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Coping with Bugs in the Home and Garden

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a ladybug on my argyrathemum

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Natural Remedies for Garden Pests

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Midsummer is the time when insects make themselves most known—indoors and out. If you find unwanted creatures in your house or garden, don’t reach for the poisons. Cope with bugs with safer methods for your household environment.


It’s always as good idea to try to peacefully coexist with insects such as ants. But if they become a problem in your yard or garden, try these tips:

  • For only one or two hills, sprinkle instant grits on the anthill. When the ants take them to the nest, the queen and workers eat them, and the grains swell up and kill them. It will take about two days before all activity stops.
  • Or, make bands of crushed eggshells along walkways to keep them from crossing.

More Bug Tips

  • Aphids on your garden plants can be knocked off with frequent, strong streams of water from the garden hose. See more about controlling Aphids.
  • If you notice yellow-and-black-striped Colorado potato beetles or the metallic-blue-green Japanese beetles crawling on your plants, put down a dropcloth and, in the early morning when they’re most active, shake them off and dump them into a bucket of soapy water.
  • If a colony of yellow jackets sets up housekeeping in your lawn, watch them from a distance to find their underground doorway. At night, when they’re not active, place a large glass casserole dish or salad bowl over the hole and weight it down with a brick. The wasps will be forced to exit elsewhere and usually won’t return.
  • Herbs can be used for pest control. Wormwood, yarrow, santolina, tansy, mint, and lavender are traditional moth repellents. Oil of rosemary also can be effective.
  • If it’s your pet that’s bothered, try putting a drop of lemon oil on his collar for flea control.

See more on staying ahead of garden pests.

Do you have any tips on dealing with pests in the home and garden? Please share below!

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