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What are the best ways to preserve...

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What are the best ways to preserve and store potatoes during the winter? I stored them in the basement on a rack, but they all sprouted a few months later.
Perhaps your basement is too warm. The storage area should be cold, but not below 35 degrees Fahrenheit; the ideal is 35 to 40 degrees. It should also be completely dark. Potatoes should be harvested before the first frost, preferably on a warm day. Cloudy days are ideal, since too much light will cause newly dug potatoes to turn green. Their skins should be tough enough that you cannot rub them off with your finger. Clean and dry (but do not wash) the potatoes, and store them as quickly as possible, with little or no exposure to sunlight, in baskets or barrels. If there is a danger of freezing, keep a pail of cold water nearby. They need a humid atmosphere, but if it’s too moist, they will sprout.