Seasonal Crafts: Apple Heads

October 12, 2009
Apple Head Doll
Fayme Harper

The Native American art of making apple heads is both easy and fun. Follow these instructions for a creative fall craft.

  • Choose a big apple and start by peeling it.
  • Then, with a sharp knife, form the nose, make eye sockets, and cut a line for the mouth.
  • Carve around the mouth to accentuate the cheeks, and make some lines around the eyes and on the forehead.
  • Soak the head in lemon juice for about ½ hour (so it doesn’t turn brown) before hanging it to dry.
  • When the head is almost dry, add peppercorn or bean eyes. Use your imagination to make some hair and a body to go with the head.


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Thank you. I always learn so much from you. And the poems and images that go with them calm me. I like the newsletter.

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