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Any tips for making cut flowers last...

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Any tips for making cut flowers last longer indoors?
Do you have foxgloves? If so, add them to any bouquet, and they’ll make the whole arrangement last longer. Copper pellets or pennies in the water will increase the effect. Daffodils should be kept alone in a vase, as their stems secrete a fluid that promotes the wilting of other flowers. If you must combine them, soak them by themselves for as long as possible, then rinse them and add them to the arrangement last. With any flower, clip back leaves that will be immersed in the water, for they will contaminate it and make for a shorter duration. Changing the water daily also will increase the longevity of blooms. Some people claim that an aspirin in the water is beneficial. Add a bit of sugar for delphiniums or larkspurs. Start chrysanthemums briefly in very hot water, then switch to very cold.