National Farmer's Day

Follow The Story of One Small American Farm

By Ginger Vaughan
October 10, 2018
National Farmer's Day

National Farmer’s Day, October 12, is a day to honor hardworking farmers throughout American history. Only 2 percent of us feed and sustain the rest of us. Let’s show farmers some love!

Every five years, the United States Department of Agriculture conducts a census of American farmers. While census data from 2012 shows that the majority of farmers are older (average age: 58+) white men, there are more women and minority farmers than ever before.

Meet Today’s Small Farm

For National Farmer’s Day, we’re highlighting Lettuce Love Farm, a small farm owned by Lauren Tyner and Kevin Haggerty, both in their 20s. We follow them as they navigate the challenges of being business owners who care about food, farming, and the environment.

For more information about Lettuce Love Farm, visit their website and Instagram

How to Support Your Local Farmer

Supporting your local farmer is easy! Many small farms, like Lettuce Love Farm, sell directly to the consumer through farmers’ markets. Visit yours to meet local farmers, learn about their farming practices, and buy the freshest produce, eggs, and meat. 

Find farmers’ markets in your area here

The 2019 Old Farmer’s Almanac 

For more, read our Farmer to Table Special Report in The 2019 Old Farmer’s Almanac! Farmers share their stories, inspirations, and dreams in this series fathering folks who grow our food.  Pick up a copy of the 2019 Almanac today

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