left-handers attending Juniata College in Pennsylvania have benefitted from a scholarship just for left-handers established in 1979 by Mary and Frederick Beckley, two left-handers who met when they attended tennis class together in 1919.

If you’re right-handed, try writing with your left. If you’re left-handed, try brushing your teeth with your right. You’re likely to find these activities surprisingly difficult.
So, tell us below if you are a lefty or righty and what you’ve observed about this phenomenon called handedness!
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I am right handed, and do many things left, such as play guitar, shoot pool, shoot a gun.
My daughter is right handed, as she can do a lot left handed as well, hit a ball both ways, shoot pool, play guitar, etc.. several more things. I never made her write right handed, I let her do what felt right. We just say we are ambidextrous.

Now, my granddaughter was left handed/or is/ she used to write left handed, but since she started school in August she started writing right handed. (she wrote left handed in pre school last year) I'm pretty sure the teacher wasn't informed so now she's writing right handed. Also last summer she played tee ball and her dad bought her a right handed glove and taught her to bat right handed, but she tries to hold her bat and stand left handed, which i threw a fit about. The kid eats left handed, plays on the computer with the mouse left handed. She pretty much does everything left handed except write. I am pretty sure I will have my daughter teaching her how to bat left handed and buy her a lefty glove this coming year. What would you do??? I feel like people have pushed her to be right handed. BTW, she is also a red head, true ginger with blue eyes, freckles, etc.. and true gingers, statistically are left handed.

I use my left hand for most

I use my left hand for most actions except; scissors (they're designed for righties), throwing (balls, bowling) But, I've learned to use a computer mouse and keyboard as a rightie.

Left handed

Yes I am!!

Handedness development in utero @ 8-12wks gestation

Proud lefty here, but as we all assume genetics may play a role, accordingly to a new study published in February 2017, handedness is determined in the spinal cord before the completion of spinal/brain communication. They also hypothesize that maternal enzymes in utero may also play a key part in handedness. So, Mom may be in play as to which hand you will dominate with, but not in the linear way we've assumed. (Article published by eLife Sciences)


I am left-handed! My mother was ambidextrous. My sisters and father were right handed. I think being left-handed is special!!


I am left handed but, although I write left, I cut with scissors right handed. Also I shoot pool left and shoot a rifle lefthanded. I bat a ball righthanded, and throw a ball righthanded. I iron clothes righthanded, crochet lefthanded. In Catholic school, the wonderful nuns, who I truly loved, tried to change me to righthanded, but they never got it done.

Left handed

I'm lefty and did you know that pens and pencils are designed for right handed? Hold the pen in your left and the lettering is backwards and upside down


I have noticed that most lefties are more ambidextrous. We have to be. We live in a right hander's world. It is more difficult, and often more expensive, to buy left handed scissors, baseball mitts, etc. Most tools that are specific for either left or right handers are hard for us lefties to find, and if we have to use a right handed tool we have to be more careful. There was a study done 25 or more years ago that found that lefties live an average of 9 years shorter than righties, mainly because factories, where many are employed, are built for right handers. So many of the early deaths were work related. I have noticed that there seems to be more left handers shopping in fabric stores, art supply stores, crafting stores (I used to work at a fabric store - probably 20% of the clientele was left handed - back when everyone wrote checks).

Lefties Rule

I am a 9 year parochial school left handed survivor. Nuns tried everything to make me "switch" hands, up to and including corporal punishment. But I survived. I eat, write, brush my teeth left handed. I can use left handed equipment, scissors and the like, but find that being left handed is only a plus to my creative mind. In "our right mind"?? could be...I like the idea that people think that we are....lol...

left handed

I am definitely left-handed and did suffer greatly in elementary school. I was called a witch, a heriteck and had my hands tied, the strap the dunce cap, rulers and pointers broken over me and other punishments. I will say this - it made me hate school.

Left hand

Yes I'm Left handed, i play golf right hand, I Bowl Left hand, Write left. and drive my car right hand. Weird. LOL

left / right

I too, was born left handed... but I cannot use a pair of left handed scissors to save my life ! I drive mostly with my right hand on the wheel. All my life I have sought the end of the table at family gatherings, only now my son joins me !

A little of both.

I eat, write and brush my teeth with my left but do everything else with my right. It is a right handed world so I suppose I just learned to do "interactive" things the way most people do them. All sports are right handed but I shoot a gun with both hands easily. I'm odd I guess.

Lefties on the family

I am left handed. I have 4 children all who are left handed. I even have a dog that is left handed. So fun at our house.

Mostly lefty

I do most things left handed, write, eat, throw a ball etc. I use right my right hand to use a scissors (because no left hand scissors when I was in school), bat a ball. My first grade teacher was wise and showed me how to turn my writing tablet to accommodate being left handed (loved her for that). But didn't we hate how we smudged the ink when writing, having the rings on a binder be in the way. I gave up trying to make check marks like everyone else. Now I just make them "backwards", who cares? I always tried to sit at the end of a table, when eating, to avoid knocking elbows with the right handed person next to me. So many inconveniences. I also have trouble with left and right and must stop and deliberately think which is right and which is left. I always felt a little different from others but also a little special.

Left handed

My entire life I’ve had to think about left hand right hand too,I’m so glad I’m not as alone as I thought

I'm a leftie (only with my handness)

I was very lucky to have a first grade teacher who was also left handed. So it was easier for me to follow her while learning to print. Over time, I do use my right hand, just to challenge myself. But I am most comfortable with my left. Do you know, the left side of your brain controls the right side of your body? And the right side of the brain controls the left? Therefore, us lefties are the ones in our right mind!

Lefty 4 Ever

Me and my boyfriend were both born left-handed.
And what also funny is we are both the same skin tone so people always mistake us for brother and sister.


I had a half brother that was a leftie, my mom & dad made me change hands when I was small, or I would have been a leftie. I wouldn't have minded being a left handed person. Think it would have been fun to have been different, considering I never really popular anyway.

Left hand

I'm mostly left handed. Write, draw, eat, point, left handed. I shoot, sew, play tennis with right hand. Brush teeth, wash dishes and hammer with either. Get confused when told to turn right or left. Prefer to be told 'port' or 'starboard' which is easier to follow for some reason. No one else in the family is, or was, left handed. So, which side of my brain is bigger?

Left handed

I am left handed and so is my mother. All four of my children are right handed. I have been doing more things with my right hand and find it takes great concentration. Have to slow down and think about what it is I am trying to perform.

my mom was left handed, but

my mom was left handed, but forced to switch to right handed 'back in the day'. She and my dad, a righty, have 6 kids, 4 of whom are left handed. This includes a set of fraternal twins that are both left handed, my youngest sibling, and me the oldest. I guess it can be a dominant gene!

Left-handed (versus right-handed) ...

From birth (1960) to the age of three going on four, I did everything 'right-handed'. My sister ... one of two sisters, the one right above me agewise ... was a true 'southpaw'. She started school the year before I did. When she'd come home from kindergarten and we'd 'play' in the afternoon, I noticed that she was colouring with her left hand and not with her right hand like I was. I assumed that everyone at school coloured/wrote with their left hand and, given that I would be starting kindergarten the following year, I copied her. To this day, I do everything with my right hand ... except, of course, 'colouring' (writing)!

Left Handed

I am from a family of twn kids. Myself, 2 sisters, and my father were left handed. Both my boys started out left handed.When my youngest son started writing, his father and teachers told him left handed people were stupid. He writes with both hands. And my 5 yr.old grandson is left handed. I was always told that us left handed people were smarter then right handed people, because we think with both sides of our brain. My teacher always tried getting me to right with my right hand, I never did. My great accomplishment
Was when I took up Bowling, I stood where the right handed bowlers stood, and bowled left handed. They could never figure that one out. I always have to walk on the left side when I am walking with someone.

South Paws!

I learned to read and write at 3 and always used my left hand for everything. In Kindergarten (1951) my teacher tried to switch me with poor results. My mother told her to leave me alone. In first and second grade the damage was finished when they refused to listen to my mother. It's
been a disaster ever since, and I have trouble with "left" and "right" directions to this day because MY "right " hand is my left. At about age 13 I stopped using left and right hand interchangeably for writing, and began to write with my right hand. I still sometimes use my left for blackboards when teaching my nursing students. I can sew or cook or garden with either hand. Both my kids are South paws, and I threatened their teachers quite aggressively after the elementary school tried to switch their handedness several times. They had the sense to leave them well enough alone after that. Neither of my grown children has a problem being left handed.

A Leftie Through and Through!

When I entered the first grade, I was in Germany and did not speak the language. Otherwise they would have made me switch to writing with my right hand. I'm so glad that that did not happen! I feel special being left-handed. I'm quite clumsy with my right hand and do everything with my left hand. My friends don't understand what I mean when I say that most tea cups and coffee mugs, BIC lighters, pens etc. are all right handed. I. then show them that when you write with pens, the writing is upside down if from the left-handed perspective. You don't get the pleasure of seeing the cute design on most coffee mugs and T cups when using them left-handed. Also opening most doors requires a left-handed person to cross midline, or the center of their body to open the door. The good news is that crossing midline as a young child is adevelopmental milestone and crossing midline helps the young brain develop.
Lastly, I have found that some items such as potato peelers only have the right side sharpened so lefties Beware! If you're struggling try using your right hand to see if perhaps you have been short changed!

Different degrees of handedness

I have noticed different people have different degrees of handedness. My MIL could not wash dishes or even wash her hair when she broke her right hand - the left was useless. Whereas I can write with both hands and even write letters with my toes. (Ever try holding a pencil with your toes?) I've read it speculated that the degree of ambidextrousness relates to how well the two halves of the brain are inter-linked. Most right-handers process language in the left side of the brain, while left-handers are most likely to process language in the right, or in both halves of the brain. Ambidextrous people process it in both halves and have a stronger neural motor connection between the two halves.


When I was 55 I fractured my right wrist. My left hand took over for all tasks except handwriting. As soon as my cast was off and I was back to "normal", my left hand lost all its abilities. Funny thing, I had broken my wrist two days before first grade in 1958. I had to learn to write with my left hand. Never really got the hang of it and was mortified getting a C in penmanship. I had already learned to write with my right hand when attending kindergarten.


No one tried to change my left handedness even tho' I was of that decade when it was considered something that should be done.
In some ways, it made me a little special. My favorite uncle is left handed and he was considered a unique man, he's in his mid-80's now.
I do do some right handed things; swing a bat or a golf club right handed, strum a guitar either way. I am a hairdresser and I use right handed scissors to to cut hair in my left hand. That actually takes a little cleverness to do that cause of the relationship of the thumb to the scissors. I Can Not cut paper with my left hand . I have no idea why, I have to do that right handed.
Other than those things that I can think of off the top of my right brain-ness, that's about it.
Of course... Us Lefties are special. (a wink and a nod)


I was one of those kids who got their wrist slapped for using the left hand to write. I am ambidextrous, my mother was and her mother was. I can write upside down and backwards with the left hand while writing correctly with the right. Two out of three sons are lefties!


I am an almost 70 year old female who is very left-handed. My mother was left-handed and my brother is. I've never had a problem with it at all, probably because it's the only way I've ever known. I've also never understood why others seem to have so many problems with it. I use scissors with no problem and have good hand-writing. I also have the ability to write backwards from right to left on paper, which may or may not have anything to do with being left-handed, but I've always wondered about that.

When i said

When I said supposed I was commenting on the fact that during my research I read that there was a lower number of female left handed people versus male I'm a straight female like anybody cares I guess I'm reposting because it's the left handedness in me.

I dont get it

I'm left handed. I'm smart, and great looking and also a female rarity supposed. . My parents were right handed. I had twin sisters born after me right handed. But I know I'm a great good person. I guess or wonder if your teachers in school saw/- your left hand and thought wow- she could be something...we don't like her


I usually do write with my left hand while other activities are performed by right hand. What Am I? leftie? or rightie?


It sounds like you are what is called “mixed-handed” or “cross-dominant” – preferring one hand for certain tasks and the other for other tasks. Those who are truly ambidextrous are able to use either hand equally well for any task.


I am 65 and am a lefty to the core. Nuns tried to change me but my mom wouldn't let them. I have beautiful handwriting after years of writing over the top of my paper, now I turn my paper sideways and it works well. Plus pens have come a long way since the 50's, which helps. Now irons come with the cord down the middle of the back instead to on the right, but measuring cups are still a pain since I have to switch them to my right hand to read. I little perk is that the typewriter (keyboard) was invented by a lefty so all the major letters are on the left side making it easier for me to type. All in all I believe lefties are smarter because we have learned to adapt to scissors, spiral note books, measuring cups, door knobs, you name it we have adapted. Wouldn't change being a southpaw for the world.

proud to be left-handed!!!!

I am a lefty, my husband is right-handed, we have three kids, two are right-handed and the middle son is left-handed, my two right-handed kids are left-eye dominate and my lefty son is right-eye dominate. My kids are so messed up when go shooting with my husband. I am baby of 11 kids and I am the only left-handed in the family. Mom and Dad were both right-handed!

Left Eye Dominant

I took archery lessons for the first time at the age of 61. The guy started us out with just a "string bow" and asked us to hold it up like we were going to shoot the arrow. He came up to me and told me I needed a left handed bow. I said I am right handed and he said just give it a try. For the first time in my life I could hit the center of the target every time! I also know why I had trouble shooting a gun. Left eye dominant?? Awesome and thankful I finally chose to get professional help.

Why are some people left-handed and some people right-handed?

I (left-handed) was told years ago by a gentleman who watched me write a check, "Oh, you're left handed. What I saw on TV last night (and you know it's true since it was on TV) was that everyone is born left-handed and stays that way until they commit their first sin". Love it.

I was born a lefty and am now

I was born a lefty and am now probably 65/35. I always wrote lefty until my mid-twenties when I was injured by scalding water. To my astonishment I was able to write legibly with my right hand after figuring out how to hold my pen between my thumb and forefinger. That's when I discovered that I don't hold my pen that way in my left hand. I cradle my pen between my curled thumb and and the first knuckle of my middle finger with the tip of my forefinger resting against the pen. This position gives me a natural right handed slant to my writing with the paper at a slant natural to right handers. People are surprised that my writing was done left handed. This pen position was self taught in grade school after many tears and frustration when learning how to write. I eat left handed unless I'm using a knife and then I hold my fork right handed. No awkward switching. I bowl lefty, crochet righty, mouse and caculate righty, shoot well with either hand. I never had a problem with scissors left or right. Growing up in a right handed world I just grab whatever and try with either hand and go with the one that works best without stopping to think about it. This article actually made me stop and think about which hand I use for different tasks. Lefties are the lucky ones in adaptability.

Merry Christmas

Well that's weird Cindy but we appreciate you .. jk Merry Christmas

Lefty life

As a left handed person, while learning to write, I wrote in amost perfect mirror image. You had to hold my paper up to a mirror to read it. Once I figured out, by myself, the cause I was able to make the correction. The cause: when the teacher demonstrated writing a letter - like a "B" - she would say "draw a line and then start at the top and draw a loop out and away and then back in." I saw her move out and away from her body, so I did the same. But away for her was to the right, for me it was to the left. I also wrot from the right side of thr paper to the left - so I could see what I was writing. I also flipped any notebook over because the note book binder rings got in the way. But like I said, once I realized I was different, I learned to adapt and reverse the movements when being instructed in a new skill. But I still can't write in ink without smearing it. "Hire a Lefty because it's fun to watch them write."

I am mostly ambidextrous. The

I am mostly ambidextrous. The tests of "sidedness" usually end in a tie. I can write with my left, but undoubtedly it is better with my right. I use both hands independently, and often hide things from myself by slipping them into my left pocket without thinking!

I eat left handed, I throw

I eat left handed, I throw darts and baseballs right handed (although I'm accurate with darts no matter how I throw), I write left handed but play guitar and drums right handed. I favor my left eye and I have a gifted iq level. Studies show that people of higher intelligence tend to be left handed although being left handed doesn't mean you are by default of higher intelligence.

Left Handers Day

I am a fraternal twin; my twin brother was right handed and I (female) am left handed. I am told I have nice handwriting but I have to concentrate on it; I have a hard time ironing, opening jars and as a secretary my work station has always been set up for a right handed person. I learned to type using the numbers above not on the little numbers to the right. When I was little I apparently had a hard time learning to tie my shoes until a neighbour noticed I was lefthanded and showed me. I learned right away. It is nice to be different.

scissors were the best gift I

scissors were the best gift I ever received as a child. I'm quite crafty and was always making something. My dad got them for me. My sons girlfriend ask to borrow a pair of scissors. I handed her the ones next to me. Then noticed her frustration. She looked at me and said is it me or is something wrong with these scissors. I laughed and said welcome to my world.

Always a Lefty

When I was a baby, my grandma (a former lefthander), was not allowed to stay that way because she was taught that lefthanded people would grow up evil. She kept that belief all of her life and even in adulthood she did not stay a lefthander. Grandma's belief was that it meant your soul would be at risk in the afterlife. So each time grandma babysat me, she would take my sock off my foot and cover my lefthand so I could not use it thus hopefully getting me accustomed to being right-handed. My mom told me when my parents picked me up and as soon as they walked outside their home my mom would take the sock off my left hand. Well, grandma did NOT succeed because I am still completely lefthanded and NOT evil LOL. My parents were both right-handed but used to have me stand across from them for most tasks-which worked for me in the majority of cases.

left handed

I started out being 90/10. As I got older, I gradually became 80/20. Now as an adult I am more in the neighborhood of 75/25. I haven't found many items that can be used by both even though that was trending in the 60's. The sad thing for me is not being able to knit, crochet, embroidery by hand. Doors and screens open for lefty's. I can dance and find that interesting. I shoot pool, but that's about all. I'm a writer and have been told my writing is beautiful. I like being a lefty. <3

Left handed

I don't have any problem knitting,crocheting or needlework of any kind. My mother-in-law, who was right handed taught me how to knit and crochet about 50 years ago. She was right handed, and I mirrored her hand movements.

Left handed

I'm left handed but I throw and bat and use scissors right handed


I also throw and cut with my right hand. I can't seem to bat right handed. Tried it once and it didn't work out to well for me.

Lefty life

I am mostly left-handed. Never thought about but can only use scissors with my right. The hardest thing for me was trying to learn to use a chain saw. It was too righthanded for my brain.

Lefty mostly

I was born a lefty. As I grew one of my parents friends ( who baby sat me) tried to change me to righty. I would eat with my left and she would change the spoon to my right. I did and when she would leave the room I'd change back to my left. Learned to cut with a right handed scissor in school. They never had left handed scissors. I always sit at the end seat at the table so I don't bump into anyone as I eat. I can do other things with my right but I wouldn't say I'm ambedextrous. I use my left hand most of the time.

Mostly lefty

I do almost everything lefty but learned early on to use righty scissors. I bat righty and use my mouse righty. Everything else, lefty. I hate spiral notebooks. My written pages are always smeared. Seeing another lefty writing looks odd to me. I'm a little sad that I'll never be a good calligrapher. :-(

I'm ambidextrous. My left is

I'm ambidextrous. My left is strongest but of course I had to learn many things the right-handed way because that's how the teacher did it. Sometimes I can use tools like a knife with either hand and sometimes it feels wrong with both hands. My youngest of 3 is a lefty. My Mom was born a lefty but her school teachers punished it out of her.


my mom was always afraid I was gonna poke myself in the eye with scissors when I was a kid. She should have tried to cut with left handed scissors. I always have smeared left hand to this day when I write, and still hate spiral notebooks. (A lot of the teachers did not want us to write on the back of the page) I could only really teach my younges to tie his shoes, as he is the only one of my kids who is left handed.


I have always been extremely left-handed , to the point when a doctor asked me to jump up and down on my right foot when I was a child I jumped on my left foot . I was mortified when he said " look at that she is even leftfooted " .My parents had to buy me my own crayons in kindergarten because the used crayons were slanted the wrong way. .My mother gave up trying to teach to knit after one session because I couldn't hold the needles " right " In high school it was always a battle to get the one or two left-handed desks .My two oldest children are right handed and my youngest is a leftie . Out of habit I would put his spoon in his right hand and he automatically changed it to his left .. I don't think you realize how you adjust to a right handed world until the first time you see a nightie struggle with left-handed scissors

Left hander

I have always been left handed and find cooking hard with the face the all liquid measuring cups are designed for right handers. Alwasy cutting with sissors has been a issue all my life.

I am mostly left handed

I am mostly left handed brush my teeth with right hand and shoot right handed


I am a 100% lefty!!! I do everything left handed!!!

Left Handedness

I'm a lefty, but can do most things equally well with both hands. As a child, I was very fortunate to attend schools that did not force us "lefties" to use our right hand. Our teachers actually made sure that left handed students used the proper paper and hand orientation, so I've never had the problems I've observed with left handers writing backwards, or using that awkward hook. Although, over time I learned to adapt to whatever task before. In sports, I am balanced on both sides, and able to perform equally well whether using my right or left hand. This used to drive teachers and other students crazy, but I just thought of it as my own personal asset. Bottom line, most predominately left handers I know are not restricted to using one hand, which is hardly ever true of our right handed compadres.

Left but not always

I am a lefty. I also was a right handed dental hygienist for 22 years! Hey didn't have books for left handed hygienists and although I tried doing it left handed, all the angles and everything was written for right handed students. My classmates were struggling anyway and I thought, why not? I pretty much have equal strength in both hands. Bat lefty, open jars righty, write left, mouse right. I feel lucky I can use both hands as being a result of the right handed world I grew up in. Back then, left handed scissors sucked, so I learned to do it with my right hand. It's all good!

Lefties rule

Born leftie hold fork n knife left handed n do the silverware shuffle both fork n knife need to be in left hand so I'll hold my food with my fork in my right hand cut with the left switch the fork n knife to eat what I cut, at dinner always get a corner of a table only leftie in my family I play all sports right handed my dad being a righty couldn't figure out how to teach me left handed so baseball, bowling, shooting is all left but golf I can do both right n left. I can write with both hands n even my left foot. I can't walk up or down stairs starting with my right foot gotta be the left. Oh n shaving is left handed n a pain in the butt to shave my right side lol


I am a lefty, however, I golf right handed and am a switch hitter in baseball. The only problem I have ever had being a lefty is smudging the ink once in a while when writing.


I am the only lefty born to my parents. I have a unique talent of being able to write upside down and backwards...with both hands. Freaks out doctors. LOVE it! I "learned" to print in a one-room school but would start in the bottom right hand corner and work my way to the left-hand top of the page. Everyone facing me could read it. Poor Mrs. Jenkins had quite a time getting me to print correctly. Years later, I discovered I could do it equally well with both hands at the same time...and love to show it off to anyone and everyone. After years of struggling with righty shears, I finally got a good pair of lefties a year ago...love them!

Left hand dominate

I fish a great deal and I noticed that standard casting reels are called right handed where when attached to a rod, the rod is cast with the left hand and line reeled with the right hand. They do make left hand reels where the rod is cast with the right hand and reeled with the left hand. They call these left-hand reels. The odd thing is the right hand setup I use is considered a standard setup vs the left hand and I am left handed. All other sport related equipment are done with my dominate left hand which sometimes makes it difficult especially with firearms.

I am ambidextrous, but when I

I am ambidextrous, but when I started school, I tried to write left handed. I'm one of those who got hit with a ruler!


The term is back-handed compliment, not "left-handed compliment."

Left-handed vs. Back-handed

Either term is correct. They are both in the dictionary. Check it out at Dictionary [dot] com. ;-)

I am a left hander but I do

I am a left hander but I do several things right handed. I throw a ball left, but bat right. I golf right. I shoot a bow and arrow or rifle right handed, but fire a hand gun left handed. I guess you could say I am just all mixed up!

Lefty some Righty

I'm pretty much the same, Most of the thing I do right handed (i.e. bat right handed, shoot rifle off my right shoulder) I attribute to my older brother who showed me was right handed. Over the years I've learned to shoot rifle both left and right handed. My preference is still right handed. I qualified Expert in the U.S. Army on both shoulders.

left hander

I can use both left and right hands for using tools but for righting it is primarily with the left hand. I can pitch right handed and bat right handed

I think I am ambidextrous

I'm left handed and I do

I'm left handed and I do nearly everything left handed. However there are a few tasks that I find difficult to do left handed. I started golfing when I was around the age of 9. I attended a camp at the local golf course. They had loaner clubs for kids to use, but the selection of leftie clubs was so limited that I used the right handed clubs and I have been golfing right handed ever since. I was borrowed a friend's left handed club and tried to use it, but I couldn't hit straight to save my life. But in baseball I throw and hit left. I also open jars with my right hand.


I am totally left handed but also open jars with right hand and eat crisps(chips)
with right hand. I think it's because I need to hold things in the left hand as its the stronger one!

Left Handed and right handed

I play baseball left handed, play golf with either hand , shoot a rifle right handed, swing a hammer and use a screwdriver with either. Dad was left handed and all 8 siblings right handed. One son right handed and his younger brother left handed. Scissors, only right handed . Cutting with a knife only left handed. Light bulb only right handed. Posts are all left handed. Computer, left handed, mouse only right handed.

The left side of the moon

I'm a born leftie from Wheeling, West Virginia. My mother Sara, was a leftie. Her first born son,Bernie, was a leftie. Dick Dale and Jimi Hendrix, are two famous lefties who literally turned their disadvange into an advantage. They turned their guitars upside down to accomadate their left handedness. Hendrix re-strung his strings top to bottom. Dale left his strings upside down, and the rest is history. Me, I still cannot cut paper with scissors, but I always got to play first base! Lefties just need to be lefties, righties need to be righties, and that's all there is to it! Finding the left place to be different, feeling the love and understanding of your tribe, and filling a role is the left handers quest. Lol. !

Left Handed

My mother is right handed, my father left handed. I am the only lefty among their six children, including my twin brother. My kindergarten teacher was old school (40's & 50's) but allowed me to learn to write left handed although she tried to make me tilt my paper the way right handers did. I waited until she walked away and tipped it back the way that was comfortable for me. I learned to bat right handed because that's what my brothers taught to me but later started hitting left handed. Now I can bat both ways equally well. The only thing I do exclusively right handed is golf. I could never get used to swinging a club left handed. I have 13 neices and nephews and the only left hander in that generation is my twin's son. None of my three children are left handed.

I'm left-handed. Once, I was

I'm left-handed. Once, I was doing a speed exam where the questions were on the left and you ticked yes or no on the right. I had to turn my paper sideways so that my pen was near the yes/no box. The supervisor of the exam came to me and told me to straighten my paper (in case of cheating). I asked her if she had a left-handed exam paper for me and she was shocked. Because I couldn't do the quick fire exam properly, I just left the hall, and did NOT progress to a higher level in work. Apart from this, I've never found being a leftie difficult. In fact, it got me out of some chores, like cutting bread!! and even the washing up. My Mam always thought I would cut myself or drop something because I looked awkward!!

Left handed

I am left handed. My mom was also left handed. She was diagnosed with MS several years ago and lost the use of her left arm. For several years she had to do everything right handed and had a very hard time with everything. The only thing I do right handed is throw a ball, like softball, because when I was starting to learn my dad refused to buy me left handed glove. But I still batted left handed. I did very well, in HS I was voted by my teammates as the best fielder my senior year.

Left handed

I am left handed and was the only one in my family who was left handed until I had my two children. My oldest son is right handed and my youngest son is left handed. I broke my left elbow last summer and soon realized how difficult it is for a leftie to accomplish many daily task right handed, brushing teeth, applying makeup, bathing, going to the bathroom, etc. I do not remember my parents ever trying to get me to write right handed. The only problem I ever remember having in being left handed was that I had to take paper out of a three ring binder to be able to write. Also, when I used a gel pen, the ink would smear on the paper. I have never heard that being left handed had anything to do with the devil. Crazy old tale for sure! I am a Christian and love Jesus!


I'm left-handed, but I can brush my teeth with my right hand. I always have used scissors with my left hand. Went to parochial school, so some of us know how fun that was.

Left Handed

I have always considered myself Left Handed. I write with my left hand. I could not write with my right hand for any reason. I also throw a ball left handed. But, if I am using a hammer, I prefer my right hand. I also use my right hand to hold a fork.

Being left handed

My Dad would have been a lefty but was forced to write with his right (had his hand tied down and even got 'the strap' for using his left). He was fairly ambidextrous doing some things left and some right. I am the only one of 8 kids who is a lefty, but have several nieces and nephews who are lefties too. My mom was really proud of her lefty and always talked about it to anyone else she saw using their left-hand.

Left Handedness

I write , eat & brush my teeth left handed, but do everything else right handed...ie: crochet, bowl, use scissors, throw a ball, shoot....I've tried doing those things left handed, but too awkward. My brother is totally left handed..

My 2 oldest siblings are left

My 2 oldest siblings are left-handed. They are both musically gifted and math comes to them easily. When my 3rd siblings favored her left hand, our grandmother slapped her hand and actively discouraged her. In 1st grade on Christmas, I fell off my pony and broke my left arm which I had used to catch myself. So I learned to write with my right. The youngest was trained to write with her right, but was determined to teach herself to write with her left. The last 3 of us have some degree of dyslexia that the 2 oldest don't. I have long wondered if there was a connection between dyslexia and being "trained" out of using your natural hand.

As far as my family goes, no.

As far as my family goes, no. I'm the oldest and left handed so my family didn't try to change anyone's hand preference. My younger brother has dyslexia.


I am sure my father had dyslexia, undiagnosed though. He was forever getting numerals reversed, and he did not like to read at all. He left school early also, but for many reasons. He was left handed, but he mother was enlightened for a small town woman in the 1930's. She made sure that the schools did not mess with his writing hand. My two brothers are also left handed and both had some problems in school, but may not have been dyslexic. They sure cannot spell to this day, though.

Left handed

I was the younger sister in my family. My Mother, Father and Sister were right-handed. I married a left handed man. We had two kids, a boy and then a girl. They are both right-handed. A left-hander always notices another left-hander when they write. But a right-hander never gives it a thought if a person is left or right-handed. So left-handlers have a connection.


My 2 oldest siblings are left-handed. They are both musically gifted and math comes to them easily. When my 3rd siblings favored her left hand, our grandmother slapped her hand and actively discouraged her. In 1st grade on Christmas, I fell off my pony and broke my left arm which I had used to catch myself. So I learned to write with my right. The youngest was trained to write with her right, but was determined to teach herself to write with her left. The last 3 of us have some degree of dyslexia that the 2 oldest don't. I have long wondered if there was a connection between dyslexia and being "trained" out of using your natural hand.

I am who I am

and I am left handed

being a lefty

The one thing I do right handed is use the mouse other than that everything is left handed. I even have a speech on the discrimination of left handed people.

Left hand

My dad and brother were supposed to be left handed. My gran tied their left hand behind them. She tried with me but my dad wouldn't let her. I loved playing basketball, I think we have an advantage. I also do many crafts and love to garden. I keep very busy and manage a gas bar. Could we be crafty?

Being Left-Handed

I'm delighted to know that there's a Left-Hander's Day.

I have a some stories about being left-handed:
1) I'm lucky that my Mother was strong & advocated for me. She said that my Grandfather told her when I was little that a left-hander is 'the devil's child" and she needed to tie my left hand behind my back so I would be forced to use my right hand. Yikes! Mom said "I'm not tying my child's hand behind her back." She DID try to put items in my right hand to try to see what I'd do (and mainly because in the early '50s, left-handers weren't as accommodated as we are now). Since I would switch items to my left hand, she just 'let it be.'
2) My fave uncle was left-handed so I tried to emulate him when writing - by turning my hand around - sort of upside down. She grabbed my hand, saying 'don't do that. Right-handed people don't have to write that way - neither do you. Just turn your paper slightly to the right (righties have their slanted to the left) so don't have to write so awkwardly.' She was a 6th-grade school teacher & was annoyed that teachers in the lower grades had lefties conform to the righties writing method. Again, I was very blessed that she didn't make me conform to the 'norm' - at least in this regard.
3) I was at a dinner at a long table with 20 friends and this older man (in his 80s), sitting several people away from me said the dumbest thing I've ever hear - loudly - "I didn't know you were wrong-handed." My response was "I'm not wrong-handed - I'm left-handed." (with a 'grrr' under my breath! Thanks for letting me vent!

I'm a lefty!

My parents and two sisters are right-handed... I and my other sister are left-handed. My husband is a righty, and our daughters are righties.

Left Handedness

I'm dominantly left handed, yet, I do many things right handed and can even write right handed, not well, but I can do it. So, what does that say about me?

I am left handed

I cannot write with my right hand but I learned how to cut material with my right hand because there weren't left handed scissors growing up and I learned how to knit and crochet by my aunt who was right handed. It looks like my grand daughter is going to be a leftie too. My grand son is definitely right handed.


I am a lifelong leftie, born to a woman who PROBABLY should have been left-handed, but was forced to use her right hand, resulting in atrocious, nearly illegible writing. The only thing
Mom made me do right-handed was to use "regular" scissors, explaining that she knew it wasn't fair, but that it's a right-handed world (left-handed scissors were VERY rare in the 50's). Both parents forced me to learn to eat right-handed "in case you break your left arm" when I was 7, until I pointed out that they weren't forcing my sister to eat left-handed.
That being said, I CANNOT use left-handed scissors, although I've tried. And, if the dining table is extremely crowded, I CAN eat with my right hand, if necessary, although I was also taught that eating with one's elbows flailing about was not acceptable, soooo.

Left handed parents

My wife and I are both left handed and are kids are all right handed.

Left to Right

Seems peculiar that two left-handed parents can give birth to right-handed children. My science class (1970s) taught us that left-handedness was recessive, thus two left-handed parents wouldn't give birth to right-chanded children.

Being left handed

I use both hands but predominately use my left. I have been irritated over the years by common items clearly designed for right handers. A couple of examples, a deck of cards. If a lefty were to pick up a hand of cards for the first time, the left thumb would fan them and there are no numbers or letters showing on the right edge of the cards. The user would see blank edges. Door knobs! Many times over my lifetime, i have reached for a door knob with my left hand, turn the the knob instinctively to the left only to turn my hand into the door jam and bang my fingers or hand. Door knobs have been designed to turn to the right mostly. Those can openers from years ago that were metal and the cutting piece had to be lifted for the tip to cut the can. Never was able to operate one of those and have met other lefties who could not either. Just a couple of things over the years I have noticed. I could go on but others have stories to tell. Happy Left Handers Day~

Another lefty

Like many, my grandmother was lefthanded, but grew up in a time when it wasn't permitted. Neither of my parents is a lefty, but of three kids, two of us are lefthanded. The third is jealous. Living in a righthanded world, it has always seemed to me that lefthanders are (have to be) much more adaptable than righties. Did anyone else find it annoying to be asked "how do you DO that with your left hand?" The same way you do it with your right. What kind of a question is that?

Left handed

I write left handed but do everything else right handed


I write and throw a ball left handed. Most everything else, just depends on which hand I pick it up with, but mostly left dominate. Altho right eye dominate, so shoot right handed.

I found that I have no

I found that I have no dominant eye, which is fun actually. I can shoot with both hands with almost the same accuracy too.

I am a right hander. I use

I am a right hander. I use my left for turning on or taking lids off. Counting money,dealing cards. Using a baseball bat. Using my right hand for these i can not do. My grandpa was left handed was changed by teachers to right hand. My brother and his daughter are left handed.

Able to write forward with left hand and in reverse with right

I haven't tried it in years, but I used to be able to simultaneously write forward with my left hand and backward with my right hand.

I refer to myself as a "..

I refer to myself as a "...Catholic trained righty..."

One thing that continues to

One thing that continues to be a problem is sitting and eating at the table. Sit next to a right handed person and they throw their elbow out so lefties have to tuck in their elbow to eat. Makes me mad so I always try to sit on the left side of the end table.

I am so right handed I am an

I am so right handed I am an embarrassment to my left handed and left minded daughter. My left hand is decoration, therefore it serves the purpose of supporting my wedding band. It does come in handy when performing tasks involving tools...that requires holding the workpiece in place while shaping, sawing, drilling or screwing things together. While playing in baseball as a teenager...and actually until my early forties...I claimed to be a switch hitter. I could hit the ball further left handed than right-handed...but struck out 98% of the time left handed. I was finally handed my walking papers from the game of baseball. As after all this..I just realized I am holding my cell phone in my left hand while working the keyboard..you guessed it...with my right hand. Maybe I am partially ambidextrous.

Both parents right handed, 2

Both parents right handed, 2 kids left handed. When I was learning to print and write the teachers would take them out of my left hand, turn my paper to the "correct" position then leave. I turned them back to my way. My Dad even went to a teacher meeting and accused her of being a communist for trying to change me....... I loved him for that! I can pick up a glass and drink using right hand, but I am a lefty all the way.

I'd like to refer myself as

I'd like to refer myself as ambidextrous as I am a lefty but can use my right hand for many things such as throwing a ball with my right hand, bat right handed but catch with my left, hold my fork in my left hand, can use either hand to cut food with..but only my right hand with scissors. I think my hands are confused..lol

When it came to binders in school I would always have to take loose leaf out to write on the paper so my hand wouldn't be touching the binder rings as I wrote with my left hand but often practiced writing with my right hand as well. I've never been to a left handers store but I do think that would be interesting. :)

As a grammar school child of

As a grammar school child of the forties, I too went through the trial of being encouraged to write, right-handed. Unlike a Canadian friend that wound up in a school for retarded children when her left hand was strapped to her desk, I had no problems from the temporary trial.

Perhaps because of real ink pens, I learned to write with my wrist unbent.

High School drafting class lettering exercises were a problem...I had to reverse the arrows when doing certain letters.

One of the biggest trials came in my military service. As most lefties learn that most tools are built for right-handers, so were the personal weapons of war. More than once I had a super hot shell eject from my M-1 and land down the front of field jacket.

In later years, taking serious tests that required speed for employment, I learned that tests were designed for right-handers. The questions were on the left side of the page and the answer boxes were on the right. Your wrist covered up the next question while you were marking the multiple question box.

However, I think all of us lefties agree, that considering the disabilities of folks that we have known, being left-handed in a right-handed world is a minor hinderance. Hah! Unless you are seated, for dinner, at the right end of the table... Bud

I'm so left handed I can't do

I'm so left handed I can't do anything with my right hand. Can't brush mt teeth, comb my hair. I even have a hard time petting my cat. lol

I was originally left handed

I was originally left handed when I was in the first grade (age 7). At that time, I attended a catholic school and at that time my teacher (a nun) used to take a ruler and swat my hand when I tried to write with my left hand; that happened every day during that school year. I was forced to learn to write with my right hand. I'm now 55 years old and I'm now both left as well as right handed. I have a now 25 year-old son who is left handed as was his dad.


I AM LEFT HANDED,BUT USE MY RIGHT HAND ALSO. When I was little, I would use my left hand. So in the house my Mom would switch the spoon, and pencil to my right hand. Now I write with my right hand and eat with my right hand, use scissors with my right hand. Anyway most of the activities in the house are righted. Out side i mostly use my left hand. I guess you could say I am a left/right hander. I don't feel that all this has affected my life.

I'm left-handed, butt

I'm left-handed, butt teachers tried to make me switch. Thankfully my dad didn't allow it. So to this day I am still a lefty and proud of it even with all the jokes I have to put up with.

I'm a righty but I'm goofy

I'm a righty but I'm goofy footed. I'm goofy in general when it comes to handedness as I'm all over the place sometimes. I do some things with my left hand such as opening jars. I write and do most other things with my right. I found my left arm is stronger than my right which is why I open jars better with my left. I strictly eat with my left while cutting with a knife. It's a lot of trouble to shift the utensils. But when no knife is involved I go righty. In grade school I used to bat switch for fun. Didn't know it was special or unusual. Although I prefer to bat right. But I can't throw well with my left. I've done some tests that determine I'm both brained. Makes sense considering I'm well rounded with learning subjects and I'm quite artistic and creative. In Jr. Highly I started writing in math class with my left for fun and found I picked it up quite quickly. Easier with number than letters though.
I have three boys and two are left handed. My righty is goofy footed like me. My dad was a lefty and so are many others on my dads side. I encourage all my boys to try learn some things both ways to be more flexible. But I don't push it too much. My house is 2/5th lefty, 2/5th goofy and my husband is a pure righty. It's not difficult for me to teach lefty stuff to my lefty boys but can be daunting for my husband sometimes. So I feel we are pretty well rounded in my home and no one gets 'left' behind.

I am right handed, but can

I am right handed, but can use my left in many situations;at work I could: run an air gun and trim plastic crisper pans with a pocket knife left handed, or right. I can eat with either hand, this developed because I had 9 brothers and sisters, 5 were left handed. Have you ever been stuck between a left and right hand sibling at the supper table.....it's a bruising good time. One brother could write with either hand, Ma said it was because he was lazy, he wrote with the hand that was closest to the pen....too lazy to switch hands. Of the nieces and nephews, 4 are lefties and 3 are righties.

I am left handed and do

I am left handed and do everything with my left hand except iron... that I do right handed...any particular reason for this?

I'd guess that it's because

I'd guess that it's because you are probably better coordinated to adjust the clothing with your left as you iron with your right.

I'm a southpaw and do almost

I'm a southpaw and do almost everything with my left hand. I do throw a baseball with my right hand. I have no problem using a computer mouse with my right hand. Scissors and manual can openers are the most painful things for me to use. When I was little, my dad was appalled that I was left handed telling me often that I was left handed in a right handed world. He attempted to force me to write with my right hand. I am thankful my mom stood up to him and allowed me to develop as a southpaw.

Lefties do it Right is my

Lefties do it Right is my motto. I'm a lefthanded red headed only child. My coworkers call me unique and say that explains things about me lol Living in a right handed world I always had to sit in a right handed desk. My elbow was always floating in the air as I wrote. In my view lefties write forward and righties write backwards. As an elementary teacher I've found it difficult to teach and model for righties. It's always a great joy to have a leftie enter my classroom for the year:)

Being born a natural lefty

Being born a natural lefty but growing up in a family of five right handed people I was taught to do everything right handed. (Eat, bruch teeth, throw a ball, swing a bat, bowl, shoot guns, hammer nails etc...) but everything still comes natural as can be left handed. Although I prefer to use my right hand to drink with and shoot a rifle.

I have found that most left

I have found that most left handed people are like me. Do a lot of things right handed. And are stronger in their right arm. I think it's from growing up around right handed people. Who taught us right handed. Plus so many things are made for right handed people. I can do most anything with either hand. Eat. Write. Throw. Bat. Hammer. Paint with a brush.

I am right handed. I wear my

I am right handed.
I wear my watch on my left hand.
I drink with my left hand.
I fish with a pole & reel setup for a lefty.

I'm a lefty and have observed

I'm a lefty and have observed the following:
I use a fork or spoon with my left hand, knife in right hand if cutting meats, when eating.
Right handed people can't agree on this one.
Some use fork in left hand, knife in right hand to eat. Some put the knife down and switch fork to right hand.
fun site

I noticed that too. But what

I noticed that too. But what I realized is. Not all left handed people do this. Just the ones who do some things right handed. People who do everything left handed do the same thing right handed people do. They swap hands

I'm a lefty and proud of it!

I'm a lefty and proud of it! Out of 5 people in my family 3 of us are lefties. My grandmother was forced to be a righty by a teacher who whacked her knuckles with a ruler when she tried to write lefty.
I write, eat, throw, open jars and cut with a knife lefty. I switch the fork and knife to cut. However I cut with scissors,use a manual can opener and deal cards right handed.


I do everything left handed.. when cutting meat the fork is in my right hand the knife in my left. when I'm done, I put the knife down and move the fork to my left hand. I cut my meat, one piece at a time and it drives myfamily crazy..

When I'm having dinner, I

When I'm having dinner, I have fork in left hand and knife in right. Eat with a spoon in left hand. If I'm carving meat, the fork in the meat is held with right hand while I carve with knife in left hand. It's because I would chop off fingers if I had to carve the other way round. No real control over right hand whereas precision carving done with the left, lol.

My mom was a lefty and her

My mom was a lefty and her teachers made her write right handed. She couldn't do anything with her left hand after that she said.
I'm a lefty and was never changed in school. That said, there are things that I can only do right handed....using scissors, using a baseball bat, playing golf. I dont know why, but it always felt natural to me to do those things right handed.

Been an extreme lefty for

Been an extreme lefty for more than 60 years (which means my right hand is there for wearing jewelry and balancing my body symmetry NOTHING ELSE!)...had a difficult time finding scissors and shears that worked for me, as I am a crafter. Problems with threading the sewing machines, too...it's too hard to get to all the hooks when you're trying to thread left-handed. Same with putting the bobbin in correctly. Desks in the upper grades were sometimes hard to work with, too, because of their tops being only on the right half of the desks. However, it was sometimes easier to do a left-handed lay-up in basketball, and softball was great IF you could find a glove to fit your right hand.
I've been told that 'natural' lefties are those who do not curve their left hand up and over their writing, but hold their pens, etc., in a way that is similar to righties except in the opposing hand.
Learning to crochet, knit, etc., was harder until I learned to sit opposite my teacher and mirror-image their movements.
You've probably heard the expression that "Only left-handers are in their right minds." It's also true that there are more lefties percentage-wise than righties in the art world...are we really more creative?

I am left handed, but throw a

I am left handed, but throw a ball and swing a bat with my right hand. My son writes with his right hand but uses his left for just about everything else. One of my daughters is left handed and so is her daughter. I am very proud to be a lefty!!!!!

I'm left handed but I also

I'm left handed but I also use my right hand for some things.
I eat, write, brush my teeth, and put on my makeup with my left hand.
I play sports with my right hand. It's seems I use my last for accuracy and my right of thing that need strength.

I am one of 6 kids. 4 of them are brown eyed and right handed and 2 of us are blue eyed and left handed. Both our parents were brown eyed and right handed. It seems in our family there may be some connection between the two.

My Mother had 11 chldren and

My Mother had 11 chldren and everyone is right handed but one, ME .I told her she ran out of everything when she had me that is why Im left handed. I can not do much of anything with my right hand...
The biggest problem that really upset's me about being left handed is the bread wrapper ties. they are always twisted for right handed people ... So when I get home from the store I take all of the ties off and but a clip on the bread , cause everyone else in my home twists them to the right too...

left- handers have rights too!!

Left-handed and proud to be

Left-handed and proud to be in my right mind!

I'm a lefty and my teacher in

I'm a lefty and my teacher in the first grade hit my hand because she didn't want me writing with my left hand. I was hit everyday with a ruler, I still hate her for doing that to me and I don't use hate ever. I was just a child and this was in the early sixties.

My oldest son should have

My oldest son should have been left handed. Every time he picked up something w/ his left hand I w/ take & put it in his right hand. Big mistake. He has been plagued w/ stomach issues for 40 years. My youngest starting using his left hand. I left him alone. He's never had a stomach problem. My Daddy should have been left handed. He had stomach issues also.

I was also slapped with a

I was also slapped with a ruler daily by my teacher for using my left hand... She would tell me I was the spawn of the devil, because I was left-handed...

Because many things are for

Because many things are for right handed people, I have learned to use my right hand naturally, not even thinking about it.One thing still requires my right hand only- zipping up pants. I still can only do it with my right hand. I am very proud ,however, to be left handed.

Wow! It's so cool to see that

Wow! It's so cool to see that there's others like me! I write & eat with my left hand. I use kitchen knives, scissors, screw drivers & hammers with my right hand. I sorta consider myself ambidextrous bcuz I can write ok with my right hand.

I can write only with my left

I can write only with my left hand, play sports right handed except archery has to be a left handed bow. Eat, scissors, brush teeth and most other things with either hand. One hand may feel more comfortable than the other. As a child mom pushed me toward right hand and I started to stutter. She let me go back to left. I had a MRI based test to determine if my speech was right or left brain dominate and it showed to have both sides capable.

My grandmother was left

My grandmother was left handed, my mother was left handed, I am the only one of 5 sisters that is left handed. My first born daughter is left handed. I do some things right handed, bat, golf. I use a quilting cutter with either hand. My teachers tried to change me in grade school, but my left handed mother put a stop to it..

I am the only leftie in my

I am the only leftie in my immediate family. I learned at a very early age to keep my elbow tucked in at the dinner table. The only thing I consistently do with my right hand is use scissors. When I was a child, my left handed scissors were always disappearing at school.

I am left handed but I play

I am left handed but I play sports with my right hand. I write and eat left handed but that's about it.

I think I am maybe 75/25

I think I am maybe 75/25 right handed, is this that will decide that?

I've always been proud to be

I've always been proud to be a left handed person,as i like being different from the rest..I always have been..When i do something and it seems backwards to others i say i can't help it ,i was born backwards(lefty).lololol

I am a lefty and have tried

I am a lefty and have tried to do things like write, use scissors, eat, brush my teeth as well as many other things with my right hand & it's very awkward if not almost impossible. The odd thing is that things which require strength or extreme precision such as bowling, playing pool or shooting a gun I do right handed. Some people have told me that my brain is left dominant, since the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body & vice versa.... Who knows!

I am left handed. When I

I am left handed. When I started school , for a week "experts" from Peterson Writing stood on each side of my desk and watched my every move. It was decided that I was truly left handed and to force me to change could cause some mental illness. Lol. Today, I write with both hands. Catch with my left, pitch with my write. Bowl with my right but, from the position a lefty would use. I have difficulty using things like manual can openers.

I'm a lefty who is not in the

I'm a lefty who is not in the least bit ashamed of it. I think it's amazing they way I've learned since early childhood to adapt to the right handed world. Most everything is designed for right handedness, so it makes us lefties adaptable in life to be able to overcome the limits. Take for example the old hand crank pencil sharpener, oh my but I chewed up sooo many pencils learning to use it correctly. Same with scissors, I do most everything I can left handed, but I can use scissors with my right as well. Can you imagine a right hander trying to adapt to a left handed world the way that we have had to do to live in their world?

I'm a proud leftie! No one

I'm a proud leftie! No one tried to change me and I'm glad. My dad's sis has 2 of 4 kids who are lefties. My dad had 1 of 3 who's a leftie... Me. Of my 2 kids, 1 is a leftie. The lefties have ended there. I am very ambidextrous and so is my leftie son. Except for writing, I switch hands as I desire. I don't wrap my hand when writing and most people I work with don't even know I'm a leftie! I love my leftieness!

Only left handers can do

Only left handers can do this!! Put a pen in each hand and write a word forward with your left while writing the same word mirror image with your right hand. Write at each end of the paper and write toward each other! It should look like this: Tonya aynoT

I'm right hand dominant but

I'm right hand dominant but was able to pass your test. Right side had neater wrighting but both were clear.

Golly, the eyeballs of this

Golly, the eyeballs of this old Southpaw tried to find my ears and did not cross after reading your two-fisted writing exercise.

The furthest from my being a typical left-hander is that I do write without curling my wrist (probably because we wrote with ink pens in the forties) and I faced the picture with my left-shoulder... Bud

I'm left handed. I only

I'm left handed. I only write, eat, brush my hair, and brush my teeth left handed. I always have to put scissors in each hand to determine which hand to use. I'm not very crafty. I play sports right handed. I loved the few left handed desks that were available in college. I like the left handed note books too!

Ever notice how many lawyers

Ever notice how many lawyers are left handed? 1/3 of my law school class was left handed. I work in an office with 12 other attorneys and we are all left handed.

I'm a lawyer too and have

I'm a lawyer too and have noticed that as well.

as a lefty I've noticed that

as a lefty I've noticed that in any sort of work where a helper is needed especially for lifting and moving projects or materials your right handed partner will report after a period of time that working with another right hander is frustrating and dangerous....as a left hander your right arm becomes stronger than a natural right handers arm because all fine motor skills are done with the left and the right does all the lifting and holding....living in a right handed world is dangerous unless as a lefty you are willing to learn to use things like chain saws right handed, just one example but there are many....life is good

I am left-handed, but in this

I am left-handed, but in this right-handed world, I have learned to be a little right-handed as well. I cut meat with my right hand....but for the life of me, I can not butter bread or spread jelly with my right hand.....only the left hand will do!! :)

Definitely a lefty. I drive

Definitely a lefty. I drive people at work crazy by putting the computer mouse on the left side.

Two favorite random lefty-related stories...

Once, when working in a theatre company, in the middle of a production meeting, I realized that of the 18 people around the table, 11 were left-handed. Statistically weird, and perhaps an argument for the whole "lefties are creative" theory.

Second, the day before my first day of university teaching, I went into my empty classroom just to see it before the first day of class. The maintenance staff had emptied all the rooms to clean the floors, and when they put the desks back, had put ALL the left handed desks in my room, so the majority of desks were lefties. Kinda funny.

I am left handed but right

I am left handed but right footed. Always been this way. Sure would like to be a member of the club in the UK.

I'm left-handed when I sit,

I'm left-handed when I sit, but if I stand,I use my right. And when I play tennis,I have no backhand. Instead I have two forehands.

I am a proud leftie as well.

I am a proud leftie as well. They say that only left handed people think with the right side of their brain. Cheers for the Southpaws!

I am a leftie and so is one

I am a leftie and so is one of my brothers. I have always been told the Left handed people the right side of the brain is in control. and Right handed people use WHAT IS LEFT OVER. I am very creative and enjoy being left handed.

the only thing I do left

the only thing I do left handed is wright. Play ball /golf/drink/sew/everything except write. To bad

I'm a lefty. In high school

I'm a lefty. In high school I worked at a grocery, I ran a register. I had to learn to use it with my right hand, I got good at it. Still today I can only use a calculator with my right hand. I fractured my right wrist and I was in a cast. I had a hard time using the calculator with my left. I can do two things at once, write left and calculate right.

I'm ambidextrous. When is

I'm ambidextrous. When is ambidextrous day?

I've observed that many

I've observed that many creative people are lefties. Also good presidents. Perhaps that's why Clinton and Obama are lefties. They are to the left of centre.

I'm left handed all the

I'm left handed all the things that I want to takes or hold Its always left hand first.I remember when I was in primary school my mother do for me special "left armed chair" coz its hard for me to write in right armed chair.So Im proud to be liftie its mean Im special.

The Bible considers left

The Bible considers left handed soldiers superior to right handed ones. I believe it's due to the element of surprise in drawing a sword in battle.

I'm a lefty and I have

I'm a lefty and I have trouble using many kitchen tools. Especially older ones. Old ladles only have a pour spout on one side so lefties can't make it work. Very hard to ladle hot jam into jars using my right hand. Too many things to list here.

I am married to a lefty ,

I am married to a lefty , and he can not see the man in the moon. I started asking other lefties if they could see the man in the moon . 9 out of 10 of lefties could not see the man in the moon .

I have found that the world

I have found that the world is made for right handed people especially when it comes to tools and kitchen appliances...ever tried to open a can using an old fashioned can opener using your left hand? odd for me though is that if I play golf or softball, I do what a right handed person would do

I am a lefty, and cannot do

I am a lefty, and cannot do much of anything with my right hand. I think it is funny that the article says that only 10-12% of the world's population is left handed and then goes no to state that it isn't uncommon for identical twins to have opposite predominant handedness. If there are only 10-12% of us out of the total population then nothing about left handedness is common, lol

What a good story, my husband

What a good story, my husband and I are both left handed. So when you come to visit with us everything is setup for left handed people.

My grandpa was left handed

My grandpa was left handed and forced to switch to being right handed. He ended up with balance and inner ear problems. I learned how to do things by watching my great grandma and other elders as if I were watching through a mirror instead of side by side. It just seemed easier for me to learn that way. I am proud to be left handed as is my son.

I am left handed, but I only

I am left handed, but I only write n eat with left hand. Any sport activities I do I use my right hand. Everyone made fun of me being left handed but I that is was cool because I was different from everyone else

I also only eat and write

I also only eat and write with my left hand. I think I play sports right handed because the people who taught me how to play were right handed. I like being ambidextrous because a true lefty has to use special scissors or kitchen tools, etc.

I am a leftie. And we are all

I am a leftie. And we are all special. I was even born backwards. Feet first. I am the only one in my family that is left handed. Things can be a challenge. God bless those special persons that make our world beautiful.

When I was starting in

When I was starting in school, they were totally against a person being left handed. Every time I put a pencil in my left hand, it would be smacked away by the teacher, or jerked out of my hand and placed in my right hand. I was young so this really scared me and made me think something was bad wrong with me. I told my Dad, he went to the school, never happened again. Moral of the story, depends on what I am doing on which hand I do what with. Never understood why they didn't want me left handed.

I am a left hander and proud

I am a left hander and proud of it. I remember my Mom thinking she may have caused it with my brother and I because she was left handed but, my younger sister and brother are right handed. I wanted one of my daughter's to be left handed but each time I would hand them a spoon or fork or what ever into there left hand they would switch it to there right hand....So I know my Mother didn't cause us to be left handed. I see no problem really being left handed these days. After 57 years I think I have aclimated to the right handed world!! LOL!

I'm a lefty but other then

I'm a lefty but other then writing I use my right hand for pretty much everything else!!!!!

Two of my three children are

Two of my three children are left-handed. The other is very right-handed just like me. Although, because I'm so right-handed, I taught the lefties to use either hand. My daughter does almost everything but eat and write, right-handed. My son uses his right hand for certain things. Their daddy was one of those who was changed from leftie to righty.

I'm a leftie! Ever heard the

I'm a leftie! Ever heard the expression, "Only left-handed people are in their right mind!"