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I'm invited on a cruise this...

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I’m invited on a cruise this winter, but I worry about motion sickness. Are there home remedies for prevention?
There are several home remedies for motion sickness—ginger ale, ginger cookies, candied ginger, ginger tea, and ginger capsules. Ginger seems particularly suited to settling stomachs and may prevent motion sickness. Also, avoid spicy foods, alcohol, and fatty foods while traveling. Nibble saltines if nausea seems to be coming on. Stay in the fresh air, remaining amidships (centered between the bow and stern) as much as possible, and avoid looking at the rolling waves or passing scenery in favor of focusing on a far distant horizon or other point that seems to remain constant. Stores now sell wristbands which use the principles of accupressure. These can be effective preventatives. Check with a pharmacy about the best over-the-counter medications to take, if you’re so inclined, as some will cause extreme drowsiness.