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Is there any information on ridding a...

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Is there any information on ridding a yard of wild onions in the Almanac?
Many people go wild over wild onions in their lawn. They are difficult to control and usually require two treatments with an herbicide. Check your garden supply store for one recommended for your area. Alternatively, why not make friends with your wild onions? They were a valuable food source for many Native American tribes. In Oklahoma, for example, wild onion dinners are held every spring. When using wild onions, remove any fibrous outer layers. Both the bulb and the leaves can then be eaten. The flower stalks are often too fibrous to eat. Try this recipe for Wild Onions and Scrambled Eggs, offered by LeeAnn Dreadfulwater of the Cherokee tribe. You need about 24 young, tender wild onions, water, 6 eggs, bacon grease or butter for frying, and salt and pepper to taste. Coarsely chop the onions, then steam them for a few minutes. (Add a little water to the pan, cover, and cook until the onions are limp.) Add the eggs and stir to scramble. Add the grease or butter and salt and pepper. Cook like scrambled eggs to the desired doneness. (They are best if not overcooked.) Serve hot.