The Moon's Healing Powers

By Martha White
February 8, 2008
Full Moon with reflection

Not all of the Moon's effects on health are considered negative. Some suspect that the flow of blood responds to the gravitational tug of the Moon.

Believers in the power of the Moon consider dental care and elective surgery unwise around the times of the full Moon because of the risk of increased bleeding. (Civil War doctors noted greater blood flow during a flood tide.)

Do you get the blues on Mondays? Maybe you're engaging in the wrong activities. Literally, the “Moon's day,” Monday in legend and lore is auspicious for peace and happiness, raising spirits of the dead, and other activities. So if it's Monday, shoot for the Moon!


The 1994 Old Farmer's Almanac


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Calander w/Best Days for surgery

Do you make a calendar with "Best Days" that includes
Best Days for surgery 2020???: Knee Replacement
Best Days for Eye
Dental Work

Knee replacement surgery

In the near future (around Sept/Oct) I am going to have a knee replacement. My doctor only performs this surgery on a Monday. Which Monday in Sept/Oct would be the best? I always depended on my mother to tell me when the best time to do things but she has passed away. Now I wish I would have paid more attention to how she did this. Thank you!

Knee replacement

Me too and I need to do my knee replacement in Oct. so is there a better day for me then.


I have a rotator cuff tear needing surgery pain is bad X 5 weeks Surgery is scheduled for January 16 is this a good time was unable to do before because of other health problems


I'm having back surgery on April 26, 2017 just wondering if this is a good time for me to have this surgery?

I need to have knee surgery

I need to have knee surgery the beginning of 2015. my birthday is June 2. Thank you for your help. Jo Ann

knee surgery

Best time for knee surgery in 2018

Having surgery august 23,2013

Having surgery august 23,2013 . Is there a healing moon then or what type of moon is in place then in regards to healing?

I bought the almanac because

I bought the almanac because last year I was able to find good or bad days for surgery, however this years does not have surgery days. Please advise I'm having a surgery in Aug and need to know if I should change the date.

Wean a baby off the bottle

Wean a baby off the bottle

We do not provide medical

The Editors's picture

We do not provide medical advice online, but you can find the best days for weaning and other activities on this page:

My husband is having surgery

My husband is having surgery on his broken wrist on Tuesday July 10th is the moon right for healing?

What is the best date for an

What is the best date for an appendectomy in February or March 2012?

I am having a needle biopsy

I am having a needle biopsy (thyroid) Friday 10/22/10. Can someone tell me if the sign is in the heart tomorrow. Thanks!

My grandson is having surgery

My grandson is having surgery soon. Where can I find out information on how the moon effects bleeding?

can you please refer any

can you please refer any helpful info you received or discovered on this topic? My granddaughter is to have a surgery soon also, I would like to know also. Thanks.

The best signs for surgery

The best signs for surgery and healing are in the knees. You can also do the legs, and feet, but I prefer not to do it on the last day of the feet, as it moves to the head next.

Use your almanac calendar and see what signs are represented on which days (it will be in the next to the last column) ...pick those days for your surgeries. The knees are Capricorn, the legs are aquarius, and the feet are Pisces. They are all three grouped together, so normally, you can find at least one of those days to have your surgery.

The worst signs are in the head, neck and heart...that is where you will see more bleeding and slower healing.

I have seen many proofs of this information, both personally, and from others.