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What is toilet water? I heard it...

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What is toilet water? I heard it was used in the old days as perfume. How could I make it?
We have a book called The Toilet of Flowers, first published in 1779 in London. In the chapter titled β€œWaters,” we found this recipe for toilet water: β€œTake Honey-water, an ounce; Eau sans Pareille, two ounces; Jasmine-water, not quite five drachms; Clove-water, and Violet-water, of each an ounce; Cyprus-water, sweet Calamus-water, and Lavender-water, of each two drachms; Spirit of Neroli or Oranges, ten drops; mix all these Waters together, and keep the mixture in a vial close-corked. This water has a delightful scent; but its use is only for the toilet.”