How to Make a Bird Seed Wreath

October 1, 2009
Bird Seed Wreath
Margo Letourneau

Learn how to make a bird seed wreath with these simple instructions, and create something very special for the birds in your neighborhood!

  • Gather some vines, dried sunflower heads, herbs, tall grasses, and flowers with seed heads.
  • Start with a straw or vine wreath base, or make your own using grapevines, Virginia creeper, or branches from weeping willow.
  • Attach medium-size sunflower heads all around the wreath, securing the flowers to the base with floral wire, if needed.
  • Stick assorted flowers (coneflowers, zinnias, black-eyed Susans, or any others with a good supply of seeds) in between the sunflowers. Baby corn is another great addition.
  • Finally, stick herbs and grasses all around, and you are ready to hang the wreath where the birds will find it and you’ll enjoy watching them eat.

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Illustrated by Margo Letourneau


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I planted sunflowers and

I planted sunflowers and zinnias to make wreaths. Now I am wondering when and how to harvest without loosing all the seeds from the flower heads.
Your help would be appreciated.

I have noticed on the seed

I have noticed on the seed packs that it takes 75days for them to come to bloom. I think it also said when the head starts to drop is a good time pick the head off the stalk for harvesting the seeds or to let the birds eat from it.Hope that is helpful.