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Have you heard of anyone suing someone...

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Have you heard of anyone suing someone else because lightning struck his barn?
Strangely, we have. During a long drought in the mid-1880s, a minister in New York State called a prayer meeting so that all the residents could pray for rain. One farmer, Phineas Dodd, apparently thought prayer was unnecessary, so he did not show up for the meeting. Three hours after the meeting ended, thunderstorms rumbled through the area, bringing the much-needed rain. The thunderstorms also brought lightning, which struck Dodd’s barn and burned it to the ground. Dodd sued the minister, Duncan McLeod, whose lawyer pointed out that the minister and the people at the prayer meeting had prayed for rain, not a thunderstorm. Therefore, McLeod could not be held accountable for the lightning strike. Dodd’s case was thrown out of court.