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I am from North Carolina, and when...

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I am from North Carolina, and when I was growing up, there was a type of worm we called the saddleback. It was green, with two horns or barbs on each end and a brown spot in the center of its back that looked like a saddle. Do you know the correct name for this worm? My mother said that these worms were always in the cornfields, and it really hurt if you got stung by one.
The creature you’re thinking of is actually a saddleback caterpillar, or, scientifically speaking, Sibine stimulea. It gets its name from that vibrant pattern on its back — a brown circle within a bright green square, resembling a saddle and a saddle blanket. And it will give you a nasty sting if you touch it. The sting is much like that of a bee sting and causes a raised red bump to appear. You may even feel nauseous for the first few hours following the sting, and it will take a couple of days for it to clear up. Saddlebacks like to hang out in shade trees and ornamental shrubs and are most numerous in late summer. If you get stung, wash the affected area to get rid of any hairs and/or venom, then apply an ice pack to reduce the swelling.