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When did seat belts come into use?

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When did seat belts come into use?
Beginning in 1967, all new cars and those manufactured since January 1, 1965, were required to be fitted with front seat belts. In the 1970s, national advertising campaigns were conducted to encourage people to wear seat belts. The first proposals for the compulsory use of seat belts were made in 1973. On January 31, 1983, the use of seat belts in the front seats of cars became federal law for a three-year trial period. Injury and fatality statistics during this time convinced lawmakers that the use of seat belts saved lives and dollars. New cars have had to be fitted with rear seat belts since April 1987. Since September 1, 1989, children under the age of 14 have been required to wear seat belts in the backseats of cars.