When Is the Start of Passover 2018?

Passover 2018 Dates, History, Meaning


In 2018, Passover begins at sundown on Monday, April 10. See Passover dates, a short history—plus, we share a couple of Passover recipes!

What is Passover?

The holiday of Pesach, or Passover, is an annual weeklong festival commemorating the emancipation of Jewish peoples from slavery (in ancient Egypt). The Hebrew name, “Pesach,” means “to passover” because the plague in Egypt that killed all firstborns passed over the Israelites’ homes, sparing the lives of their children.

Passover Dates

Passover is a springtime festival. The annual dates are based on the Hebrew calendar, from the 15th day of the Hebrew month of Nissan though the 22nd day.

Passover begins in the evening at sundown prior to the first full day of the festival.

Year Passover Begins (at sundown)
2017 Monday, April 10
2018 Friday, March 30
2019 Friday, April 19

Celebrating Passover

In many Reform Jewish communities, Passover is celebrated for seven days, not eight. In more traditional Jewish communities—including both Orthodox and Conservative communities—Passover is celebrated for eight days.

Family and friends gather together after nightfall on the first and second nights of the holiday for the high point of the festival observance, the Seder.

During the Seder, which means “order” in Hebrew, the experience of the Exodus is told in story, song, prayer, and the tasting of symbolic foods.

Perhaps the most well-known of these foods is the matzoh (flat, crackerlike unleavened bread), which is a reminder of the haste with which the slaves left Egypt because they did not even have time for the bread to rise.

Passover Recipes

If you’re cooking for Passover, or just wish to try something new, a classic dinner dish is beef brisket.


Instead of the traditional gefilte fish first course, try this creamy (but dairy-free) fish dish for Passover.

We also love this matzo soup made with tomatoes.

Note: For the duration of the 8 (or 7 days in Israel) of Passover, chametz (leaven) is avoided.

If you do celebrate Passover, please share your traditions below!


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Passover / Easter

Very sad that the 'Christians' have separated Easter from Passover

The Passover by the word in Genesis, moon, and almanac.

In the book of Genesis the word of Elohim says let this too be a sign, signs in the heaven(moon) new moon, study further,and even the almanac etc.ask and it shall be given,seek and we shall find, knock and it shall be open, our answer is there, HE has spoken, be bless, stay blessed.Let's stay United in LOVE, for HE is LOVE, we are to be one in HIM, Sabbath Shalom,Happy Pesach.

some Christians celabrate the Passover too

as a Primitive Christian I have kept the Passover. Jesus kept the Passover and his last supper was a Passover where He gave His followers new symbols for the Passover. Basically I have kept it with the church; unleavened bread and wine one night, and a meal the second night. I make my own unleavened bread all week long. It's great to see a website that allows people to share their faith.


I am not Jewish. But I am always very interested in traditions of other religions and spiritual practices. Especially, the Three Biggies: Judaism, Christianity (that's me), and Islam. I always read the recipes, and have learned to appreciate some of the dietary taboos of Judaism, that were always in the background of Sunday School teachings. This is a great article for the Old Farmer's Almanac to present.


I must admit I am very shocked to read all the anti-semitic/anti-jewish comments in this list.

The article, above, ends with "If you do celebrate Passover, please share your traditions below!" That's what I was expecting when I started reading the comments. (I didn't count, but) at least 90% of the comments were religious, beliefs, etc. in nature. Not one of the comments (and I read into 2014's comments) talked about foods or traditions of Passover.

Well ... I will!

My grandmother used to make Passover Popovers. Every year, we'd have those popovers during the week. Then my mom began making them. When I moved out to Boston, from the LA area, I began making them. They are such a big hit. It's very easy to make them:
1 cup water
1 cup Matzo Meal
1/4 cup oil
4 eggs
1/2 tsp salt
Bring water, salt and oil to a boil. Remove from heat. Add Matzo Meal, all at once and stir til well incorporated and becomes a "ball". Add eggs, one at a time, stirring thoroughly after each egg. Stir to blend eggs and to make sure lots of air is stirred into the batter.

Fill well oiled muffin cups 1/2 to 3/4 full. Bake for 20 minutes at 450F. Turn down heat to 350 for 40 minutes. Remove from oven and enjoy (wait a couple minutes until cooling down.


Hate Mail Notwithstanding!

I am sorry you have been exposed, as a group, to some very unpleasant commentary from unevolved people. I enjoyed your recipe and comment. Maybe I will get the courage to try your Grandmother's Pasech. Its the "stirring in the air" bit that has me shaking in my boots! Thank you for posting it! May you and your family have a truly blessed Passover, this year. It seems so very stressful for many of us.

Passover April 3rd. 2017 at sunset

Why does all the calendars say Passover is on the 10th? If the spring equinox was March 20th which started at the19th, at sunset to 20th, at sunset, and count 15 days you get April 3rd, not April 10th. Wow Happy Passover..

Passover date

As I understand it, Passover is usually calculated as beginning on the 14th day of Nisan at dusk (or Nisan 15 for first full day). This usually corresponds to the time of a full Moon, the month of Nisan starting at the first appearance of a new crescent Moon. Passover was intended to be a spring festival, so an extra month is sometimes added to the calendar year to keep it on track. Putting this all together: For 2017, the vernal equinox was on March 20 (6:29 am EDT), Gregorian calendar date. The next new Moon was on March 27. Nisan 1 was on March 28 (one can not see the crescent the day of the new Moon; the start of each month is now usually based on calculation of the likely time rather than on actual sight). Nisan 14, Passover, starts on April 10 at dusk. The next full Moon after the equinox will be on April 11. Hope this helps!


Very much enjoyed reading all the diversity of thoughts represented here. I am surprised the need to be so correct about the day, when most churches don't keep the Saturday Sabbath as Hebrews do. But the spiritual need to remember and celebrate these time honored traditions is a great thing!

When the day starts.

It has been brought to my attention that the day starts at sundown on the night before.

So Passover actually started on April 9th at sundown.

Just like the sabbath starts on Friday at sundown.


My grandfather would hide pieces of matzo for us kids to hunt for money rewards...

how we celebrate feast of passover

My church in Nigeria here, we are generally called sabbath-observers that wear white garment. There are diverse denominations, in my own denominations that day of the passover night we all leave our different states and countries and gather at the headquarter, where there is the killing of the passover ram, grilled with none of its bones broken, there is breaking of bread and taking of sanctuary wine. We celebrate it commemorating the salvation from slavery of sin which started from Egypt and was fulfilled by the death of Christ. We eat the meat believing we are eating the flesh of Christ the passover lamb and the wine connotes the shed blood of Christ; just as during the last supper. There is also washing of feet to signify Christ washing his disciples feet, to indicate our continuous solemn re-initiation to be part of that rock CHRIST and belong to only Him. We continuously reside at the headquarters worshipping from morning to dawn for the whole passover night and 7 days feast of unleavened bread celebration. During the 8 days we don't eat anything that has yeast in it, holiness is practiced (no sexual intercourse, women in their menses are not allowed to attend, women who newly gave birth and have not finished their days of purification are not allowed to attend). There is also learning of the word and extensive prayer sessions reminding GOD of the promises of deut 6:4-9, dev 11:13- 23 and that HE should pour His blessings and protection on us as we have chosen to honor HIM. Amidst the worship we celebrate the fact that a time will come when we will join the host of heaven worshipping YHWH in heaven and not on Earth anymore.


hello my dear jacob descendants why you are add 28 days this year,why the passover later one month as normal years ? our abraham, issac,jacob's god tell any where in the bible you additionally add one day are month in your calendar ?

Jewish calander

One has to understand the Jewish calendar, the month starts at new moon, this year 2016 is Sat April 9 or sunset on April 8, this is Nisan 1, the Passover is on Nisan 14, this year is on Friday April 22, the Jews no longer keep the Passover of Nisan 14, but keep the 7 day feast of Uneven Bread, that is on Nisan 15.
The Jewish day starts at sunset, Nisan 14 starts on April 21 2016 at sunset. That evening is when the Passover was taken by Jesus, in Jesus time this evening of Nisan 14 was on wed evening, Jesus died on Nisan 14 Wed afternoon during the day at 3pm, was in the grave before sunset, at the same time that the Jews were keeping there Passover on Nisan 15, a high day, a Holy day, the first day of Uneven Bread
Jesus was in the grave Wed evening to Thursday evening (1 day), Thursday evening to Friday evening (2 day), Friday evening to Saturday evening (3 day), Jesus rose at Sunset the ending of Saturday and beginning of Sunday the first day of the week.

Passover meal date

The Synoptics make it clear that Jesus celebrated a Passover meal the date of the Last Supper in Synoptic gospel is Passover eve and in John is Night before Passover eve.....

Passover date discrepancy

Why such a discrepancy in the date of the Passover keeping? Some scholars do it in March others in April.

Passover 2016

The reason it is April this year and not March is because the barley is not Aviv (rype) in Jerusalem. If the barley is not Aviv then the new moon this month indicated the beginning of the 13th month of the current year and not the 1st month of the new one. The 12th month is called Adar and when there is a 13th month it is called Adar Bet. This is basically how the biblical calendar address the leap year and occurs 7 times in every 19 year cycle. Some of the barley was Aviv but not enough for harvest. This determination is subjective and the amount that has to be Aviv is much debated. The calendar most Jews and Torah observant Christians use was created thousands of years ago when the Jews were no longer in Jerusalem to site the new moon. It was pretty accurate for a while, but as time has passed has become less so. Although it is correct this year. There is also debate as to when the new moon is; is it upon the sighting of the 1st sliver of the moon in Jerusalem or is it the astrological new moon when there is no moon in the sky the day before the 1st sliver can be seen? Do your best to observe the Feasts of Elohim as instructed in scripture. He knows your heart. If we are doing it wrong, He will straighten all of us out upon HIS return. However, the bible is clear, Passover is on the 14th day of the first month during the Aviv. if there is no Aviv, it is not the 1st month, but the 13th. Blessed be HE!


Barley has to be ripe for "Temple offernings" second day of Passover, However, it is a leap year, This is in part why there is so much confusion. the other reason, is ppl think Jews cant do their own calendar. The Jewish months are set by the New moon, G-ds first command to Israel was to sanctify that new moon as Nissan and call it head of the yr. Ppl are trying to make calendars on a solar equinox calendar, THIS means you are following gods of Egypt, NOT Israel. These other calendars also make you deny the Messiah and ALL feasts declared by G-d. Not too bright.

Passover 2016

Passover 2016 is March 20, 2016, not at the end of April. This is not and cannot be the right month.

In 2016, Passover is indeed

In 2016, Passover is indeed in April.  The secular dates are: April 22 to 30, 2016. The holiday of Pesach, or Passover, falls on the Hebrew calendar dates of Nissan 15 to 22. The observance begins at sundown on the secular date listed.


When you say the 13th what did you mean..I'm new to this.

March 20th was NOT Passover

ITs a LEAP YR !!! APril 22...Barley MUST be ready for Passover or you cant have it !!


Passover 2016 Church of God 7th day

Its May 3, 2015 and the 15th

Its May 3, 2015 and the 15th day of the FIRST Moon, Because The Sun Determines The Seasons!

Thus at the 12th Moon this Cycle, Early Celebrants will Observe a 13th Moon, while those of us who Waited for the Season to Enter Before Observing The New Year Moon will celebrate a 12 Moon year this Cycle. Hope this provided someone confidence in the Scriptures!

The Old Farmers Almanac is

The Old Farmers Almanac is correct with its timing to observe Passover this year. The Jews this year are a day out for reasons unknown. What is known is that the Bible instructs the evening at the close of the 14th Abib (Nisan - Babylonian. The Passover occurred during the 12 hours of night from 14th at evening twilight till the 15th Abib at dawn or sunrise. I do not believe God splits hairs over this twilight. The sacrificed lamb was to be ingested overnight before dawn, and anything left over burnt. The NT bread and fruit of the vine only takes a minute or two at twilight even.
When the Sun overtakes the moon each month the new moon occurs at any part of the 24 hour day, being an average of 12 hours. The moons lunar cycle takes about 29 and 1/2 days approximately. Following this, the first evening thereafter the sun precedes the moon over the horizon at dark leaving a sliver of the moon in its trail able to be seen against the darkness of the sky near the western horizon. Because the day cannot start at any old time, god instructed the first day of the month or year at Abib or Nisan starts at evening after the new moon.
Adding the average of 29 and 1/2 days and the average of of 12 hours mentioned before brings the length of a biblical month to 30 days. There are 360 days in a 12 month Hebrew year, and 390 days in a 13 month Hebrew year containing Adar II.
The New Moon occurs within minutes all over the earth at the same time. The different times all over earth only reflect the different time zones round the earth. The eclipse of the sun happened in England at 9:36am. This was 11:36 am in Jerusalem and 7:36pm in Queensland Australia. If Australia being night time already held off to the following evening, it would be a day out, different day and different Hebrew date. So in Australia this year it is backed up to the first evening after new moon Jerusalem time. This is not always so, as Jerusalem is eight hours behind Eastern Australia. If the whole world were to keep a feast at Jerusalem, this can be seen to be important.
The new moon happened at 11:36am Jerusalem time on the 20th of March. That evening immediately following commenced the 1st Abib, the first Hebrew day of the year.. It ended at the evening of the 21st March, 2015. That was day one, evening to evening. Following this through brings us to the end of the 14th day at evening of Abib which coincides exactly with the commencement of the 15th day of Abib or Nisan, commencing the 1st Day of Unleavened Bread, the FULL MOON FEAST, the night we were thrust out of Egypt, despite being told not to leave our houses till morning - however the Passover Angel had fulfilled his mission by then. This 14th day at evening commencing the 15th day is Friday the 3rd April, 2015.
The Jews should be keeping it an evening earlier. WELL DONE 'OLD FARMERS ALMANAC'. This rite is an ordinance forever, called THE SACRIFICE OF THE LORD'S PASSOVER.
Exodus 12:24 and 27. We must pass it down to our children generation after generation. Peter Holt.

I said below that regarding

I said below that regarding the Passover, this year the Jews are a day out for reasons unknown. I said this in the second sentence.
Later, in the last paragraph, I said the Jews should be keeping it a night earlier.
The reason is now known, the Jews are keeping it the right night, the evening of Friday April 3rd.
The calendar on my wall has it wrong, saying Saturday April 4th is the Jewish Passover.
Last year, 2014, a different calendar was a whole month out early.
Watch your calendars. Don't be misled. I am pleased the Jews have got it right. A person can be wrong for the wrong reason. Thank you. Peter Holt.

Hi Rachel, Yes, Jewish

Hi Rachel, Yes, Jewish observances begin at sundown the date prior to the first full day of the festival. For example: If Saturday, April 4 is the first full day of Passover, the observance begins at sundown on April 3. We wouldn't say a calendar is wrong to put a listing on April 4 as long as it's clear that the observance starts at sunset the day before the date listed. However, starting in 2016, our print calendars will start listing the sundown date, rather than the "First day of" in order to avoid confusion. 

Hello all, I have an answer

Hello all,
I have an answer for, fredmacmurray. The Jews celebrate passover two days in a row. Two lambs were slaughtered. One to make peace with G-d, one for the redemption of sin. Jeshua is the redemption of sin for ALL who choose to follow Him.

Here also is an answer for others who believe a Messianic-Jew is a contradictory term. In the book of Daniel it states that the Messiah would come and be sacrificed FOR Israel BEFORE the destruction of the second temple. (Daniel 9: 24-26) He did.
He came, out of love, to save Israel fist and then the gentiles. G-d loves you and sent His Messiah to save you for eternity.
Do not let your religion or tradition get in the way of following G-d.

The Passover is a celebration of that sacrifice. The bitterness of sin, the lamb who dies to save all who trust in its blood, The Affikomen that is broken(killed), hidden (buried), and then found and unwrapped (resurrected) to become the dessert, the joy of the meal. With the one who finds it being rewarded. All who find and follow the Messiah are rewarded with a personal walk with the Lord G-d forever! Can it get any more obvious that the Lord G-d of the Universe was showing the Israelites the future coming of their Messiah! WOW! Also showing the gentiles the Messiah that came!
G-d is GREAT His love endures forever!

Follow Him who died for you, forget all else!

Blessings, happy, happy Passover!

I am even though a gentile in

I am even though a gentile in flesh, but a spiritual Israel as per new testament claims. I worship the one and only god Yahweh, the Father God. As mentioned in the article, Yes Jesus is the messiah through whom salvation has come to humanity and to reach god the father everyone has to go throgh Jesus alone. I celebrate passover for 2 reasons. 1)Jesus has brought end to the typical passover where sheep was sacrificed year by year, but sacrificed himself once on the day of passover ie Nissan 14. 2) Also as his only request to christians is to remember the date of his death, it is important for every christian who follow Jesus is to observe Passover on NIssan 14. I am as a true follower of Jesus observe passover every year without fail on NIssan 14 evening

All glory to Yahewen the one and only god and Jesus the son of God, the messiah

Great comment and mini

Great comment and mini teaching. Thank you. Many people have forgotten or never knew that Jesus was a Hebrew. As many people live in divisiveness believing that Jesus was killed by the Jews. They need to read the Bible, the Jews did not have the authority to put to death, only the Romans did and... I did not start this to teach only to say thank you for your teaching and I pray you be blessed in all you do.

I'm sorry but I must correct

I'm sorry but I must correct you. If you read the Bible, Pilate (the ruler at the time and place of the crucifixion)washed his hands and said "I am innocent of this mans blood" and "Behold, I bring him forth to you, that ye may know that I find no fault in him." Who do you think was standing by and screaming "CRUCIFY HIM!! CRUCIFY HIM!!!" It was NOT the Romans. It was the Jewish chief priests! The main point that should be focused on here is that it wasn't the common heathen people who wanted Christ crucified, IT WAS THE CHIEF PRIESTS, THE LOCAL RELIGIOUS COMMUNITY! It was THEM who really were thirsty for Christ's blood, and the Romans simply carried it out.

The Jews are the ancient

The Jews are the ancient roman empire they change their identity so they can infintraye Yisrael, that is the truth face the fact The truth read paul letters

The priests had to do it , GOD ordained it perfectly

The priests are the ones who 1) must ensure that the sacrifice is without blemish,2) pay a price for the lamb 3) identify the lamb to be offered as a sacrifice 4) 4 days before the lamb was drawn in into jerusalem ( palm sunday), unknown to themselves they were carrying out their priestly duty, the messiah is the sacrificial lamb and only priests can order the sacrifice. SO dont accuse the priests they were doing their duty as GOD ordained it to be , HIS perfect timing in everything even with HIS SON

Passover is an awesome, so

Passover is an awesome, so much more than just a feast. G-D commanded Passover be from generation to generation, forever; for the Jew, its not negotiable, we are to keep this feast forever. It is good to see Christians like yourself celebrating a feast that marks a most significant event in Jewish history. Let me encourage you to or talk to your priests, ministers, pastors, or Reverends to do their homework, uphold the teachings in the new testament Christian bible where it clearly instructs Christian believers to keep the feast. By the way there are 2 others that are also to be kept forever. Both tie in perfectly with Christian beliefs.
Reading your post warms my heart, how awesome for Christians to honor and obey The Most High, according to His Word, perhaps some day do away with that modified pagan engendered holiday called Easter.
To all, Please pray for Israel, its people, and for peace, in Jerusalem as well as the rest of our small beloved nation. Pray that G-d continue to prosper Israel, keep him strong; in return; "May they prosper those that love you". Roy may YOU and your house be counted among those that love Israel. As the Jew I am; Thank you!!

I have a problem with the

I have a problem with the Crucifixion taking place on Good Friday for it was said that He, the Messiah would spend 3 days and 3 nights in the tomb.Holy Bible tells us that he rose "early on the first day of the week" , (Sunday)The numbers don't work. A thought - Passover starts with a Sabbath ,He would have had to be Crucified on the Wednesday afternoon just before Passover Sabbath, not the Friday Sabbath. I do not wish to be Legalistic like the Pharisees but its thought provoking.Ian W.

He was dead parts of 3

He was dead parts of 3 days...

Killed on 14
Raised on 16

reply to Ian Wetherall

If you read the passage in the Greek that is translated as "early on the first day of the week," you will observe that it literally means "as the first day of the week was approaching." In the Israelite calendar, the new day began at sunset. Your proposed timing of the events of the Christ's death, burial, and resurrection are correct. He kept the Passover with his disciples on on the correct evening of Tuesday. The Chief Priest had the date wrong that year, most likely because it was in the divine plan of God for him to miss it. (The first day of Nissan is based on the observance of the sliver of the new moon.) Christ was sacrificed on a Wednesday afternoon, which was the afternoon preceding the official Passover date declared by the Chief Priest. He was buried before sunset on Wednesday afternoon. He was in the belly of the earth three days and three nights, just as he prophesied. He rose as the weekly Sabbath day was concluding, but still on the Sabbath. Mary ran to the grave right after the sun had set on the Sabbath and found the tomb empty with the stone rolled away.

Thank you for your post. My

Thank you for your post. My name is JAVAN Pinto, I am a Christian woman, who celebrates Passover and not the pagan Easter holiday. When I were reading your post I cried to see that someone is saying the same thing I have been telling other Christians and pastors about the pagan Easter holiday that they are celebrating. I pray that one day GOD will open up every one eyes to see CHRIST in the Passover and not CHRIST IN Easter eggs, Easter bunnies and chocolates, just like He had done for me, telling me that it is not an holiday it is what He has done for the JEWS. EXODUS 12;21- And the death of His SON JESUS CHRIST. JOHN 13;1- Please keep up the good work.(PASSOVER)not easter people.

Passover/ Holidays

Hello John C Fernandez, I enjoyed your post. You are right God commanded us all to keep the Passover. What are the other two important
Holidays we are to keep as per The Most High God as mention in your text dated March 25th 2015? I hope my email reaches you in good health. Thank you Loretta




Shaul/Paul warns about discussions on bloodblines and claims according to our decendants, so we should be cautious when entering into these discussions. The people in Israel are those placed there by YSHUA HIMSELF NO ONE ELSE AND TO SUGGEST THAT THAT THESE ARE NOT THE CORRECT PEOPLE IS TO SUGGEST THAT YSHUA HAS MADE A MISTAKE. WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLE.




God knew everyone would want

God knew everyone would want to claim exclusive rights. That's why there are signs. Gods people fell under curses for disobedience. Deuteronomy 28:15-68 describes only one people especially 28:68 removes all doubt remember Egypt means bondage you either believe or you don't no one want to admit who Gods chosen are that's because a lot of atrocities have been committed against them "slavery,rape,murder,inequality etc....and to admit that you have to hold yourself guilty.thus Zechariah 11:5 and Psalms 83::2 and there are many more scriptures that point to the truth either you belive or you don't,

Looking forward to

Looking forward to celebrating Passiver this year, as a beliver in Jesus Christ!

No comment at the moment I

No comment at the moment I just wanted to join in to be able to stay connected thank you for having this website.

Passover one one of the

Passover one one of the greatest,sweetest and lovely holiday that I love. its reminds me of the mighty power of God.its strengthen my life and gives me hope. I love keeping Passover.

I am a born again believer

I am a born again believer and believe that when I read in the book of John that I have been grafted in and am now considered a Jew by adoption, it is my desire to participate in Passover.

I am African American and live in Bartlett,TN. Will I be accepted in the synagoge and where can I go, what do I do, what do I wear, do I bring my bible?

These are questions that I am asking Also, will I be welcomed?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Hello, I noticed no one

I noticed no one answered your question. I am African
American I have celebrated the Passover for many years.
I celebrate it in the way the Israelite people who
where African people in the land of Egypt who were
African people would celebrate such an occasion. In
parts of West Africa it is called a Jubiliee a celebration
for freedom. I use the bitter herbs we use all the time
Greens, corn, yams and unleaven bread which is eaten
for seven days, eat nothing containing yeast until after
the end of passover. You are not grafted in, you are a true
descendant of the ancient Israelite people. In the book
John chapter 8 verse 31 thru 47. The Jews said they were
never in bondage (slaves) to any one. The Israelite who
are not the same as the Jews were slaves in Egypt which is the whole basis for Passover. Sometimes you have to read the book for yourself.Start from the beginning as you would with any book.Read the whole chapter, look up the meaning of words.Check this out Deuteronomy chapter 28 read the whole chapter and verse 68 confirms the slave trade of the Israelite people. The jews have never been slaves or slave traded. So according to scripture who is really the desendants of ancient Israel? We are destroyed due to the lack of knowledge and the brainwashing of false history and religion.

You are so right so much

You are so right so much Untruthfulness I wanted truth and I found truth of GODS word
By studying chapter by chapter verse by verse from the origina texl the bible was written in
Translated from old Hebrew and Greek instill have a ways to go to finish the comlplete bible
But I celebrated passover last year for the first time and the blessing GOD gives you are
So much blessing I look forward to this year
May GOD be with you all and bless you with truth and knowledge

Keeping the feasts and ancient Israelie people were NOT African

The scriptures tell us in Genesis that Jacob's son Esau was of ''ruddy complexion'' and had "red hair". Red haired people are normally fair / white skin not dark nor black. Also King David is described as being a man with red hair. You will never find a genuine African or dark-skinned person with red hair, regardless of the shade of red. I live in S Africa, which has a population of more than 60 million people of which less than 5 million are white and indian and I have travelled to neighbouring African countries and NOT A SINGLE NATURAL RED HAIRED, African can be found.. I am also a Messianic Jew of the tribe of Judah who was raised as Christian for most of life. Now I study Torah and keep all the feasts and Abba Father has blessd my family tremendously in every way possible.

Africans are Not the Negroes!!!

Sorry to burst your bubble. But if you were not sold into bondage as the scripture says, then you are not from the tribe of Judah. God's words are just what they are, you can't make yourself something you're not. The tribe of Judah has already been traced to the so called Negroes up north in the U.S. If God says his people for being disobedient to his laws were to go into bondage as they were in Egypt, there is no way in hell, you would have been left behind to live a free life in Africa. Africans are not the Negroes. This has already been proven. It's Africans who sold the Blacks into slavery. You are not of the same lineage as the ancestors of the Negroes who were sold into slavery. God says his people will suffer and be destroyed, though not utterly! He says his people will forget their heritage. Listen my brother you can't change the bible to make it what you want it to be. Quite possibly your relative's ancestors picked up the Hebrew practices from the Hebrews were migrated and did live in Africa long ago before being sold into slavery. People who live amongst each other are bound to pick up each other's customs, traditions and traits to some degree. It's just human nature. But believe, if you are African you are not part of God's 12 tribes. Africans have their own burden to bear and will bear a lot more as they indeed sold the Blacks i.e. negroes as they were known into slavery. I believe from the research and facts shown, you are from the lineage of Ham, i.e., Hamites. Study your history, do your research and know who you are, if not possible, no sweat, others have already done it for you. The facts are there, you have only to check them out. The dots are there, all you have to do is connect them. Blacks and Africans are two totally different people! Peace!!!!!


Solomon plainly states the color of his skin is black his father was David.Jewish Historian Flavis Josephus Antiquites to the Jew whom i might add wrote these books.When studying his work you will plainly see without a doubt that he plainly tell us Abraham father and his grandfather all were black.i do not like to argue scripture however before we make certain statement we need to study.A few month age a white couple had a black baby Dna was done it proved it was their child same thing a white female had two white kids and a black one same thing Dna showed it was their child.Black couple had a white baby it was proved by Dna testing the same thing.Also look at scripture it talks about the color of the daughters of Jerusalem Revelation plainly tells us his hair is like lamb wool his feet are colors of bronze brown.Simon of Syrene was black it tell you that in the scripture when they were waiting for the Holy Spirit to come the helper on the day Jesus told them he was sending them.Also study the mulitated genes of the albino that has a lot of scientific studies behind it you might be in for a rude awakening.Did you miss the news a few years ago where they found what they though was an African tribe and found out they believed they were from the lost tribe of Benjamin they were air lifted to Isreal dna confirmed they were all Jews their skin was black they AFRICANS.Since it was just a few years ago i am sure you can pull it up on the net.What does it matter what one skin color is we all one day will stand before the judgement seat their color or status will not matter GOD is not a respecter of person.

Also Egypt is in Africa and

Also Egypt is in Africa and so is Israel according
to ancient maps. The people you see in those lands
are Turks who desend from Gehazi IIKings chapter five
and from the Aryan people who desend from the
Dravidian tribe of India which is the true orgion
of Causasian people. The first five books in the bible
are in order the rest are intentionally out of order to
confuse the negroes who learn to read. If you put the
prophets with the right kings by using the chronicles of the kings you can put it in its true order. This book has
been tampered with use a righteous judgement and common sense to understand certain things for the time periods.
And pray. Egypt is still in Africa and so is Israel there is no middle east. The middle east of the east would be
in China not Africa. The location is north east Africa.
It is funny when it comes to the history of African Americans all we are told is about slavery and the abuse of these same people. Because they have stolen our history even the history of Egypt, Asia and America, any where else
the people of colour were there first. Divided we fall, lack of knowledge we fall.

Lev 23:4 You are the Church

Lev 23:4 You are the Church of Christ. Have the Passover at your house and invite all, even the unsaved because your house is God's house and everyone is welcome at our Father's house, even the unsaved (So they can hear and see why we are Christians). You have been accepted and your house is a synagoge. Peace be onto your house My Brother. SDG

There are messianic jews

There are messianic jews which believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Go to them that would be right because he is the son of God and can be jewish as well.

Look if you want to be Jewish

Look if you want to be Jewish forget the new testament. Jews for Jesus is not logical and really is an oxi-moron. You can convert to the Jewish faith at any Jewish Temple. Actually you might be Jewish if you can trace your heritage to Eithopian Jews. They are the real deal.

FYI Born agains are not Jews.


I just want to thank you for your comment!

You are now part of the body

You are now part of the body of Christ and an
Israelite, as they came to America after the 10 Tribes where scattered into Europe and then to England. You do not need to go to a non Christian Church or any Church to do the Passover. You take a little wine or grape juice with some unleavened bread or cracker and perform the ceremony right at home. You see, the Lord is near and knows your heart and you are part of the Church of the Firstborn with your name written in Heaven.

Galatians 3:29, Anyone who

Galatians 3:29, Anyone who accepts Christ is Abraham's seed and heirs to the promise...This is talking about spiritual Israel, not the lierall nation. Jews that accept Christ are in this group, and are promised eternal life through Jesus Christ, the same as Gentiles.



That`s a very general

That`s a very general statement you made about accepting Christ. If your heart isn`t circumcised then you are not of Abraham. Most people that say they are Christian are looking for an easier softer way down some primrose path of psycho-babel. It is easy to get caught up in generalizations that sidestep the real hard core issues of TRUTH. This comment isn`t made to criticize you but to hopefully offer an outside "opinion" as compared to your experience. I highly recommend the book ISRAEL- God`s Key To World Redemption by Elmer A. Josephson...blessings ep


For: I AM A BORN AGAIN BELIEVER: Seder is done in the home. Contact your local Jewish Federation they may be able to direct you to a group Seder that is an open table. It is a mitzvah to welcome the stranger at passover so you would be welcome, even at a private home. Just don't preach about jesus and keep in miind that in our Jewish community if you are a Christian you are NOT jewish. Good luck
and Chag Sameach! Also I do not know where Bartlett, TN is. If you are close to Nasvhille, TN there are some good Shuls there. Contact the Reform Shul it will be of most help.

Services are typically not

Services are typically not held in the synagogue for Passover. Call the local Rabbi in your town. If you bring a bible it should be the Old Testament. Those are in Hebrew and English. But remember that Hebrew is read from right to left whereas English is left to right. The reason that matters is the Hebrew Bible will have page 1 where English readers would consider the back of the book. Secondly, because you may have a hard time following the Hebrew, if I were in your shoes I'd call a Reform Rabbi. The Reform Temple in the US are usually all English whereas the Conservative and Orthodox have a good deal of Hebrew which might make it tough to follow along. Also the word Shul is the same as Synagogue or Temple. Think of those as interchangeable.

You will be accepted. No

You will be accepted. No worries on that one. And you can break the ice by telling your host you're related to Sammy Davis, Jr , an African American entertainer (part of the Rat Pack along with Frank Sinatra and others) who was also Jewish.

you are the real Jew by birth

you are the real Jew by birth read the book of Deuteronomy in your bible or read it on the internet and your eyes and ears will be open than go to the web site israelunite.org/ and learn who you are

You should definitely keep

You should definitely keep Passover because you are the true descendent of jacob. Do your research. Deut.chapter 28-30 you my friend and family are the true house of jacob,therefore you are commanded to keep Passover according to the laws given to us by our brother and prophet Moses.You my friend are a Isrealite,the true house of jacob,not a jew,infact anyone who claims to be Jewish is actually saying that they are like unto the house of judah. When you do your research you'll find there are 11 other tribes along with the tribe of judah that make up the house or children of jacob. So do your research and claim back your identity.You are a Hebrew Isrealite,not a African American,you are the real descendent of jacob and those that call themselves jews are imposters.

First consider what took

First consider what took place after Jesus had his LAST Passover with his disciples. he fist dismissed Judas who was about to betray him and then instituted a new arrangement with his faithful disciples You can read about this in all four gospels and in Matthew 26:26 - 28. Read about it, and to have more questions answered from the bible go to JW.org.

I read that the spring

I read that the spring equinox determined the 1st day of the year. 14 days later at sundown (15th) began passover. Christ was crucified on that day on what would've been our Wed.(high sabbath). Rose 3 days later on Sat.(wkly sabbath). Fri thru Sun isn't 3 days. To the person that say we're not to observe passover, I'd say you should read Colossians. Christ is our Passover. The word easter is only in the bible one time. If you look in the Greek concordance you'll see the word was pesach (passover).

To further clarify your

To further clarify your calculations, Passover begins on the 14th day of the Jewish month of Nisan (originally called Abib). That month begins with the nearest new moon to the Spring Equinox (March 21) as observed over Jerusalem. Thus this year, the nearest new moon will occur around April 1st., putting the celebration of the Passover 14 days later (beginning the evening of April 14 - since the Jewish "day", i.e. 24 hours, starts at sundown).

Regarding the use of the word “Easter” in the Bible at Acts 12:4, Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words makes some interesting comments. It says “Pascha is mistranslated "Easter" in Acts 12:4, AV, (it)denotes the Passover (RV). The phrase "after the Passover" signifies after the whole festival was at an end.”
Also of interest is this comment: “The term "Easter" is not of Christian origin. It is another form of Astarte, one of the titles of the Chaldean goddess, the queen of heaven. The festival of Pasch held by Christians in post-apostolic times was a continuation of the Jewish feast, but was not instituted by Christ, nor was it connected with Lent. From this Pasch the pagan festival of "Easter" was quite distinct and was introduced into the apostate Western religion, as part of the attempt to adapt pagan festivals to Christianity.”

I agree with you, Jesus did

I agree with you, Jesus did die in the afternoon on the 15th day which was a Wednesday. The Jews kept Passover a day late that year just like this year 2015. Jesus died on the Holy day, then three full days later in the afternoon on Saturday Jesus was resurrected which was the18th day or 4th day of Passover but a Sabbath day. What better day to be resurrected. That night which became Sunday at dark Jesus left the tomb, so at dawn with first light, the tomb was empty. Jesus did not resurrect on Sunday but at the end of the Sabbath on Saturday. Three full days and three full night.72 hours from death to resurrection. Remember Nehemiah 13:19 shows us that at sundown the new day does not begin, proving the Jews kept the days wrong. The new day begins with darkness, read what God says "there was light then darkness the new day. Jews showed us that by not following but showing us the way.

Meant to say last sentence,

Meant to say last sentence, Jesus Showed us that by not following the Jews, Jesus showed us the way. The way to count, which is 1,2,3,4 etc. not to skip or add a day extra.
Thank you, Steve Surabian, True Israelite.

Pls when is the actual date

Pls when is the actual date for the feast of passover 2014,since they have 2 Adar

very large subject for years

very large subject for years my family has used a predescribed calander from shoprite-than I began to have questions concerning what I was doing and my show of or privacy for prayer-celebrations etc-according to month it is nisan exodus-12for years we had no lamb Christ being the lamb we used unleaved flour for the body and fruit of the vine for the cup of the new an everlasting covenant-according to the moon this became another question new moon I was told the first cresent so for years-than I thought when is a house a new house when I put the first 2x4 up or the last shingle?am I a new born when conceived or born?so when the moon is in dark and at each phase it is working toward new at full which was march 17th between12am an 1am and reigned until the same on the 18th-now remember genesis 1v5 evening and morning so actually it was the 18th an 19th and I set aside the flour an wine and today I set aside even the water for the bread/body-your ? my answer Passover april 1st than 7days of unleaved bread enjoy and be on the look out for the unity of his spirit with confirmation in the heavens

I have noticed there is a

I have noticed there is a little division as to when the passover is. An example is this article. It states that Passover begins with the new moon, which is said to be on the 27th, yet it shows that Passover began the evening before the 26th this year. Does anyone have any clarification on this?

The chronological reckoning

The chronological reckoning between John’s gospel and the synoptics presents a challenge, especially in relation to the time of the Last Supper (13:2). While the synoptics portray the disciples and the Lord at the Last Supper as eating the Passover meal on Thursday evening (Nisan 14) and Jesus being crucified on Friday, John’s gospel states that the Jews did not enter into the Praetorium “lest they should be defiled, but that they might eat the Passover” (18:28). So, the disciples had eaten the Passover on Thursday evening, but the Jews had not. In fact, John (19:14) states that Jesus’ trial and crucifixion were on the day of Preparation for the Passover and not after the eating of the Passover, so that with the trial and crucifixion on Friday Christ was actually sacrificed at the same time the Passover lambs were being slain (19:14). The question is, “Why did the disciples eat the Passover meal on Thursday?”
The answer lies in a difference among the Jews in the way they reckoned the beginning and ending of days. From Josephus, the Mishna, and other ancient Jewish sources we learn that the Jews in northern Palestine calculated days from sunrise to sunrise. That area included the region of Galilee, where Jesus and all the disciples, except Judas, had grown up. Apparently most, if not all, of the Pharisees used that system of reckoning. But Jews in the southern part, which centered in Jerusalem, calculated days from sunset to sunset. Because all the priests necessarily lived in or near Jerusalem, as did most of the Sadducees, those groups followed the southern scheme.
That variation doubtlessly caused confusion at times, but it also had some practical benefits. During Passover time, for instance, it allowed for the feast to be celebrated legitimately on two adjoining days, thereby permitting the temple sacrifices to be made over a total period of four hours rather than two. That separation of days may also have had the effect of reducing both regional and religious clashes between the two groups.
On that basis the seeming contradictions in the gospel accounts are easily explained. Being Galileans, Jesus and the disciples considered Passover day to have started at sunrise on Thursday and to end at sunrise on Friday. The Jewish leaders who arrested and tried Jesus, being mostly priests and Sadducees, considered Passover day to begin at sunset on Thursday and end at sunset on Friday. By that variation, predetermined by God’s sovereign provision, Jesus could thereby legitimately celebrate the last Passover meal with His disciples and yet still be sacrificed on Passover day.

The MacArthur Study Bible. 1997 (J. MacArthur, Jr., Ed.) (electronic ed.). Nashville, TN: Word Pub.

First off Jesus was not

First off Jesus was not crucified on Thursday or Friday, he was crucified on Wednesday. because he was dead three whole days, 72 hours. Also the Jews did keep Passover a day late, just as they do this year, which shows the proof. The New Moon in March 2015 was on the 20th at 4:38 EST. making March 20th the 1st day of Nisan so Thursday April 2nd is the 14th of Nisan which began at dark the previous day at dark. The evening of the 14th when the Lamb was to be slain will be Thursday April 2nd at Sundown. Jesus knows when the new day begins which is at dark not sunset. Nehemiah 13:19 shows that sundown took place because the shadow is on the gates, and then we are told this is before the sabbath.Jesus knows the right time, the Jews want the world to believe they Keep Passover right. So this year the Lamb was to be slain Thursday April 2nd at sunset but no need because Jesus is the Lamb. But since the Jews do not believe this they still should be slaughtering the Lamb on Thursday at sunset then at dark, which becomes the next day the 15th when you are to eat then the morning the Israelite, not Jews, leave and Jesus is crucified on the Holly day.and the Jews celebrated the next day same as this year, which is wrong. So your explanation that Jesus kept the days from sunrise to sunrise is misinformation. You say Jesus believed the Passover started on Sunrise Thursday to Sunrise Friday and the Jews who arrested and tried Jesus observed From Sunset Thursday. Well if as you say Jesus was crucified on Friday which you state would have been the Jew Passover because you say their Passover started on Thursday at sunset yet the Bible states Jesus had to come off the Cross before the JEW passover. This shows the JEW Passover was celebrated a day late from Gods Passover.
Thank you, Steven Surabian, True Isralite

dusk to dusk is YHVH'S day

Yeshua would never have celebrated Passover from sunrise to sunrise, Yeshua is the son of YHVH, HE knows the word of YHVH. and the Old Testament tells us clearly that YHVH'S day starts runs from DUSK to DUSK, so Yeshua would never have celebrated Passover from sunrise to sunrise. The Hebrew priests also killed the Passover lambs at 9 am in the morning and then again at 12pm on the day of preparation so that the cooked lambs would be ready to eat after dusk that evening, which would be the start of Passover. Yeshua had to be off the cross and buried before evening before the Passover started as the Passover is a High Sabbath and if Yeshua was buried on the Passover it would have possibly caused a riot, which Pontius Pilate and the Pharisees would have avoided at all costs. Yeshua was crucified on what we know as a Wednesday and rose late on the Sabbath afternoon. There are 12 hours in a day and 12 hours in a night and Yesua Himself confirmed this Matthew when He Himself said that a day has 12 hours, thus bringing His burial period to a full 72 hours. Yeshua is Lord /Adonai of the Sabbath. Easter is totally paganistic is origin. my family celebrate Passover not Easter. Shalom

Easter, Halloween, Christmas are indeed Pagan Holidays!

Yes you are right. People sometimes comment in Ignorance. With all the Youtube channels with scholars reading from the bible, there is no excuse for anyone to not understand at this late date that the Passover begins at Sundown/evening. And again you are right, Easter and Halloween are indeed Pagan Holidays and Christmas as EuroAmericans celebrate it is not the correct date for Jesus birth. As the bible talks about the people who started that tradition about cutting down the pine tree and decorating it with baubles. Yet the wicked continue with this false holiday rather than research and find the truth. Once again, with so many Youtube channels, there is no excuse for people to continue to celebrate something that is a falsehood. All one has to do is read up on how Christmas and easter came about. But many people prefer to live in their traditions rather than follow God's word which is truth. Let that be on their head. You did your job, what they can never say when they stand before judgment day is that they didn't know. What they can honestly say is that they refused to Listen!

Actually, Passover begins at

Actually, Passover begins at the FULL moon (after the new moon that is closest to the spring equinox). Also, keep in mind that each Jewish day is from sunset to sunset, so the holiday actually starts the evening before the date marked on most secular calendars. That is the night of the Passover Seder. Clear?

We have become Jewish by

We have become Jewish by choice and are celebrating Passover this year! I love the wonderful Feasts Of G-d and enjoy preparing Passover Meals. We celebrate the 8 days of Passover & are celebrating with joy at being connected with the G-d of Israel & His Messiah, Y'Shua.

So glad you have made the

So glad you have made the choice. My husband and I are of Jewish decent, but have been believers in Messiah, Y'Shua for many years and attend a wonderful messianic congregation. Have a blessed Passover.

If you believe Jesus (or

If you believe Jesus (or Y'shua) "Christ" is the messiah, than you are a believer in Christ and thus Christian. It's nice that you celebrate Passover but your still Christian.

If the Jewish are messianic

If the Jewish are messianic Jews that means they believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God,Messiah,The beginning and the end.

Hi, My family and I observe

Hi, My family and I observe Passover. I don't really come from a religious background, but my family would always have the traditional Passover Seders growing up, and now we continue the tradition. It's been harder these days to prepare the Seder ourselves so we usually try to find a kosher restaurant in New York that hosts Seders. We uses to go to Darna, but that is now closed, so we now go to Talia's Steakhouse in Manhattan on the Upper West Side and they've been nothing but great so far. We are looking forward to joining them again this year.

Thanks be to Elohim for the

Thanks be to Elohim for the Exodus from Egypt.

Praise and Glory to The Lord

Praise and Glory to The Lord God Almighty..!! Thank you for my life, family and continued blessings from You my Lord, my King, my God..!!! :)