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Does tomato juice actually work for a...

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Does tomato juice actually work for a dog that’s been sprayed by a skunk? If so, why?
Tomato juice is definitely a top contender for eliminating skunk odor because of its price and effectiveness. Plus, like any good home remedy, you’re more likely to find tomato juice than a commercial pet product in your cupboard. It’s OK to dilute the tomato juice with water before you apply it to your pet’s coat. Wear rubber gloves and use a basin to catch as much of the runoff as you can, then reapply it for maximum benefit. You may have to repeat the bath. Even then, some residual smell is apt to remain for a few days. If you don’t have tomato juice handy, try bathing your pet with diluted vinegar, either white or apple cider. As for why these remedies work, we assume it’s the acidity that helps neutralize the skunk smell, which is essentially an oily musk scent. The tomato juice or vinegar cuts through the oiliness and helps break it down so that it can be rinsed away with warm water.