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Some candle wax dripped on a white...

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Some candle wax dripped on a white tablecloth over the holidays. The cloth was washed before the wax was noted. The wax came off but left a stain. Is there a way to get this stain out of the cloth, or is it permanent?
You don’t mention what sort of fabric the tablecloth is made of, but if it’s cotton or linen, soak the spot in a small amount of bleach heavily diluted with water. Immerse the stained area in the water and let it sit for a few minutes, rubbing the discolored area gently. Rinse thoroughly. If the wax left a yellow stain, it can be removed by ordinary denture-cleaning tablets. Fill a container with warm water and immerse the stained portion. Add the denture tablets in the ratio recommended on the package and let them dissolve. Soak until the spot disappears.