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We have a problem with our 7...

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We have a problem with our 7-year-old Lab. We live in the country and have three acres on which “Dumpy” roams around all day. He will not let any critters around our property, and he kills raccoons, groundhogs, and anything that might want to cross through our yard. Our problem is that he also likes to urinate on anything that we try to grow in our yard. We have to “Dumpy-proof” anything we plant. Is there anything we can do or plant around that will stop him from wetting on our gardens and trees? We have tried to fence everything to keep him away, and that helps, but then we end up with fences everywhere in the yard.
You know, some doggies doo. There are dog repellents, but we have found with our dog that training is the key. Every time Dumpy” lifts his leg, lead him to the yard’s perimeter or a special “hydrant.” When he goes there on his own, praise him. We would be more concerned about The Dumpster latching onto a rabid raccoon, a skunk, or an innocent cat that strays onto your property. —Gardening experts George and Becky Lohmiller, Hancock, New Hampshire”