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Is there anything I can place in...

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Is there anything I can place in clothing drawers to discourage mice from climbing in? Does peppermint repel them?
The best way to keep mice out of your clothing drawers is to get them out of your house. To accomplish that, put a radio where you know you have mice, select a station that plays rock, and turn up the volume. If you have a large house, use one radio per 1,000 square feet — or just move the radio from place to place. In less than an hour, the mice (which have very sensitive hearing) will vamoose. You will want to stay out of earshot during the extermination period, but you won’t have to worry about any toxic substances or messy traps with rodent corpses. After the mice have departed, you need to seal your house. Mice can squeeze into the smallest spaces, so survey your home from top to bottom and look for openings to the outside, then plug them up.