Should I consider buying a Christmas tree...

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Should I consider buying a Christmas tree that can be replanted after the holiday? Is replanting usually successful?
Not everyone will want to change holiday traditions to try this, but it’s something to consider. Some growers are now selling their trees in soil balls that can be replanted. The idea is to buy the tree close to the holiday and keep it outdoors until about a day before Christmas. In areas where the ground is not frozen, it should be replanted immediately after Christmas. It’s not advisable to use too many decorations or any electric lights, as the lights might take the tree out of dormancy and cause it to die when replanted. So that doesn’t give you as much leeway as a cut tree does. The soil ball must be kept wet at all times. When planted, the tree must be watered well, and there should be no air pockets in the soil. It also must be watered during thaws, especially during dry winters. Staking it will prevent root damage from strong winds. If frozen ground prevents planting, the tree can be kept in a sheltered location outdoors, and the soil ball can be kept warm with a foot-thick covering of straw or other mulch.