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Watch Success Bloom With the Flower Gardener’s Handbook!

Brand-new, easy-to-use gardening guide from the editors of The Old Farmer’s Almanac helps readers to grow their very best flower gardens.

Flowers are a gardener’s most versatile tool, adding texture, diversity, and color to any landscape. But with so many varieties, many gardeners ask, “What should I choose, and how do I even begin?”

Fresh from the success of its Vegetable Gardener’s Handbook (now in its fourth printing!), The Old Farmer’s Almanac is proud to present the Flower Gardener’s Handbook, an all-new planting guide that gets to the root of growing a flower garden that’s as lovely to behold as it is easy to maintain. Gardeners of every level—from the budding grower to the seasoned green thumb—will find something to learn (and love!) in the Flower Gardener’s Handbook.

At the book’s heart are profiles of 32 flowering plants that are the most popular throughout the United States and Canada. Included with each plant description is practical growing advice, timesaving tips, recommended varieties, fascinating facts, creative ideas, and in-the-ground, real-world, growing techniques and observations from Almanac readers.

In addition to the plant profiles, the Flower Gardener’s Handbook identifies dozens more flowering plants in informative and inspiring articles as well as care tips that cover:

  • Perennials, biennials, annuals, and bulbs for any setting
  • Native vs. non-native vs. naturalized plants: pros, cons, and differences
  • Ideas and advice for creating color-filled containers
  • Plants and shrubs that birds and pollinators love
  • 9 summer-flowering shrubs
  • Tiny bulbs that welcome spring year after year
  • Expert advice for constant color
  • Fresh flower cutting, arrangement, and care tips
  • Flower-drying techniques and tips for choosing the best varieties
  • Secrets to good soil: testing, texture, pH, and compost
  • Seed-starting tips and best transplant times
  • Facts about fertilizer: choosing and using the best option
  • Effective pest and disease preventions and cures

Readers will find all of this in the Flower Gardener’s Handbook, plus how to be more water-wise; a checklist for cleaning up the garden for winter; pages for records, notes, and observations; tips on how to enjoy the garden more by working on it less; and much more!

The full-color, 224-page Flower Gardener’s Handbook is the latest resource from The Old Farmer’s Almanac to help readers everywhere to grow their best gardens. It is now available for $17.95 USD/$19.95 CAD wherever gardening books are sold, including at local booksellers and Tractor Supply, as well as online at Almanac.com/Shop and Amazon. With a durable, flexi-bound hard cover that’s easy to clean, this sure-to-be-essential planting guide is the best gardening companion since the trowel!

The Old Farmer’s Almanac—with its iconic yellow cover and classic corner hole—originates from Yankee Publishing Inc., an employee-owned company in Dublin, New Hampshire. The 2023 Old Farmer’s Almanac (and its much-anticipated winter weather forecasts) will be available in September 2022.

The Almanac also offers a collection of wall and desk calendars, the digital monthly magazine EXTRA!, The Old Farmer’s Almanac for Kids (Vol. 9 now available!), and several gardening titles/products, including the 2022 Garden Guide, an online garden planning tool, the Vegetable Gardener’s Handbook, and a line of gardening products—including weed barrier paper, lawn food, plant food, and more—sold at Walmart and other select retailers.

Readers of any of the Almanac’s titles are always invited to share their gardening experiences (including their joys and heartaches!) on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. We all do better growing together!

For more information or media materials on any Old Farmer’s Almanac product, please visit Almanac.com/media. To request a media review copy of the Flower Gardener’s Handbook, please email ginger@quinnbrein.com.

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