When Is Daylight Saving Time 2018?

Why Do We Change Our Clocks? DST Dates & History


When does Daylight Saving Time 2018 begin and end? Find dates here—and the history of Daylight Saving Time, highlighting the seemingly endless debate about saving daylight and changing our clocks.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac (around since the beginning of time or, at least, Benjamin Franklin’s day) answers your frequent questions …

What Is Daylight Saving Time?

Daylight Saving Time (DST) is the practice of moving the clocks forward one hour from Standard Time for the summer months, and changing them back again in the fall. The general idea is that this allows us all to make better use of natural daylight. However, DST has many detractors.

Note that the term is “Daylight Saving Time” and not “Daylight Savings Time” with an “s” at the end of “Saving.” (The word “saving” is singular because it acts as part of an adjective rather than a verb.)

When Is Daylight Saving Time 2018?

To remember which way to set their clocks, folks often use the expression, “Spring forward, fall back.”

DST will begin on Sunday, March 11, 2018, at 2:00 A.M.  Remember to “spring forward” in the spring and set your clocks forward one hour (i.e., losing one hour). 

DST ends on Sunday, November 4, 2018, at 2:00 A.M. At this time, we “fall back” in the fall by setting clocks back one hour (i.e., gaining one hour).

    Note: Since the time changes at 2:00 A.M., we generally change our clocks at Saturday bedtime.

    Daylight Saving Time Dates

    (The exceptions to DST are Arizona, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and American Samoa.)

    Year Daylight Saving Time Begins Daylight Saving Time Ends
    2017 Sunday, March 12 at 2:00 A.M. Sunday, November 5 at 2:00 A.M.
    2018 Sunday, March 11 at 2:00 A.M. Sunday, November 4 at 2:00 A.M.
    2019 Sunday, March 10 at 2:00 A.M. Sunday, November 3 at 2:00 A.M.

    The History of Daylight Saving Time

    Does changing the clocks really provide benefits? We’ll let you be the judge. 

    Blame Ben?

    Benjamin Franklin’s “An Economical Project,” written in 1784, is the earliest known proposal to “save” daylight. It was whimsical in tone, advocating laws to compel citizens to rise at the crack of dawn to save the expense of candlelight:

    Every morning, as soon as the Sun rises, let all the bells in every church be set ringing: and if that is not sufficient, let cannon be fired in every street to wake the sluggards effectually… . Oblige a man to rise at four in the morning, and it is probable that he will go willingly to bed at eight in the evening.”

    DST’s True Founder? 

    The first true proponent of Daylight Saving Time was an Englishman named William Willet. A London builder, he conceived the idea while riding his horse early one morning in 1907. He noticed that the shutters of houses were tightly closed even though the Sun had risen. In “The Waste of Daylight,” the manifesto of his personal light-saving campaign, Willet wrote, “Everyone appreciates the long, light evenings. Everyone laments their shrinkage as the days grow shorter; and nearly everyone has given utterance to a regret that the nearly clear, bright light of an early morning during Spring and Summer months is so seldom seen or used… . That so many as 210 hours of daylight are, to all intents and purposes, wasted every year is a defect in our civilization. Let England recognise and remedy it.”

    Willet spent a small fortune lobbying businessmen, members of Parliament, and the U.S. Congress to put clocks ahead 20 minutes on each of the four Sundays in April, and reverse the process on consecutive Sundays in September. But his proposal was met mostly with ridicule. One community opposed it on moral grounds, calling the practice the sin of “lying” about true time.

    World War I Led to Adoption of DST

    Attitudes changed after World War I broke out. The government and citizenry recognized the need to conserve coal used for heating homes. The Germans were the first to officially adopt the light-extending system in 1915, as a fuel-saving measure during World War I. This led to the introduction in 1916 of British Summer Time: From May 21 to October 1, clocks in Britain were put an hour ahead.

    The United States followed in 1918, when Congress passed the Standard Time Act, which established the time zones. However, this was amidst great public opposition. A U.S. government Congressional Committee was formed to investigate the benefits of Daylight Saving Time. Many Americans viewed the practice as an absurd attempt to make late sleepers get up early. Others thought that it was unnatural to follow “clock time” instead of “Sun time.” A columnist in the Saturday Evening Post offered this alternative: “Why not ‘save summer’ by having June begin at the end of February?”

    The matter took on new meaning in April 1917, when President Woodrow Wilson declared war. Suddenly, energy conservation was of paramount importance, and several efforts were launched to enlist public support for changing the clocks. A group called the National Daylight Saving Convention distributed postcards showing Uncle Sam holding a garden hoe and rifle, turning back the hands of a huge pocket watch. Voters were asked to sign and mail to their congressman postcards that declared, “If I have more daylight, I can work longer for my country. We need every hour of light.” Manhattan’s borough president testified to Congress that the extra hour of light would be a boon to home gardening, and therefore increase the Allies’ food supply. Posters chided, “Uncle Sam, your enemies have been up and are at work in the extra hour of daylight—when will YOU wake up?”

    With public opinion in its favor, Congress officially declared that all clocks would be moved ahead one hour at 2:00 A.M. on March 31, 1918. (Canada adopted a similar policy later the same year.) Americans were encouraged to turn off their lights and go to bed earlier than they normally did—at around 8:00 P.M.

    Farmers Did NOT Favor DST

    Many Americans wrongly point to farmers as the driving force behind Daylight Saving Time. In fact, farmers were its strongest opponents and, as a group, stubbornly resisted the change from the beginning.

    When the war was over, the farmers and working-class people who had held their tongues began to speak out. They demanded an end to Daylight Saving Time, claiming that it benefited only office workers and the leisure class. The controversy put a spotlight on the growing gap between rural and urban dwellers. As a writer for the Literary Digest put it, “The farmer objects to doing his early chores in the dark merely so that his city brother, who is sound asleep at the time, may enjoy a daylight motor ride at eight in the evening.”

    The Daylight Saving Time experiment lasted only until 1920, when the law was repealed due to opposition from dairy farmers (cows don’t pay attention to clocks). No fewer than 28 bills to repeal Daylight Saving Time had been introduced to Congress, and the law was removed from the books. American had tolerated Daylight Saving Time for about seven months.

    DST Returns 

    The subject did not come up again until after the attack on Pearl Harbor, on December 7, 1941, and the United States was once again at war.

    During World War II, Daylight Saving Time was imposed once again (this time year-round) to save fuel. Clocks were set one hour ahead to save energy.

    After the war (which concluded with Japan’s final surrender on September 2, 1945), Daylight Saving Time started being used on and off in different states, beginning and ending on days of their choosing.

    Local Differences and Inconsistency

    Inconsistent adherence to time zones among the states created considerable confusion with interstate bus and train service. To remedy the situation, Congress passed the Uniform Time Act in 1966, establishing consistent use of Daylight Saving Time within the United States: Clocks were to be set ahead one hour on the last Sunday in April and one hour back on the last Sunday in October.

    That was the rule, but some state legislatures took exception via a loophole that had been built into the law. Residents of Hawaii and most of Arizona did not change their clocks. Residents of Indiana, which straddles the Eastern and Central time zones, were sharply divided on Daylight Saving Time: Some counties employed it, some did not.

    In 1986, the U.S. Congress approved a bill to increase the period of Daylight Saving Time, moving the start to the first Sunday in April. The goal was to conserve oil used for generating electricity—an estimated 300,000 barrels annually. Still, some resistance remained:

    • In 1997, a bill was introduced to end Daylight Saving Time in Nevada.
    • In 2001, the California legislature requested that its state be allowed to enact Daylight Saving Time year-round in order to eliminate rolling blackouts caused by the electricity crisis in that state.

    Neither of these proposed changes came to pass.

    Daylight Saving Time Today

    The current daylight saving period was established with the Energy Policy Act of 2005, which went into effect in 2007. As a result, most Americans now spring forward (turn clocks ahead and lose an hour) on the second Sunday in March (at 2:00 A.M.) and fall back (turn clocks back and gain an hour) on the first Sunday in November (at 2:00 A.M.).

    However, even today, farmers’ organizations lobby Congress against the practice, preferring early daylight to dry their fields and a Standard Time sunset for sending their work at a reasonable hour. Some farmers point out that the Daylight Saving Time is deceptively misnamed. “It is a gimmick that changes the relationship between ‘Sun’ time and ‘clock’ time but saves neither time nor daylight,” says Katherine Dutro, spokesperson for the Indiana Farm Bureau.

    Most of Canada is on Daylight Saving Time; only portions of Saskatchewan and small pockets of British Columbia remain on Standard Time year-round. However, the practice has its detractors. In the words of a current-day Canadian poultry producer, “The chickens do not adapt to the changed clock until several weeks have gone by, so the first week of April and the last week of October are very frustrating for us.” Similarly, one Canadian researcher likened an increase in traffic accidents to the onset of Daylight Saving Time. Other experts insist that the extra hour of daylight reduces crime. 

    Calculate your local sunrise and sunset times!

    Share your thoughts about DST below—and see readers’ comments from the past. As you can see, our Almanac readers are quite passionate about this topic!

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    Shortest day

    It’s Nov 5th and the sunsets in Northern California by 5, but I’m confused if this time will be the earliest that it will get dark or does it go even earlier than 5pm. Thanks

    earliest sunset

    The earliest sunset for the year will occur, for the northern latitudes, a week or two before the winter solstice. For latitudes around 40 degrees, such as Eureka, California, this takes place around December 5 through 8, at about 4:48 pm EST. On November 5 for the same area, sunset occurred at about 5:07 pm EST. (November 4 was at 6:08 pm EDT.) So, even after we change our clocks back an hour in November, the sun is still setting earlier as the days progress. The day with the least amount of daylight, however, is the winter solstice (December 21 this year, 2017), because even though at latitude 40 degrees, for example, the sun will be setting slightly later at that point, the sun is also rising later. To check your area’s sunset and sunrise times, as well as day length, for any day, you can go to: https://www.almanac.com/astronomy/rise

    Daylight Saving Time (not really saving anything)

    Love this line: “When told the reason for Daylight Saving time the old Indian said, 'Only the government would believe that you could cut a foot off the top of a blanket and sew it to the bottom of a blanket and have a longer blanket.' ” Set the time back to standard this time and then leave it alone already. When we go to DST and set the clock forward in the spring, we're not getting any extra daylight, people. The sun still shines the same number of hours every day regardless of what the clock says. What a stupid policy and I wish we would stop doing it. My vote goes to 'fall back' to standard (regular) time this weekend and then leave it.

    Daylight Saving Time

    My grandfather served in both WW1 & WW2 and he refused to change his clocks all his life because as he stated, "I could never get my chickens up any earlier to lay eggs!" Considering how many people are on welfare and food stamps these days I don't think you can get people up any earlier to go to work either.

    Daylight savings tunel

    some states and nations do not use DST because the time schedule interferes with the livestock's feed and grazing schedule; (Russia stopped DST);(rural Russia has many dairy farms) I thought DST was "to allow the school children1800's to work as "child crop laborers more time in the morning!!!;;


    Change DST by 1/2 hour. Now leave it there and one has the best of both standard and DST.

    Good Compromise

    This is the first time I have seen this solution. Brilliant! I hate the clock change.

    Big thanks to all the Navy

    Big thanks to all the Navy signalman (oh yeah, there's no more men in the military, quartermaster now) who have to get up at the butt-crack of dawn to raise the ship pennants. Sunrise and sunset, raise 'em and lower 'em. Raise the US flag at 8, but I'm sure that tradition will be found offensive and halted. Guess we need an "Everybody gets a trophy" flag to replace it.


    Ironic that we try to manipulate day/night "time". A clock doesn't change length of daylight or darkness, nor does it change the cycle of when the sun rises or sets. Changing the clock/time on the other hand makes us think so (and makes many crazy too!). Do away with DST or keep it all year, one or the other, but my vote is to do away with DST and go natural.


    I hate dst! Already dark and gloomy enough in the winter and it's like jet lag to me for a few weeks!


    From my understanding DTS gives us more light in the evening.... if we did not do DTS our evening hours would be cut short

    Daylight savings time;l

    Daylight savings time gives up more light in the evening; this begins in about April; we are in the regular time zone in the Autumn; I would prefer more Sunshine in the afternoon; I say; use Daylight Savings Time (push the clocks forward); all year long; Daylight savings is good; all year though; gee we get darker in the winter anyway; why push it ?!!! (maybe its so Commercial Holdiay Decorations like plastic Santa's can glow in the dark more(not)
    I hate plastic holiday decorations; they cause havoc to marine life; live Christmas Trees can be stored in garage and planted in the spring. AR/Conn.


    The whole idea of changing the clocks is stupid. The time is still going to be the same whether we change the clocks or not, the only reason people say we gain an hour or lose an hour is because of the clocks, but in reality the time never changes the day light does last longer or night time does come earlier and it would happen even if we didn't change the clocks. I think we should stop changing the clocks it's just ridiculous other states don't change there clocks and life goes on so the rest of the country should do the same.

    Daylight Savings Time takes

    Daylight Savings Time takes away an hour of daylight for me to get something done in the evening and that is the only time I have to get something done during the summer months. So whenever I have to do any kind of repairs or work I have to take a day off of work now. I am not in favor of daylight savings time. I am not in favor of changing the clocks if we need to get up early we should have enough discipline to get up early. However I cannot change the time that I have to go to work.


    Personally, we shouldn't have DST at all. Let everything go according to nature, to the circadian flow. Being retired & disabled, it doesn't really matter whether I'm up or going to bed, at the crack of dawn. As Ron mentioned earlier, during the day in the summer, our AC units have to work harder. I lived in Oklahoma, I have the electric bills to prove it.

    As Jane said on the 20th, it's nuts having to be on DST for 8 months out of the year, only to switch back for 4 months. Seriously, what IS the purpose of that??

    Since WW1, workers have taken on various hours at work, so not all work during the day. We have first shift, 2nd shift, 3rd shift and Graveyard shifts. While I enjoy the sunlight as much as the next person, and prefer to go to work and come home during daylight hours, it's a waste. Congress needs to dismantle this creature of time.

    Daylight Saving Time

    DST may be alright for some locations, but here in southern Florida, it does much more harm than good and is actually wasting energy. Lighting used to be a major consumer of power in the home, but that has not been true for years and is getting less so quickly thanks to LED bulbs. The main power eater in this area is air conditioning and DST makes its gluttony even worse. When most people leave the house in the morning they will turn the thermostat up a few degrees to save energy (a few degrees can make a significant difference). Then, when they return in the afternoon, they turn the thermostat back down. Because the sun is up for an extra hour, the AC unit has to run harder for that time and burns more electricity that is saved by having the lights on longer.

    daylight Saving time

    I understand your point. Living in a warm climate and setting clocks forward - runs the air longer. However living here in Nebraska where it's colder (today in fact started at 17 degrees!! I'll bet that's a record). I get up in the morning - set the thermostat down a few degrees so it doesn't run the heat all day when we are gone. Once we set the clocks back and it gets dark by 5:30/6:00 (ughh!) the heat has to be turned up earlier in the evening. More heat bills for the colder states on standard time when we turn clocks back. However the sweltering summers - yes running the air longer. I think it's a wash for us in the middle of the US. Personally I'd just like the extra hour of daylight in evening. I don't like turning the clocks back for 1 hour in the winter, coldest darkest part of the year. Dark at 5:30 is so depressing. I don't think there's going to be a solution everyone can agree on. Just do away with it. Time is time. The animals/plants don't keep time. haha.

    Daylight Saving Time

    Hi Laurie,

    As I said, DST may be OK in some areas, but not in the southern part of the Country. I also agree that it is depressing to have to get up in the dark, but DST only makes that worse.


    We should have DST all year. Great to come home from work and have extra light time to be outdoors. People who complain about DST must be morning people who do best early. For those of us who are not more light later in day is great!


    DST is miserable and I suffer for weeks after we switch to it. When working full time, the first month of dodging sleep deprived drivers & dealing with sleep deprived clients while being sleep deprived myself is terrible and now that it has been extended to 8 full months, it makes the standard time more difficult to become accustomed to as well.

    DST california

    Our bodies are designed with natural circadian rhythms. DST creates havoc with that for some, not all people. I am one of them. It really messes me up. Time is arbitrary, but our bodies are programmed to be on a consistent schedule. I think it’s crazy to live on one schefule for 8 months and then suddenly change it only to change again just 4 months later. I would love to get rid of DST. It no longer is needed for the readon was during wartime.There are also some health risks in some people including a higher occurrence of heart attacks on those days that throw the body out of sync.

    You are so right Jane

    You are so right Jane

    Daylight savings time

    My opinion is we should have more daylight time , because of the high crimes today , and because of the many drinkers who can’t see at nite , or even the school children that have to stand outside in the dark waiting on their school buses .. there r a lot of criminals out I. The dark . They should give us as much daylight as possible


    I despise daylight savings time. Always have. In the Spring it forces my day to start long before sunrise and in the evening it stays light too long for my body to be ready to sleep. It has always played havoc with my natural circadian rhythm.

    DST discontinued

    I think we have DST just so we ALL have sympathy for shift-changing workers!! Only WE have to endure the awful adjustment 2 times a year rather then every 4 days or so.

    I think we should make up our mind as a nation and either have the "ahead" all year or "behind" an hour all year! Nature (circadian rhythms included) don't care what a clock says. The only time in our lives when we can live "naturally" is when we retire!#!/! Hurray!

    Daylight savings time

    A side from the comments from Monster Man and the world ending, why did DLST begin on Thursday night rather than the usual Saturday night?
    I'm confused.

    Your Sunday Best

    Hi, Beth: Daylight Saving Time (DST) always starts at 2:00 a.m. on the second Sunday morning in March and ends right before 2:00 a.m. on the first Sunday in November, so I’m afraid that we don’t know to what Thursday you are referring–but thanks for asking!


    I don't like changing the clocks twice a year at all. By the time I'm used to the "Spring Forward" it's time to "Fall Back" again. We should do what the Amish do. They don't change their clocks at all. They have never used DST. Always followed Standard Time.


    Why don't all you cry babies stop whining, and stop trying to change something that as been around since man can remember.
    Does it really matter considering that stupid humans are using up all Earth's resources, and making more & more kids, we are over populated now. ARE YOU ALL TO STUPID TO SEE THE SIGNS OF THE WORLD IS ENDING.
    and don't get me started on the ignorance of the government. GOD IS COMING, ARE YOU READY?

    It's "too stupid" Stupid!

    It's "too stupid" Stupid!

    Worried about over

    Worried about over consumption of Earth's resources? Why not take one for the team and quit consuming? You know stop using your electronic devices, gas, food, water, and air.

    Sun vs. Moon

    Please get started on the ignorance of the government, I'm all ears! If we lobby the sun enough and give it a bunch of kick-backs, I'm sure we can get it to change to our liking. The moon will probably suffer though, there's always a catch.


    We in Hawaii don't adhere to the DST policy.

    Daylight Savings Time...

    I live in Arizona where we refuse to play the daylight savings time game. But we still suffer confusion because the other states do impose it. Let's get rid of this nonsense. Dano: What's this about 'little black cats'?

    Day Light Savings Time?

    in the night,little black cats come floating down,on little black parachutes.They come a creeping,playing their little black fiddles,outside your bedroom window,while you lie sleeping.Sleep deeply they play,sleep deeply they say,as we prepare you for another new day

    Old Farmer's Almanac and Daylight Saving Time

    I searched for the answer to whether the Almanac website automatically accounts for Daylight Saving time in its postings of sunrise and phases of the moon. Apparently it does, but it would be helpful if that were clearly stated. So, being now in April, with Daylight Saving Time (PDT in California), at "12:00" noon (pm) according to the Almanac, do we see the sun directly overhead or is it at the 11:00 am position in the sky? Also, does sunset begin when the edge of the sun first touches the horizon, or, is it when the center of the sun passes the horizon, or, is it when the top edge of the sun sinks below the horizon?

    Daylight Saving Time

    Up in North Dakota, we are at the end of Central Time, so just when we are getting light in the morning, we have to go back to darkness. I say we get rid of DLST and stay on Standard Time. Another idea would be to start Daylight Saving Time in May and end it in September. I think Daylight Savings Time only encourages people to sleep in more. It is true that it takes a while t get used to the new time, especially when we lose time in the Spring and end up with darkness in the morning. This whole idea needs to be addressed by President Trump. He should issue an executive order to get rid of it!!

    daylight savings time

    I agree. Its a waste of our efforts and there is no gain only loss. Think about all the children that have their schedules upset twice a year. It makes not sense.

    Daylight Saving Time

    !2:00 noon is when the sun is in the middle of the sky. Unless you can change that, there is no reason tamper with time. My metabolic clock never readjusts to losing sleep in the morning and does not want to shut down an hour earlier in the evening. Children are the same way. Plants are going to grow, utilities will be used, gas will be used, electricity will be used, water will be used, all at the same rate each day regardless of the changing of the clock. Tell us the truth...it wasn't for any energy saving was it...it was to control and manipulate the population, and laugh every time we had to change our clocks.

    Daylight Time

    The concept of Daylight Saving Time is idiotic and should be abolished. What it means is that, just when people are waking up to daylight instead of darkness, we move the clocks ahead and now we wake up in the dark for another month or two. It doesn't "save" any daylight -- the earth's rotation doesn't change when we move the clocks ahead. It still takes the same amount of fuel to heat my house, and the same amount of gasoline to drive my car to work. How can it save energy when it means I have to use electric lights when I wake up instead of daylight?

    Dumbest idea ever.

    Production during World War times

    It saved them from turning on the lights in the factories (for the times they wanted them in operation) that they used to build tanks, etc. It was beneficial during those times. I think the way our society has grown and changed over the years, and should re-evaluate the the use of DST.

    Daylight Saving --Sorry, typo correction:

    with health problems

    Daylight Saving

    Please let us get it repealed!! It has already been proven that has not had any benefits.
    It is problems for many people wheat and medication problems besides farmers and compaies. In Michigan it already extended the hated dark days of Winter. Really hate the non-sense it cases!

    Why not just move the clock

    Why not just move the clock ahead 1/2 hour and leave it there as the new "standard" time year round. You still get the later sunset in the summer but eliminate the shock effect of changing the time so early in the year.


    Brilliant idea, Danny! But would any Congressman (or Senator) understand and appreciate your fabulous idea? I think you should go to D.C. and sell it! I'm all for your solution!


    Only a fool would cut a foot off the end of a blanket, sew it on the other end and think there is a longer blanket...

    Re: DST

    Lots of fools that we've elected in the Senate and Congress, Don. They only work 3 days a week. Maybe they're home sewing on the other two "work days"? I'm sure they have lots and lots of blankets (and quilts) on their compensation. So, if we can't convince those idiots, we must live with DST??? I love your logic!

    Daylight Saving Time

    I really don't like Daylight Saving Time. I'm in Florida and feel that we don't save any money on electricity in the summer months. I wish we were on Standard Time all year.


    I also believe DST is antiquated. I wish Colorado would follow Arizona's lead and just leave it be.


    Spring the clocks forward and then leave them there year round. It is better for everyone and there is not a disruption any longer.


    Year-round DST doesn't work. We tried it in the winter of 1973-74 because of the "energy crisis", and it was a disaster. It was still dark at 8 a.m., kids were getting hit by cars while waiting for school buses or walking to school, and everybody simply hated it. Also, any energy that was saved by the extended daylight in the early evening was used during the darkness of the morning.


    Worst time of the year! I get up for work just after 3a.m, so I always lose even more precious sleep! !

    no i hate the day and the sun that long !!! or at all

    NOT FOR EVERYONE,SPEAK FOR YOURSELF,I HATE ALL THAT DAYLIGHT, AND SUN AND MORE HEAT UNTIL 9;30 PM !!!! i get so depressed and very angry,this time of year,i hate being hot,and my air having to run xtra hard and long all summer and summer last 4eveeer,it is not fair !!!! as it is we barely get any winter anyway,to cool off and enjoy the early dark months :'(

    Daylight Savings Time = Highway Robbery

    Giving up an hour and then having to wake up earlier for 8 months feels wrong. As though some one borrowed something very precious and didn’t return it and when they finally did give it back they say they will need it again in 4 months!? How is that supposed to make US feel? We are living in an age where starlight doesn’t matter because it doesn’t make anyone any money. Corporate America sells fear to manipulate and control the working poor. They have people so worried about thieves in the night that all they worry about is LIGHT! They don’t see that they we are all of US being robbed every morning of an hour of sleep and every night of spiritual starlight. I strongly suggest that if you want to save money so desperately, turn off all the street lamps and other unnecessary electrical lights/appliances so we can have starlight. CANCEL DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME so that we can get our much needed sleep without feeling highjacked each morning! Do away with light pollution and get our stars back.

    Antiquated Practice!

    Great article on the origins and implementation. DST is a ridiculous and antiquated concept. In our 24 hour society, it no longer makes any sense. "Time" to repeal this silliness. I am happy to be in Arizona where we get by just fine without it. The cows have it right!

    Too Early In the Year.....Good for Summer not Winter in Canada

    We have about 4 more weeks of Winter in Canada. We are just starting to getting up in the light each A.M. and now we are forced to get up in the dark once more for the next two to three weeks. It doesn't need to be so early. Mid-April would be early enough and better for us.
    Who do we see about changing this problem? No one knows who is in charge of this disgusting problem. Sometimes the face of government can't be reached and people develop more hatred of government when they have no accountability or ability to affect change. Have you noticed how many of your readers are unhappy with DST and have no ability to affect change? Again, who can make the change?


    We were the first ones on the bus didn't matter what time we were on it was always dark when we got on and we didn't care. Trust me we were not there saying we wish it was light out js. Lighter in the evening is what we wanted so we could play more and get things done. I vote to leave it on daylight saving time. .


    It already is getting light out earlier in the morning, and staying light out later in the early evening. And this would continue. I don't know why, they can't just leave the time the way it is. I don't like it being light outside in Summer until 9pm!- Not necessary, and young children don't want to go to bed, when the sun is still out,

    Daylight Saving time

    Why not do it tear round now or just stop, It drives me nuts! Anybody else?


    Everyone talks about how they dislike DST. It seems that the majority dislike it. One thing is for certain the days get longer and shorter regardless of what you set your clock to. You don't gain anything by changing the time on the clock. With that being said you should organize a writing campaign and get DST removed for good. Write to your government and tell them you want it to go away and there is no amount of research that can currently justify it. You either run the lights in the morning or you run them in the evening. Take your pick. There isn't a single reason to talk about if you are not going to do something about it.


    I think it's wonderful. More daylight in the evening is the best thing EVER! It seems to always be dark in the morning, so what matter does it make to switch back to the old Standard Time. It's a WIN-WIN for those of use who love the daylight and despise the dark. Please tell me how we can get it changed to DST 12 months of the year!


    It's the fact that we have to change time twice a year and disrupt our lives. I'm in favor of DST all year. I really disliked the sunset at 4 pm when I lived up north. Wasn't much fun for the deer either.

    Hate DST!

    I lived in Arizona for a while and not changing to DST was wonderful!

    Stop the Insanity

    There are so many things wrong with Daylight Saving Time that I could write a book on the subject, but here are some of the most horrendous problems it causes:

    It is supposed to save energy, but actually it wastes it. Several generations ago, lights were responsible for a significant percentage of the electrical demand for the average home; however, that has all changed. Now we have many different electrical devices in our homes and lighting accounts for only about 15% of our electrical use. As LED lighting becomes more affordable that figure should become almost insignificant. For many of us, the biggest electrical user in our home is air conditioning. Most of us turn the thermostat up when we leave the house in the morning, then bring it back down in the evening when we arrive home. Therefore, during Daylight Saving Time the AC unit runs hard for an hour longer in the evening, costing us much more than what we may have saved in lighting.

    Daylight Saving Time is terrible for wildlife. Many wild animals are most active in the hours just before dawn and spring time is mating season for most of them. So, now we are driving to work in the dark when the wildlife is most active and not paying attention because they have other things on their mind and they get hit by cars. There is always a large increase in road kill during the first month or two of Daylight Saving Time.

    I have saved the worst for last. Every year there is an average of nearly a dozen children in this county that are hit by cars while walking to school in the dark. No advantage that Daylight Saving Time could possibly offer is worth that.

    End daylight saving time

    This time change had its day in an agrarian society. It messes people up- people are late to work, accidents happen, productivity is slowed down because people's sleep patterns are messed up, same with kids. It's time to end DST. We should all write to President Trump and ask him (as well as our congress people) to end the nonsense.


    There is no longer a need for DST. How does it save energy when you're using energy in the morning and hr earlier than normal. Children are left standing waiting for the school buses in pitch dark spring and fall. Our biological clock doesn't coexist with the change either. It leaves people in a sleep deprived state, agitated,unable to work to full capacity. End it now!


    I really dislike DSL. It takes two weeks to for all of us to adjust - twice a year. The neighborhood school children will be getting on buses in the dark next week, again, just when it had started to be light in the morning for them! The animals are on EST so the only thing that changes is the clock. Time change is a drag on the body and the schedules! End this silly time practice!

    Dst should be done away with

    With a new age needs to come a new standard. I think we should remain on fast time. I enjoy the longer daylight in the evening and can get more accomplished, times have changed, lights stay on 24/7 in most places. Plus there is a proven drop in work production for over 2 weeks during this change of time either way.


    End it or leave it year round. It is just getting light enough in the am for kids at bus stops and the time goes forward next week. Makes no sense. Keep it and forget about these 2 yearly changes in our lives.


    I say make DST permanent. There are all sorts of reasons why an extra hour of daylight at the end of the day is a good thing. However, to avoid school bus accidents and kids getting injured or killed in dark early morning, simply start school an hour later.


    I absolutely love it when the time changes to DST. I like and need the extra hour of daylight in the evening and If I got my wish the govt. would change the time to DST year round.

    Daylight Saving time

    I'm with the cows. Changing the time on a clock does not affect my body clock. I hate it It hurts.

    Meet half way.

    Why don't they change the Daylight savings time once more from 1 hour to 1/2 hour.
    Meet in the middle and get rid of the time change completely.

    Meet Half Way

    Meeting half way, as suggested by Nancy sounds like the best idea yet. Just keep it there year round.

    Daylight Savings Time

    Please get rid of it! It wreaks havoc on everyone's circadian rhythm (taking weeks to get back in sync), it is extremely hard on parents of young children and it is so depressing to be in the dark at 4:00 in the afternoon.

    Standard Time Please

    Just stick with standard time would be my vote. Prefer the morning light and too many people are amped up in the summer anyway. I'll take the compromise of splitting the half hour though, just to be done with it.
    While we're at it, maybe we could take one day away from January and March and give them to February. January is too long and February is just silly. :)


    I'm with you! Drop DST ALTOGETHER AND LEAVE IT ON STANDARD. It is more natural!

    DST is outdated, get rid of it.

    Get rid of this going back and forth switch.. We need to be on the Spring forward time which gives the most hours of daylight possible in the evening.. besides don't they say people get depressed in the winter for lack of Sunlight? in NOV thru Feb when people go to work its dark then when getting off work at 5 its dark..
    Its almost as if the Government is intentionally trying to depress people.

    Day Light Savings

    Do away with it, there is no real need anymore to have it. At least put it back to April and October then. It stays lighter longer anyway in the spring and summer and I am sure their are a few states that don't observe it at all. It doesn't bother me that it gets dark at 5 in the winter, I like being home snuggled up anyway.


    I'm with you!

    i hate daylight until 9 or 9:30 pm !!!

    i agree with you,i LOVE dark at 5pm !!!! i am so depressed and mad with all that daytime in the summer and sun and more heat !!!!! uugghh

    Daylight Saving Time

    Pick one and stay there. The old "First People" guy was right. Cutting off the top of the blanket and adding to the bottom does not give you a longer blanket. Government thinking it knows best by kidding the people. Not..... Silly....

    DAylight Saving Time

    I absolutely love it - I go into a funk when November comes and it gets dark at 5:00 but those long, summer nights of DST are pure joy. I'm happy that it's a longer time now with DST than it used to be. We're on 8 months of DST and only 4 mts.of Standard Time. We're gravitating toward 12 months of DST.

    Daylight Saving Dilemma-QUESTION

    I know this is stupid, but years ago, when I subscribed to TVGuide (pre computer days) on the weeks that Daylight Saving Time began or stopped the TVGuide would have, at 2:00 am in the morning a regular layout. That is, on those days there would be 24 hours of programming. Excuse me, but wouldn't there be one week of 23 hours of programming and one week of 25 hours of programming due to the time change? I actually called my local TV station and asked them about it and they gave me a nice reply but it wasn't an answer. They simply explained the logistics of Daylight Saving Time to me, which I had already understood, it was the TVGuide that confused me. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

    DST and TV Guide

    As I recall, what TV Guide used to do was ignore the fact that the clock changes at 2:00 AM (when very few stations were operating anyway, back in the day) and start the time change with Sunday morning's listings. So, if we were on standard time, all of Saturday's listings would be in standard time and the listings for Sunday morning would be the first ones in DST. So there were no 23- or 25-hour days. Listings began with 5:00 AM or whatever time the stations signed on in the morning, and continued until sign-off, so the "wee hours" of Sunday were still regarded as Saturday night. That is how the TV Guide magazine used to do it; your local paper may have done something different.

    Daylight savings time

    I hate it. The government forces me to get us an hour earlier.

    Time change

    Winter is no fun in Chicago since we're so far East in the central time zone, the shortest day of the year means it's full on dark at 4:30 in the afternoon here

    Daylight savings time

    I hate time changes...I am feeding my horses in the dark half of the time....or trying to get them to adjust to the change. We live in a rural area an kids ride school buses long distances, leaving and are often getting on and off off buses in the dark.
    And, studies show people don't use vehicles, appliances, and heating like they did when originally enacted. It is not financially as effective today.

    Judith Davis-reply:

    I think it is now, as it has always been, a matter of convenience for the "business" person rather than the rural average Joe/Jane that DST was designed to help. The business worker, as a general rule works 9-5 so an afternoon with an extra hour of sunlight for gold is just dandy. The "laborer" or rural person is, if they have a job away from home (that is not a farmer, etc.) is on the job at 7:00 a.m. and working just as the business job holder is tapping the alarm clock. Do the math. I will say that now that I'm working the "business" hours it's a bit nicer for me, personally, however, a few years ago I was working more of a "rural" type job and it was always hard to adjust to getting up, being on the road for a solid hour driving in the dark just to get to the job at 6:30. I do see the sides of both arguments and have sympathies for both. What I'm wondering is when someone is going to split the difference by a half-hour and keep it that way year round.

    correction - typo

    Golf____golf not 'gold' here - (sorry) *extra hour of sunlight for gold is just dandy.*

    Daylight Savings Time

    Enough already congress! Split the difference by 1/2 hour and be done with it. It's just another unnecessary nuisance in life.


    I would like us to compromise on the half hour and leave it alone. It is hard for animals, kids and shift workers.

    daylight savings time

    The "spring forward" is so hard on people. It takes so longer to recover from that lost hour and then once again it is pitch black dark when I have to wake up. At least wait until April to change it & do it at 2am on a Saturday so Monday work is a little better. Better yet, just move it half an hour & then LEAVE IT ALONE!!

    Daylight Savings Time

    I am in favor of keeping Daylight Savings Tome year round.

    Let's have Year-Round DST and Expand it in Summer

    I live in the Chicago area.
    I'd like to see the sun go down later year-round.
    And It doesn't need to come up at 5am as it does in the summer. Moving that hour of sunlight to the evening would make summer more enjoyable.

    Daylight Saving Time

    Daylight Saving Time is the most ludicrous idea...just because the clock is reading 6am, by body will continue reminding me that is is actually 5am, in "real" time! It takes my body about 3 weeks to finally feel in sync with the clock. For me, it's one of the most dreaded times of the year.

    Daylight Saving Time

    D.S. T works well in the eastern end of time zones and lousy in the western end. In Michigan and Indiana more electricity is wasted in pre-dawn hours than is saved and School Children are left waiting in the dark for a bus to school.

    Move it 1/2 hour and never

    Move it 1/2 hour and never touch it again

    I do like DST and mostly

    I do like DST and mostly because I have SAD depression. Today the sun rose at 8:18am and will set at 6:25pm. Tomorrow, because DST will end, it will rise at 7:19am and set at 5:24pm. I like that hour of sunlight in the evening instead of in the morning; sunlight doesn't mean as much at 7:30am, but I like it to at least stick around to about 6:30pm instead of 5:30pm.


    It is an old out-of-date concept in this day and age! DST has way more negatives than positives! MOST people do not like the dark. It doesn't save time, make time or give time! Darkness is a negative for those, such as myself with SADS/depression; and for Seniors and children going to school. One wakes up in the dark and goes home in the dark – DO AWAY WITH IT!

    I've never understood the

    I've never understood the concept of Daylight Saving Time. Can't get away from the darkness no matter what you do. As said below, time is time.

    Personally- it does not

    Personally- it does not matter to me-but I know a lot of folks don't like it-for different reasons-many folks-some I know have a condition called SAD -Seasonal Affective Disorder -




    disagree I prefer "natural" time "just because". Only so many hours of daylight....God's design.

    Daylight saving is great if

    Daylight saving is great if you work the first shift. You have an extra hr. of daylight when you get home. As far as farm work I feed my cows before it gets dark. I hated regular time in the winter cause I only had 45 mins. when I got home to feed cows make sure all are ok, if not it's hard to spot a down cow in the woods cause woods get dark quicker than open pasture. I always checked the woods first. Now that I'm retired it doesn't make any difference in the time.

    When told the reason for

    When told the reason for daylight savings time the old Indian said "Only the government would believe that you could cut a foot off the top of a blanket, sew it to the bottom and have a longer blanket."

    daylight savings time


    Idiotic, the DST does not

    Idiotic, the DST does not save any, based on the research from top universities around the world found a very chilling results and government are idiot/crazy to adapt such a idiotic plan. The definition of sanity is doing the same thing over and over and then expecting a different results.

    I wish we would do away with

    I wish we would do away with Daylight Saving time. The holidays are often times of sadness for lots of adults, and when we change our clocks back one hour, it makes it dark at around 4:30pm in the East, so not only is the darkness, depressing, but the holiday "blues" dont help. Many of our elderly and young people become more depressed. So If we could only try not changing the time one year I bet there would be a lot less patients in the emergency rooms across the country, seeking help with depression.

    I have a difficult time

    I have a difficult time understanding why there is a Daylite "Saving" time. You can not save time. Time is time. Setting a clock ahead, or back, an hour does not really change time. It is a delousional thought that you have more time to spend outside if you move the clock ahead an hour in the Spring. When it is 9am in December it is nine am. When the clock says it is 9 am in the summer it is really 8 am, not 9am.

    I am sorry for the PUN but we

    I am sorry for the PUN but we are in the DARK AGES!
    It is totally rediculous to continue with this 'tradition'

    Let's take a lesson from the COWS.

    It is not as safe. Children are standing at the bus stops in the dark.
    All activities happen in the DARK after school.
    It does NOT save any energy. As a matter of fact, it is just the opposite.

    Please Please REPEAL this idiotic 'LAW'
    Let's all join ARIZONA!!!!

    I agree whole heartily with

    I agree whole heartily with you!

    Cows: Not only gastrically

    Cows: Not only gastrically superior to humans by 300%, but more wise than the above-average politician.


    I hate getting up and going

    I hate getting up and going to eat dinner when it is so dark outside. I like the light. I feel shut in. I like to take the dog for a walk after dinner when it isn't dark and colder. For health reasons besides he has to go out.
    It's too dark and too cold to take them both on their am walk when it is still dark out; only the hound goes out after dinner. This year who knows what weather we will be having; even the experts don't agree. I'm glad I retired.

    Entertaining comments, but

    Entertaining comments, but poor language in some. It would be good if people learned to spell "lose" for what they mean.
    Yes, safety issues with darkness, yes, health issues for some.

    It's always interesting to see who appears late or early for church on the Sunday of change. We enjoyed the twice yearly discussions at home when Dad tried to explain to Mother why we changed and that we didn't really lose that hour- it would come back in the fall.

    This particular year we are thankful for the extra hour Nov. 5th into 6th due to hard work Saturday.

    Dear Ben Franklin...I don't think we should talk so negatively about him.

    I hate DST ! Losing that hour

    I hate DST ! Losing that hour in the spring is an adjustment I can't make easily. It wasn't so bad when it was the last Sunday in April but it's totally ridiculous in March ! The extra hour is nice for summer, but I wish 'they' had the common sense to make it end of April and end of Oct. I'd even settle for ONE time, no changes !

    extended daylight

    you can thank G. W Bush for the change!

    I agree with the cows! DST is

    I agree with the cows! DST is The stupidest idea ever! Just pick a time schedule & stick with it! Ridiculous! Can all our comments please be passed on the Congress!?


    I would like it to stay the same year round. ST or DO, it doesn't matter to me. I just hate switching back and forth.

    Time Change

    Put it on ET and leave it alone. I hate the spring forward change. It takes me forever to adjust. I wish they would just do away with it.

    Split it

    I agree that it does NOT make sense to keep switching each Spring & Fall. How about splitting it 1/2 hour & calling it good all year - that should be an easy thing to accept for the ones that like it & the ones that don't!


    Quit changing the time. We do not change time in Arizona so we don't have to adjust 29 clocks twice a year and loose sleep a week after each change. SMART!!!!. However, we still have to deal with all of the other idiotic time changes across the US. I don't know of ANYONE that likes the time change!!!!



    Daylight savings time change


    End daylight savings time

    The war that started this was over in 1919 98 years ago. Cows, chickens, pig don't tell time. A farm functions on reality not congressional imposed fantasy. End DST now and forever, stop messing with the clock

    Daylight saving time

    In my opinion daylight saving time killed the drive in theater

    Were I live when school

    Were I live when school starts it starts to get dark for the school children and continues until day light savings ends in November. By the time it gets to November it is very dark. It seems that no one seems to care that our children have to go to school in the dark and have greater chances of being abducted or hit by a vehicle. As far as I am concerned we should stay on regular time.


    Am I confused? I thought regular time was what happened int the fall and DST was what happened in the spring. Personally I prefer regular time. I hate changing time. It messes me all up especially, with my sleep, as if people don't already have enough trouble sleeping.


    Hi, Amber: I think there is some misunderstanding, a bit of apples and oranges. DST is correct as an abbreviation meaning “Daylight Saving Time” but DST is not the correct abbreviation to use for a time zone.

    According to every website I

    According to every website I can see in my searches, (including this page we're blabbering on now,) Daylight Saving Time (DST) is the accepted term for the time change. Daylight Time (DT) and Standard Time (ST) are only used in conjunction with time zones, clarifying their abbreviations depending on the time of year.


    daylight saving time

    Question , what am I supposed to do with all this day light I have saved up? can some one answer me that ?
    the sun sets and comes up same time every day annually we revolve around the sun not the sun around us
    If the big whigs want to play a game of golf earlier just get up an hour earlier and play

    END Daylight savings time

    You do not gain a hour of sun. You just loose a hour of sleep! Come on Congress, you only make us fall back just so you can watch football???? Think about us and our next generation for ONCE!

    Daylight Savings Time

    Lets face it people, daylight savings time was totally invented for the rich, so they can golf an hour later in the evening. "Think about it America, the rich control everything even your own time!"


    Beside rich golfers in the US - DST was invented for working people to enjoy more daylight after finishing their job and to save energy - not sure where you are working - maybe have some golf lessons - after work?! In Europe DST 2016 started on 27.3., 03:00 (+1hrs)


    It should be DST all year round.

    I think should be shortened

    I hate the time change. I think the lengthened time from March to Nov is ridiculous (CST). We spend more of the year in the "new time" than the regular time zone. I think it should be shortened to May 1 to July 31 just so we don't have the sun coming up at 4 am during the longest days of the year. Plus then it wouldn't affect as many younger children going to school since they don't yet understand the time changes.

    I totally agree with Jenn and

    I totally agree with Jenn and I like her idea of starting May 1, that would be easy to remember and the time change wouldn't sneak up on anyone.

    When I was a kid

    April 30-October 29. It still sucked.

    It should be ended

    It causes stress on beople by disrupting their circadian rhythm. The first week automobile accidents increase as well as hearattacks. It does not save energy, and if a person wants more daylight, they should get up earlier on their own.


    I personally hate DLS. I have to wake up for school every morning at 5. now i basically have to wake up at 4. But the time of 4:00 has a mask on it saying its 5. for the rest of the year until March. It's a relief though when March comes by and changes, cuz then you get to sleep in an hour, even tho by that time your sleep pattern and 'internal' clock has changed. I would definately prefer standard time. The time changes are unneeded and annoying.

    Changing clocks is STUPID.

    Changing clocks is STUPID. The rest of the country needs to get in line with Arizona, parts of FL and IN and wherever else isn't foolish enough to be messing with time.

    extra time

    work on a marketing project

    daylight savings time

    Al Myren has said it the best with the blanket example!!!! Hilarious! THANK YOU!

    Time to stop all the springing forward and falling back, already

    I understand that this will come up for Oregon voters soon -- hopefully next year? Besides, what with daylight savings time lasting longer and longer, pretty soon it'll be the default, anyway :-)

    I suggest we leave the clock

    I suggest we leave the clock the way it is now.

    We have to use more energy because it gets dark earlier ,it effects people mentally ,
    Because it has been done every year doesn"t mean we have to continue.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Let"s get a movement going to not turn the clock back.
    Our hands are not tied.

    daylight savings

    Daylight savings time was actually a brilliant contribution from an ancient politcian. One cold winter, he came up with a plan to provide jobs for his constituents, to amuse them, and to "save energy" all at the same time. He put old women to work cutting off the last foot of every blanket of every one of his constituents. Then he put OTHER old women to work sewing the remainders BACK ON to the other end of the blanket, to make them longer and warmer. GENIUS!

    Kill DST

    Daylight Savings Time does not change the amount of daylight! For those who want more daylight in the evening, get up earlier and change your work hours. The switching of clocks is a nuisance at best, and is a significant problem for many business and systems. It is long past the time we should do away with this awful idea.

    Time change

    There is a time for every purpose under heaven, according to the Bible. Tonight it is time for the Royals to win game number 2 of the World Series. And it may also be time for Pete Rose to be taken off Fox TV. He adds nothing to the discussions

    Can't we please just leave it

    Can't we please just leave it one way or the other? Don't care which but prefer standard time as that is natural

    Keep it with nature

    I would prefer one time, not getting how you would save fuel, as before DST we start our lamps early in morning, when DST starts we start our lamps early in evening so consumption of energy is same, plus it looks awful when u see dark at 5 pm. So go along with nature as cows.

    Just wanted to do a little

    Just wanted to do a little public service!
    So this Sunday is when you
    reset your clocks one hour. And if you ever get confused, just remember
    this handy little saying: When you trip you fall forward, but when you
    are surprised, you spring back! That will help you always remember which
    way to move your clock.
    Hope this helps.

    The saying is, "Spring

    The saying is, "Spring forward, fall back." This time of year, (Fall, even in 2016) we set the clocks back by one hour.

    End this DST!

    People people people. You do NOT gain a extra hour. It is all in our heads. You can NOT tell the sun to set a extra hour. We are still in a 24 hour clock zone either way. Thanks to Halloween this time still stays till November 1. When we change it back its almost time to re-change it. I don't understand why we need to KEEP a time. Keep Regular TIME!

    Enjoy November 1; it's special!

    This coming Sunday, November 1, is that special day we get only once a year—a 25-hour day. Personally, I wish we had more such days because of the advantage of that extra hour, which we can use however we want: an extra hour of sleep, spending time with the family, catching up on undone chores, indulging in our favorite hobby or pastime, or anything else our hearts desire. Imagine how nice it would be if all days lasted 25 hours. Life would definitely be more enjoyable, even if only by a little bit.

    If we could just figure out how to nudge our trajectory around the sun into a slightly longer orbit, we might be able to do it. This would also solve the problems of global warming as it would also make the earth just a bit cooler than it now is. The North Pole icecap would refreeze, polar bears would once again regain their health and happy hunting, the sea would stop rising, glaciers would stop melting, hurricanes' strength would diminish, Santa Claus wouldn’t have to worry about his elves’ workshop being flooded--all this along with several other related benefits.

    As things are, however, we get only this one day, so enjoy that extra hour. You won't get another one like it again until this time next year.

    "If we could just figure out

    "If we could just figure out how to nudge our trajectory around the sun into a slightly longer orbit..." That would make the YEAR longer. To make a day last 25 hours you would have to slow down the ROTATION.

    Actually....both are RELATED.

    Actually....both are RELATED. While a "nudge" in our orbit wouldn't change the length of days, that longer YEAR would give us more DAYS. Changing only the rotation for longer DAYS would give us less DAYS and a shorter calendar YEAR.

    Why are we CAPITALIZING like this!? lol

    Either way, we're all going to live the same actual length of time, give or take a bit. All this time change stress certainly isn't helping that, however.

    DST Sucks

    I am so completely fed up with the stupidity of changing time! If the change would be 30 minutes BETWEEN the two times that are used and then NEVER CHANGED AGAIN!!!!! I could survive it.

    There is absolutely NO purpose for it anymore! Enough!


    I see both sides of the coin here. But in reality, our ancestors never worried about changing time. They were usually up and had half their day done when the sun rose and enjoyed bonfires in the evening to gather and rejoice. It is a mechanization of the government to impose its standard on the peoples free will and a way to keep us in line with their (the governments) desires.

    We need to evolve as a

    We need to evolve as a species and get off the greedy corporate structure tke Mayans knew the real time they had 13 months of the year , 2e are being lied to once again

    DLS.... not

    Lived in AZ the last 12 years. Love that they have opted out of dls. Wish we had raised our kids here. What a pain, especially the younger ones, switching back and forth. Now there's 8 months of DLS. What! So glad we're in AZ.


    Wake up, people!!! DST was NOT invented by Ben Franklin! I was created by the Illuminati so that they could hold their secret meetings under the cover of darkness in the winter months. They have everyone fooled! We must join together to stop this sinister organization from taking complete control over the minds of the population!


    Have any of you against DST ever had to walk or even wait in the dark as a child going to school. Stop complaining as to whether or not you have more or less daylight. Think of how it helps keep the children safe from predators in this day and age.
    For those of you who want to know you do not gain daylight at all. The change in the clock corresponds to the time the sun rises and sets. How can it set at 8 p.m. if the sun has already gone down at 6 p.m. in the winter. DST is beneficial for everyone and has been going on for the majority of your lives suck it up and keep moving forward.

    Sounds like a great reason to

    Sounds like a great reason to knock on some doors at your local school board, NOT make everyone else in the country fiddle with their clocks.

    Anyone who needs to get up earlier or stay up later, is free to do so without hurting anyone else on the planet. Most of us won't even know about your silly wakeup routine and won't care. No one will think less of you.

    As things stand now, however, those of us who can do basic math DO think less of anyone supporting this pointless scam.

    Daylight Savings Time

    DST is totally useless.What useful purpose does it serve? Absolutely none that I can think of.

    Daylight Savings Time

    Why can't we always stay on daylight savings time? That would give us more daylight year-round, not just in the summer. It is so dark and cold in the winter anyway, maybe an extra hour of daylight would help greatly. I highly support remaining on daylight savings time all year long.

    Put it halfway in the middle

    Put it halfway in the middle and leave it alone...forever.

    DST vs Global warming

    It's a fact the days are longer in the summer and shorter in the winter. However animals can't tell time so altering human movement to accommodate the notion that DST is necessary, has anyone taken into account of how it effects global warming? Maybe God does know what His creation needs better than humans. I propose simply shorten the work day by one hour and park the car. Hmmm!?

    Daylight Savings Time

    Well how turning the clocks back is saving energy is a lie...In the morning all the lights are on, at the end of the day all the lights are on and the heat....this depresses people coming home in the dark.Your children aren't playing outside... you donot feel like shopping going into the dark cold winter night. this isn't good for people who need light in their days. It actually slows down the economy...You sit in your house and eat more, get less exercise and shop less. Plus it depresses people....
    Stop changing Mother Nature, we donot live inBenjamin Franklins ERA any more!!!!


    Pull up your big girl panties & deal with it !!!


    The days are so short when the time changes that I doubt there is any benefit in changing it. Perhaps a compromise is in order. Why don't we move the clocks back thirty minutes and then just leave them that way.

    Daylite saving time

    Add a survey then send the results to your Representative.

    1, one final change to 12 months of DST or ST
    2, 30 min. change, then no future changes (permanent)
    3, leave the one hour DST and ST change system as is

    I"ll start with one vote for #2

    End daylight savings time!

    So they care about kids getting candy more then kids going to school in the dark! STUPUD.


    I wish they would just leave it alone. It messes with my sleep. Fall back and leave it that way!!

    Whoever thinks that you gain

    Whoever thinks that you gain more time one way or the other is just fooling themselves. Fall back, and then LEAVE IT THE HECK ALONE!!! If you want more time to do things outside, then plan accordingly. For me personally, I do not function well on DST. My body is completely out of sync until we revert back to standard time. I say get rid of it.

    Pick one

    I don't care if they use standard time or daylight savings time, just pick one! I have sleep issues and it doesn't matter if we spring forward or fall back, it still takes weeks for me to adjust. Studies have shown the increase in accidents and loss of work productivity from the time changes. It is time to stop the time changes.


    I really don't see too much of the point in today's time. Instead of getting rid of it altogether, for those who like it, why not just change it by 30 minutes and leave it the heck alone? There are some states who don't do it anyway.

    Hate the time change but prefer the summer hours...

    I hate changing the time but I would never want to keep it at standard time. I would much prefer to have daylight hours later in the day so my kids can actually do things while I'm making dinner such as walk the dog, ride their bikes or any kind of outdoor activity.

    I say we spring ahead and never fall back. ;)

    Daylight Savings Time

    I would like it very much if we simply left the clocks alone. People's work hours and days have changed so much since this idea took hold. It's silly now, a bit annoying to go out of sync with other places twice a year.

    Get rid of it permanently!

    I abhor the time change and see it as nothing more than a nuisance. It's not necessary in modern times, and it is a a huge headache. If anyone is like me, it takes weeks to readjust to the leap forward. We don't need it, just get rid of it.


    I have thought for a long time a good comformise on DST or not is to set it half way between the two and leave it there permanently. Time is arbitrary anyway and it would make everyone a little more pleased than continuing to change it. In the summer we would still have 30 minutes extra daylight in the evenings compared to standard time. In winter it would be daylight only 30 minutes later than current standard time and would get dark 30 minutes later. It will never happen but if we think outside the box just a little this could work well.

    I think that those of you

    I think that those of you suggesting this compromise seem to miss the global picture. Phone calls, flight plans, business transactions and anything dealing with the world outside our borders, all needing to be offset by X hours plus ("Or is it minus? I can never remember!") a newly added 30 minutes.

    There are already little countries, (most of them that I've noticed are sea-bound,) with time zones that are offset by partial hours due to alignment between standard zones. They're already used to it, however, and only set it up that way to avoid using two time zones in a small area. For a land mass the size of the United States, or any of its silly friends who do this, to be offset from the world by half an hour would be a bigger, more expensive hassle than the way things are now, with sorting time zones.

    The box is bigger than most people reckon. Just kill DT. Kill it with fire. If you need to get up at a different time, you can change your alarm. You can be uncomfortable and distracted for days or weeks. You can take on the health risks for things you need to do during the day, rather than place those risks on millions of other people. The tail should not wag the dog.

    I like where our clocks are

    I like where our clocks are set at with Daylight Savings Time. How about we leave it right where it is and quit messing with it? We don't have to change it back. At least two states (and part of at least one other) do not change, at all, ever, and they do just fine.

    I don't like having it get dark at 4:30 in the afternoon when it goes back to Standard time. I'd rather have the daylight toward the end of the day rather than the beginning.

    Or, if you don't like that idea, here's another one; move the clocks 1/2 hour one time and call it "Adjusted Time" and then LEAVE IT ALONE, forever.

    Cows still don't pay

    Cows still don't pay attention to our clocks. Regardless of what time the clock says, the farmers have to adjust to the cows. Human bodies don't pay attention to our clocks, yet we "adjust" twice a year to a number on a clock. I used to live in Arizona and it was easy living because we weren't focused on what the clock read. In all the other states, all living things - babies, hospitals, pets have to adjust to sleep patterns twice a year. If the clocks don't change, the stress level would go down. I stand with letting nature alone. I don't like going against the natural order of Mother Nature.

    daylight savings time

    I have night blindness so I really appreciate daylight savings time. It allows me more time to do things I enjoy and still get home by dark.

    I Despise DST

    I despise DST. Any benefits were debatable 80 years ago, but certainly today in the modern world, there is no question, that there is NO benefit to DST, and many, many, many drawbacks. But if we must have DST, then it should be year round. Changing the clocks twice a year has been proven to lead to increased accidents, increased deaths, no energy savings, no benefit at all. Whatever time we pick, we should stay on that time permanently.

    Sleep sleep sleep

    When daylight savings time begins it takes me months to adjust and there are many many mornings that I am just "OFF". You wouldn't think one hour can make such a difference in a day but it truly does and it's very bothersome to me personally. Every day for at least two months I wake up tired and that is a horrible feeling....

    Ummm....I really am

    Ummm....I really am indifferent on the issue, but to those who complain about losing daylight have been mistooken...the sun shines the same amount of time weather you wake up at 5 or 6. So, utilize your time and just wake up earlier. Lazy fat kids has way less to do with dst and more to do with lazy parents.

    Fall Back Nov. 1st. 2015

    I really wish they would not put the clocks back. I leave to work in the dark and i enjoy the drive home in the daylight. When they set the clocks back on Nov.1st. I will be coming home in the dark...and i HATE it....please lets not set them back this year.:-) then we dont have to spring ahead in spring. Pleaseeeeee hear me.

    Please! Keep it year round!!

    Please! Keep it year round!!!!

    Please! Keep it year round!!

    Please! Keep it year round!!!!

    Conversely, validating that,

    Conversely, validating that, #TimeIsIRRELEVANT! Therefore, the system, merely, represents the homo-sapiens attempt to numerically chronicle passages of the cycle of the universe's milky way galaxy synchronized rotation as to allow for its own history. Therefore, neither, yea nor nay in response to, do I like Daylight Savings Time, doesn't matter, need to keep up with time just as my fellow homo-sapiens. #JustMyOpinion

    There's a slight ERROR on

    There's a slight ERROR on this page:

    Daylight Saving Time 2015 ends on Sunday, November 1 at 2 A.M.

    Before going to bed on Saturday, November 1, remember to "fall back" by setting your clocks back one hour

    Thank you, zoo keeper! We

    Thank you, zoo keeper! We made the correction to this Daylight Saving Time page.

    Real time during the year

    During DST is the spring ahead time the correct time or the fall back time correct?

    I agree with this thought on

    I agree with this thought on daylight savings time.

    “Only the white man’s government would be so stupid as to cut a foot off the top of a blanket, sew it onto the bottom, and think they have a longer blanket.”

    I say stop.

    Your a special kind of stupid

    Your a special kind of stupid aren't you?
    Who turns something like time change into a race issue. Dumbass!

    It's not a race issue, Mike.

    It's not a race issue, Mike. The blanket notion came from the idea of native Americans pointing out that the US government and its agents, at the time exclusively Caucasian and thus called collectively "The white man," would take something from you, then give it back and claim you were better off than you started, to their own credit. They do the same thing to every one of us every year this time change nonsense continues.

    Next up: When insulting another person's intelligence, at least choose your words carefully and use proper grammar – dumbass.

    My grampaw always lived by

    My grampaw always lived by the sun in the hills of ky. Right now when the sun is setting at noon it is between 2.45 an 3. Before rhos crap come 4pm. Work was done an by 6 it. Was almost dark. Id rather live by the sun proven that people that does actually lives longer

    This needs to stop. Can't

    This needs to stop. Can't Congress see our kids going to school in the dark? What do they care? Just for a extra hour of sunlight? Yeah you get that. BUT you also get extra electricity bill because your AC will be on more than it should on regular time. We need to stop this STUFF. I agree. Change the clock 30 minuets back and LEAVE IT ALONE!!!!

    I have been saying this for

    I have been saying this for years.1 half hour,and leave it alone. Especially for the children sake.

    There is a very simple fix to

    There is a very simple fix to this daylight savings problem. Congress should mandate all clocks in the country shall change one half hour at midnight December 31st. Then leave the damn clocks alone from that date on.

    November 1, 2015, falls on

    November 1, 2015, falls on Sunday, not Saturday.

    The writer states to change

    The writer states to change your clocks before "going to bed" on Saturday, not that the time actually changes on Saturday. I'm assuming the writer thinks everyone probably goes to bed prior to midnight, which would be Saturday, in this case.

    Time does not change until

    Time does not change until early morning sunday NOT saturday, which is why they say change your clocks before going to bed.

    I only liked DST when I

    I only liked DST when I gained an extra hour of sleep. Just saying.

    Technically Speaking

    You aren't gaining anything. You are being given back the hour that was stolen from you in march.

    Just one more reason for the

    Just one more reason for the fat gain by our children. They barely get enough exercise now, so lets take away an hour of daylight they can play in and just watch those extra pounds roll on....... We need some more obese children, oh yah, adults too.

    I think you are confusing

    I think you are confusing lack of daylight with lack of exercise and proper diet as the cause of fat people. Just forget about all the greasy, sugary crap that they stuff their faces with while binge watching Netflix. Don't forget that 2 blocks is too far for most people to walk to get anything from the corner store.

    If daylight savings start n

    If daylight savings start n march then why do everyone think it starts n november when that's actually the end date?

    I like DST ...as you get more

    I like DST ...as you get more sunshine after working hours...i wish they kept it thru winter. A lot of people get mild to moderatle de pression from fewer light hours in winter. Life is not so hard to change a clock. twicw a year now.

    it can only work when the

    it can only work when the northern hemisphere is closest to the sun. If it stayed the same year round our sunlight would be early in the morning before anybody was out of bed.

    If you want to go by sun

    If you want to go by sun time, then eliminate time zones which do not follow the sun. That would mean that correct time would change whenever you moved to a new place other than true north or south of where you started. But you would still change time in respect to day or night which changes whenever you travel north or south. You would also have the seasons changing as you went north or south. I think I will keep the present system.

    There is no different season

    There is no different season for north south east west. An far as time zones r u eduacated. Any were in the us when the sun sets directlt above ur head it is noon apparently uv growed up with modern civilization which i grew up living with lat 1800 early 1900. North south east west different seasons my god man no matter were u r. Fall will arrive all over watcj the trees animals grass insects or ur not from a place u have to know it to survive

    The question is are YOU educates

    If you travel from New York City to Sydney Australia in December you will go from winter to summer. From freezing temperatures to upper 90s and maybe even 100s. You obviously have no clue how seasons and hemispheres work. Go back to school and leave the conversation to tje adults.

    Standard or DS time, the

    Standard or DS time, the system we use of 24 hours of equal length is from Babylon and nothing good ever came from Babylon...

    The Jewish system divided the day by the position of the sun, hence mid-day always being when the sun is overhead and midnight halfway through the night. Sunset began the day and ended it. This is the pattern of nature, and of God, if you will...

    Such a pattern, implemented today would give shortened hours during the winter, and longer hours during the summer, with daytime and nighttime hours most nearly equal at the equinoxes, but work times proportional to the days length, year round. The effect would be to have longer work days in the summer and shorter in the winter; this is cow-time...

    With modern electronics, clocks could be made to accurately make the constant changes, or eliminated in favor of the sun-dial... For scientific purposes the ideal second could be retained for precision measurement, but that kind of precision doesn't really fit our life rhythms; that's why we are so screwed up, forced into cycles that are unnatural, Babylonian.

    I expect that near 100% will object to the implementation of this system, but it is essentially the system we will all revert to, if ever the SHTF.

    I understand and appreciate

    I understand and appreciate all of the arguments against DST, but I like it. I can't sleep well after sun rise, and though retired now, I used to enjoy the extra daylight after work to get outside. For those people with 9to5 jobs, extra daylight after work for outside sports activities is a big deal.

    Back in the 70's, Richard Nixon kept the nation, as I remember, on DST all year. The main complaint was that children were forced to wait for the morning bus in the dark, which was believed to be not as safe. We went back to ST during the winter.

    NO, I don't like DST. An

    NO, I don't like DST. An unnecessary inconvenience.

    Since daylight saving time is

    Since daylight saving time is roughly 7 to 8 months long, hasn't it become the new "standard" time? And why aren't the start and stop times equi-distant from the solstice? We change the clocks 6 to 7 weeks before the winter solstice but don't change them back until 10 to 11 weeks after the winter solstice. Maybe we should just split the difference by changing the clocks a half hour and be done with it.

    I think it's useless. It does

    I think it's useless. It does not change the amount of daylight or dark.

    I agree with most of the

    I agree with most of the comments I've read. I think we really need to stop messing with our internal clocks. It's kinda like having jet lag when traveling across time zones. It takes a few weeks to get adjusted to the new time ESP when the time springs forward. Let's just keep the time alone on Standard Time. It is easier to adjust your schedule according to the amount of sunlight than it is to change our clocks. Businesses could adjust their hours too. I have visited Arizona in the Summertime and it did seem strange how early the sun came up and how early the sun went down. But if they can do it so can we. Think we would all be better for it.

    So i was curious if anyone

    So i was curious if anyone knew if day light savings time actually feel on the full moon' or the equinox …originally. and for convenience we changed it

    What happened to stopping DST

    What happened to stopping DST ...I thought there was talk of doing away with it?

    I think DST is silly and

    I think DST is silly and outdated - compare with Volunteer Fire Department sirens - just annoying -- everyone needs to let go of this outdated technology and move into the computer age !

    We don't do DST in South

    We don't do DST in South Korea and it seems much more civilized. Stay with natural cycles. Although, the time zones are very arbitrary!

    One additional thing to

    One additional thing to remember: Change the batteries in your smoke detectors when you change your clocks.

    I wish DST was shorter like

    I wish DST was shorter like it was a few years ago. Mexico changed last Sunday Oct 28. I wonder what it is like to live near Arizona but have to travel there regularly for work.

    I do not like DST and never

    I do not like DST and never have. It's just one more example of government intrusion where it is not needed. I like the analogy of the blanket by Mr. Myren above.



    " It's not nice to fool

    " It's not nice to fool Mother Nature "

    Do away w/DST - the cows

    Do away w/DST - the cows won't mind and the dairymen would enjoy the early daylight. Kids would be safer going to school w/daylight and megabucks would be saved in manhours resetting clocks twice a year - not only household clocks but municipal (town) clocks. Electriciity would be saved by earlier daylight in the morning hours. Bottom line DLS is outdated.

    I could not agree with you

    I could not agree with you more, DST is such a waste of time. Why can't we just leave the clocks alone?

    That's all you know about it.

    That's all you know about it. Cows most definately mind. You ever had a dairy or had milk cows?? I have and oh yes believe me they do mind. Very much. DLS cause health issues and stress all for a few to pretend they are not getting up early all for a big fat lie.

    I use the extra hour to set

    I use the extra hour to set the 10 clocks in my home. Then in the Spring, I try to figure out where am I going to find the TIME to re-set them, and by the time I accomplish that, it's time to re-re-set them. Results?: 10 clocks, all out of sync.

    I sure like the "longer"

    I sure like the "longer" evening in the summer. Why would I want it to get light at 4:30 am in the summer?

    Extra Hour? Change your work

    Extra Hour?
    Change your work times, go in an hour earlier. Imagine the howling if all employers told their employees to show up an hour earlier. As for the wedding, way to go, give the drunks an extra hour to get drunker before hitting the road.

    She said an extra hour ... IN

    She said an extra hour ... IN THE EVENING.

    Here in Puerto Rico, we don't

    Here in Puerto Rico, we don't observe Daylight Savings Time, but it is a real pain for me that you all do. Because I work in radio, and we receive lots of satellite programming from partners in the States, we have to adjust our clocks to suit yours twice per year. This means we have to stay up till 2 a.m. (our time) to watch while the clocks change and then monitor the rest of the night to be sure everything recorded properly. And since what is out of sight is out of mind, every year there is a scramble to find out which way your clocks are moving - and when! Many times we have messed it up and then have the wrong programs on the next day. :(

    Spring Forward Fall Back

    Spring Forward

    Fall Back

    Just do the changing before

    Just do the changing before retiring for the night lol. You do NOT have to sit up & wait.

    I really dislike Daylight

    I really dislike Daylight Savings Time. My 10 year old is going to school before daylight - not to mention the children that are waiting for a school bus at the side of the road in the dark. I prefer good old Standard Time. I particularly hate to "Spring Ahead"!

    I like it because the kids

    I like it because the kids won't have to go to school in the dark now!

    But they have to come home in

    But they have to come home in the dark.


    My grandchild gets home at 3:30pm it's still daylight.

    Yeah, right!

    Yeah, right. They just have to come home in the dark now! It's simply a manipulation of the clock. I don't like Daylight Saving time, but I think it should be either all the time or none of the time. I don't really care which but I, like a lot of people, am very sensitive to sunlight.

    only a fool would believe

    only a fool would believe ,that you can cut a foot off the top of a blanket,and sew it on the bottom, and have a longer blanket!

    Well duh.....all you have to

    Well duh.....all you have to do is turn the blanket around. That will put the foot on the top down on the bottom, right?



    Exactly. Silly as can be.

    Exactly. Silly as can be.

    YES! This is the BEST

    YES! This is the BEST argument against DST I have ever heard. Most of these comments are anti DST - so why do we still have it? As with so many things, the majority does NOT have the winning vote in this world!

    It's not a big change, but

    It's not a big change, but nor is it foolish. You aren't extending the hours in the day, you're "rigging" the clock to adjust to the seasonal difference of daylight so that the majority are acclimated to the sunlight for as long as possible.

    How silly people can be. I

    How silly people can be. I agree!!!

    Saving time

    Here i agree - you do not get an extra hour simply by moving a clock hand ahead ! how about rising with the sun and going to bed when it goes down ? why not change the time when you go to work ? get up an hour earlier and stop confusing the cows.

    An extra hour! I'm attending

    An extra hour! I'm attending a wedding this weekend--good thing the groom remembered that all the guests would get an extra hour--great timing for us!

    I'm amazed so many folks are

    I'm amazed so many folks are indifferent to more/less daylight; expected the majority would favor the most daylight they could get.

    Personally, due to sensitive eyes, the longer it stays dark the better it is for me.

    There is a way to make either one a standard; however this means writing to your congress 'person' and it seems that's too much trouble for most these days.

    Babs, you must have failed

    Babs, you must have failed math...it's not a question of more vs. less, it's a question of when the daylight occurs. Please, you have a brain (I think), use it...

    I can understand why most

    I can understand why most prefer to leave time alone...but I enjoy Daylight Saving Time because by the time my husband and I get home from work there is still time left in the day for us to accomplish things out of doors; it adds more hours to my day I feel.

    I would prefer the clocks not

    I would prefer the clocks not be changed.
    leave on STANDARD TIME! Which is the natural process of the sun rising and setting. If should be standard across the country. Is there a way to make it standard?



    Daylight Savings Time

    I doubt seriously that God cares whether we have daylight savings time or not. Nobody is playing a game with god. It is simply better for some people and others don't like it. Each to their own.

    As a Christian, go eff

    As a Christian, go eff yourself. What a DOLT!

    Gail, not a very Christian

    Gail, not a very Christian thing to tell someone to go eff themselves, is it now? You must not be a Christian yourself, but I won't suggest something as disgusting as you do...you seem to be the dolt here...

    Do you really need to shout?

    Do you really need to shout? What does this silly practice have to do with God anyway? Crawl back in your hole...

    daylight savings

    i agree it would be great to leave the clocks alone but i don't think God really cares about us moving our clocks back and forth but i do!!!

    daylight savings time

    many of us much prefer to keep daylight savings time.

    Agreed. Especially on the

    Agreed. Especially on the east coast where sunrise is so early even in winter.

    It's always been my thoughts

    It's always been my thoughts too in regards to DST...