What were some of the things funded...

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What were some of the things funded by the Rockefeller Foundation?
John D. Rockefeller Sr. (1839-1937) contributed to the Baptist Church, the YMCA, and the Anti-Saloon League. He founded the University of Chicago (1891) and the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research (1901).You can credit the advances made against hookworm, malaria, yellow fever, and other diseases in part to Rockefeller. The Rockefeller Foundation did not come into being until 1913. Rockefeller’s son, John Jr. (1874-1960), and Frederick T. Gates (1853-1929) were instrumental in administering it. John Jr.’s interests also ran to religious concerns and scientific research, but he expanded his father’s philanthropy to include the restoration of Colonial Williamsburg and other historic sites, the land for the United Nations Headquarters, and Rockefeller Center in New York City. One of the most controversial bits of research that the Rockefeller Foundation helped to fund were the “Kinsey Reports,” on sexual behavior in the human male (1948) and human female (1953).