Seasonal Crafts: How to Make a Nut Wreath

Nut Wreath
Margo Letourneau

Decorate for the holidays this season with this festive homemade nut wreath!

A wide variety of nuts is sold at holiday time. Fashion them into this charming decoration especially suitable for Thanksgiving.

Materials needed:

  • 1 straw or grapevine wreath form (10 to 12 inches)
  • an assortment of unshelled walnuts, chestnuts, filberts (hazelnuts), almonds, and brazil nuts
  • acrylic varnish (optional)
  • brush
  • wire
  • glue gun
  • pine sprigs, ivy, or small grape leaves (optional)
  • ribbon


  • To give the wreath a special sheen, paint the filberts and chestnuts with varnish and set them on a wire rack to dry.
  • Attach a loop of wire to the back of the wreath form for hanging it when complete.
  • Glue on the nuts, working slowly around the wreath, making sure they are all secured. Start with the largest nuts—walnuts, chestnuts, and Brazil nuts, and use the smaller filberts and almonds to fill in around them.
  • Using a glue gun, attach the greens or leaves to the wreath form in between the nuts.
  • Tie the ribbon into a bow and secure it to the wreath with glue or wire.

nut wreath

Illustration by Margo Letourneau

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Nut Wreath for Squirrels

I think I will try making this without the varnish to hang outside on our large oak tree for the squirrels and maybe add unshelled peanuts and sunflower seeds to the mix.


I use acorns and small unopened pine cones as fillers instead of the expensive nuts.

Nut wreath

I've made several of these wreaths starting in Fall. I use nuts, acorns, pinecones, and dried fruit like preserved orange slices. It always turns out looking nice and makes a nice gift, too. Love the painting!

Nut Wreath

Nice idea ... if nuts weren't so darned expensive!