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How do you plant true lilies?

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How do you plant true lilies?
True lilies (Lilium species) should be planted in the fall or early spring. The site should have cool, moist, well-drained soil and protection from wind. Plant lilies among azaleas, ferns, or other shallow-rooted perennials to provide wind protection and shade for their roots. Choose 4- to 4 1/2-inch bulbs that have some fleshy roots attached at their bases. Dust the bulbs with fungicide to prevent rot. Lily bulbs also are easily bruised, so handle them with care. Dig beds at least one foot deep and add plenty of organic material, such as compost or humus. Level the bed, set the bulbs in the ground at a depth three times their height, and then cover them with soil. Add a layer of mulch to maintain moisture and coolness. Divide lilies every year or two for optimal flower yield. There is one exception to these directions: Plant Lilium candidum and L. candidum hybrids in late summer or early fall. Cover them with no more than one inch of soil.