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Gardening Tasks by Month for Diamond Ridge, AK

Make sure that your lawn is getting 1 inch of water per week to keep it green.
Apply a layer of mulch around your ornamental and garden plants to help protect them from any heat damage.
Continue harvesting fruit and vegetables as they ripen to encourage growth. (See our Ripeness Guide to know when veggies are ready to pick.)
Fertilize squash, cucumbers, and broccoli to keep production going as long as possible.
Keep a close watch on your plants to make sure that they do not dry out—especially raised gardens. Let the soil surface dry an inch or so deep before watering, and after make sure water reaches roots several inches deep.
If there is room in the garden, you can start your winter plants, such as winter kale, brussels sprouts, turnips, and parsley—plus, more beets, carrots, lettuce, and broccoli.
Keep an eye out for spider mites, caterpillars, root weevils, and other insects. Treat when necessary. (See our Pest pages.)
Yellow jackets and wasps often emerge. They are beneficial insects, so control with traps and lures as needed.
Spray fruit trees as needed to avoid pests.
Clean and fertilize strawberry beds.
Prune berry bushes after harvest.
Continue to remove any dead flowers from annuals and perennials.
Once the temperature beings to drop, you can divide and transplant perennials.
Separate spring-blooming bulbs, such as tulips and daffodils.
Keep feeding and watering your compost pile with yard trimmings and the hose!
Now through September is the ideal time to sow grass seed for a new lawn.
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