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How does one care for a bronze...

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How does one care for a bronze statue that is kept outdoors?
It depends on how long the bronze statue has been outdoors. We consulted an expert on the subject, who advised us that before bronze statues leave the foundry, they are protected by a cedar wax coating that effectively seals the bronze from penetrating oxygen. The coating will last for a few years, but a wash with plain soap and water, followed by an application of wax (there is one specifically made for bronze), is recommended after two to three years and annually thereafter. If the statue has been outdoors for many years and is covered by a grayish-green substance, then there are two methods of cleaning: a form of sand-blasting known as the glass-bead method, or the use of an acid to remove the grayish-green corrosion. However, either method should be carried out by a professional.