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I've heard of calling on St...

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I’ve heard of calling on St. Anthony for inflammations and St. Lucy for toothaches, but are there other “saintly specialists” out there?
Here’s a partial list to get you started. St. Agatha works against sore breasts; St. Blaise protects against bones sticking in the throat; St. Christopher and St. Mark ward off sudden death; St. Clara and St. Juliana relieve sore eyes; St. Job takes on venereal diseases; St. John works against epilepsy and poison; St. Liberius battles stones and fistulas; St. Margaret is a woman’s friend in childbirth; St. Martin takes care of the itch; St. Petronella and St. Genevieve work against fevers; St. Romanus protects against devils; St. Valentine takes on epilepsy; and St. Wolfgang helps cure lameness. Now all you need is the saint for a long memory so that you can remember them all.