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Can I plant forsythias now, even though...

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Can I plant forsythias now, even though they’re spring bloomers? Also, is it necessary to prune forsythia shrubs after they bloom?
Yes, you can certainly plant them now, although of course you won’t see blooms until next spring. Many garden centers offer good bargains on spring shrubs at this time of year, so take advantage. As long as you keep the shrubs well watered, you should be all set. The root systems will have a good start before the winter months. There is no need to prune newly purchased shrubs unless you notice any damaged parts, which can be snipped away. Next spring, and in subsequent springs, prune for shape after the shrubs bloom. Pruning is an option more than a requirement, but it does encourage bushier growth. One advantage of forsythias, according to some gardeners, is that they let you know when it’s time to plant other early crops, such as radishes, peas, sweet pea flowers, and poppies. Once your forsythias are in full bloom, which will vary somewhat from year to year, it should be safe to put those other seeds in the ground.