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Can you find the date of an...

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Can you find the date of an eclipse that was visible in Canada or Nova Scotia in the summer of 1912?
We couldn’t find a record of an eclipse that was visible in those areas, although 1912 had two solar eclipses. The first was on April 17, 1912, a total eclipse that originated in South America and went across the Atlantic strait to France, then on to Asia. It is unlikely that even a small partial eclipse was visible from Nova Scotia. The second eclipse was on October 10, 1912, another total eclipse. It originated in Central America and traveled across South America in a southerly direction to disappear even further south. Is it possible that your date is wrong? The eclipse of May 28, 1900, originated in the Pacific, went all the way to North Africa and was possibly close enough to be visible as a partial eclipse in Nova Scotia. The eclipse of June 17, 1909, originated in Greenland, went via the North Pole to Asia, and could have been visible as a partial eclipse. The best candidate is the eclipse of August 30, 1905, which was a total eclipse going directly over Nova Scotia.