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My daughter has warts on her feet...

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My daughter has warts on her feet. Do you know a good way to get rid of them?
Some years ago, The Old Farmer’s Almanac published an article on warts, including 50 ways our grandparents used to make them go away. We are limited here by space, but they were all folk remedies and superstitions and ranged from “simple and easy” (wash the wart in water used to boil potatoes) to “downright disgusting” (rub it with chicken intestines). Warts are caused by the human papillomavirus, of which there are 15 varieties, each causing a different kind of wart. The good news is that warts do go away on their own (although we are still ignorant as to how). Half clear up within one year, two-thirds within two years. If your daughter doesn’t want to wait, we would recommend that she see a physician.