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How many cows make a herd? How...

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How many cows make a herd? How many geese make a gaggle? How many lions make a pride?

We’re tempted to say two, but then it would be a small herd and a “giggle” instead of a gaggle! Actually, if you’re speaking of domestic cattle and geese, the only limit we can think of is the farmer’s ambitions. 

As for the size of a pride of African lions, these family units may be as small as 2 lions to as many as 40; usually with 1 to 4 males (often related), about 12 related females, and their young cubs. The lionesses, which may include mothers, sisters, and cousins, usually stay together in the same pride for life, while the resident males may vary, staying for an average of about 2 years. Young males (often brothers and cousins) may be driven from their original pride, but stay together in separate groups (coalitions), until they are strong enough to seek to join a new pride, challenging the resident males in order to take their place. Lionesses do most of the hunting, while the males will guard the pride and hunt occasionally.

There are lots of little-known collectives, such as these bird groupings: a “chatter” of budgerigars, a “twittering” of magpies, a “murmuration” of starlings, and an “exaltation” of larks. Discover more interesting animal group names!