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Any suggestions on growing kiwis?

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Any suggestions on growing kiwis?
Fuzzy kiwis (Actinidia chinensis) grow in Zones 7 through 9. Hardy kiwis (A. arguta or A. kolomitka) grow in Zones 3 through 9 (and, yes, the fruits taste as good as the larger supermarket varieties). Kiwis need full sun and well-drained soil with a pH of 5.0 to 6.5. Plant a male and a female unless the cultivar is self-fertile. Provide 200 square feet of trellis per vine, pinch back the vine when it reaches the trellis, and encourage some side branches to grow. Throughout the summer, when side shoots reach 8 inches in length, pinch them back to 4 inches. In winter, remove any side branches that are more than three years old. Expect your first fruits after two to six years. Fuzzy kiwis have fuzzy, egg-size, green-fleshed fruits. Hardy kiwis produce smooth, grape-size, green- or red-fleshed fruits.