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What's the best way to clean wicker furniture?

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What’s the best way to clean wicker furniture?
For everyday care, be sure to wipe up any spills quickly before they have a chance to seep into the crevices. Dust regularly with a soft cloth or, better yet, use the small brush on your vacuum cleaner to pull away dirt and grime. If you need to do a major cleaning, the trick is to keep the wicker wet for the shortest possible time. Choose a hot, dry day with a good breeze, or set up a fan. Take the piece outdoors for a quick hose-down with a pressure nozzle. For more stubborn dirt, you may want to use a solution of mild soap and water with a large pinch of salt. A small brush will help reach into crevices. Rinse well and dry completely. For a finish shine, wipe with an oiled flannel cloth.