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Can I plant vegetables, including corn, in...

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Can I plant vegetables, including corn, in containers?
You can plant vegetables in just about any container, but trash cans are a great choice. Just make sure the container has adequate drainage holes for water to drain out (but soil to stay in). Fill the containers with clean topsoil. If you’re reusing plant containers, throw out the old soil. Make sure you provide enough space for each plant. Here are some examples of space requirements: beans (bush), 6 inches; carrots (small varieties), 3 inches; corn (small varieties), 12 inches; cucumbers (small varieties), 12 inches; lettuce (small varieties), 8 inches; peppers, 18 inches; cherry tomatoes, 12 inches; tomatoes (small varieties), 24 inches. Use this soil mix to start: 1 part peat moss, 1 part vermiculite, 1 tablespoon dry 5-10-5 per 12-inch pot, 2 tablespoons dolomitic lime per 12-inch pot. Be sure to keep the soil evenly watered from the time seeds are sown, through the seedling stage, and after the plants have become established. It is essential that you feel the soil daily to see if watering is necessary. When the top layer of soil feels dry to the touch, water the plants thoroughly, until water runs through the drainage holes.