Thanksgiving Weather Forecast

Thanksgiving Weather 2017

Thanksgiving Weather Forecast

What kind of weather’s in store for the big Thanksgiving weekend? Check the Almanac’s long range weather forecast summary for your region, below!

Ah! on Thanksgiving day, when from East and from West, 
From North and from South come the pilgrim and guest.

–John Greenleaf Whittier (1807–1892)

Thanksgiving Weather

We know many of you are driving or flying to see family over the long holiday weekend. Here’s a quick weather snapshot for your region. (Click here to see which region you’re in.)

  • Northeast: Expect some snow showers throughout the region. Temperatures will be colder than average.
  • Atlantic Coast: Rain showers expected during the week with cooler temperatures overall.
  • Appalachians: Rain and flurries, turning into sunny, mild weather at the end of Thanksgiving weekend.
  • Southeast: Look for scattered showers and cool weather followed by a chance of thunderstorms and milder temperatures at the end of the weekend.
  • Florida: Scattered thunderstorms and cool temperatures.
  • Lower Lakes: Chance of rain and snow, with chilly temperatures.
  • Ohio Valley: Cold and snowy weather followed by milder temperatures and a chance of rain.
  • Deep South: Rainy periods, turning into sunny and mild weather post-Thanksgiving.
  • Upper Midwest: Expect snow showers and cold temperatures!
  • Heartland: Periods of rain or snow possible in the days leading up to Thanksgiving, then turning sunny and mild.
  • Texas-Oklahoma: Sunny, but cool; then turning warmer.
  • High Plains: Snowy, then warming up with some sun. Snow expected after Thanksgiving, with temperatures dropping.
  • Intermountain: Snowy periods, then sunny and mild. Showers and flurries possible on Thanksgiving weekend.
  • Desert Southwest: Showers possible in the east, sunny skies west. Cool throughout.
  • Pacific Northwest: Sunny and cool most of the week; shifting to rain or snow after Thanksgiving.
  • Pacific Southwest: Cool on the coast; sunny, warm inland.
  • Alaska: Snowy periods, but milder than average weather.
  • Hawaii: Sunny in the east; scattered showers in central and western areas; cool temperatures throughout.

For forecasts based on your local zip code (or postal code), check out our 7-Day Weather Forecasts as we get nearer to Thanksgiving!

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