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Don't be afraid of the sunlight...

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Don’t be afraid of the sunlight, and so pull down the curtains as soon as a bit peeps in. A proper amount of sunshine is very necessary to good health. We need the sunshine from outside, and the sunshine of love in our hearts and homes, to make us happy. —A tip from The 1898 Old Farmer’s Almanac||Advice|fact/dont-be-afraid-of-the-sunlight-and-quote ||Reading aloud is a beautiful practice in…|Reading aloud is a beautiful practice in the home circle, and medical authorities agree that it is a most invigorating exercise. Persons who have a tendency to pulmonary disease should methodically read aloud at stated intervals, and even recite or sing, using due caution as to posture, articulations, and avoidance of excess. —A tip from The 1899 Old Farmer’s Almanac”