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%Y Gardening "To Do" Tips by Month for Courtenay, BC

Make sure your lawn mower is tuned up. Sharpen and sterilize your garden tools.
Make a cold frame or hot bed to start your vegetable and flower plants early.
Prune established fruit trees and berries.
Spray lime sulfur on fruit and deciduous trees and shrubs.
Remove any diseased or damaged branches from trees and shrubs.
Clean up any weeds before they go to seed or develop roots. Weed now to reduce work later!
You can start seeds indoors now, such as brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, and most herbs; remember to keep them in a warm place, but avoid keeping them in direct sunlight.
Add manure, compost, or fertilizer to your rhubarb bed.
Do you get moles? Set out humane traps.
Repot houseplants; be sure to provide them with plenty of sunlight and fresh air.
Consider investing in a soil thermometer so that you know when the soil is warm enough for seeds to germinate outdoors.
As soon as the soil is workable, add in manure or compost to prepare your garden for planting.
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