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Gardening "To Do" Tips by Month for Wadsworth, NV

Beware of insects and other pests in your garden. Keep an eye on your garden for aphids, spider mites, etc., and take action when necessary to eliminate the pests.
Remove any winter-damaged branches or plants that have not begun to grow yet. You can prune spring-flowering plants when they finish blooming.
Transplant citrus trees, ideally 2 to 5-year-old trees.
Thin fruit to 6-inch spacing for better fruit size. Also, remember to provide adequate soil moisture for your fruit trees during April and May for good fruit size.
Continue fertilizing established roses.
Warm-season lawns can be established in late April from sprigs, plugs, or sod. Start mowing established lawns.
Begin fertilizing Bermuda and warm-season grasses this month.
Annual flowers can be seeded now. You can sow the seeds directly in the flower beds, but remember to keep the soil moist until the seeds germinate.
Thin out flower seedlings so that the plants have enough space to grow. You can transplant the extra seedlings to another area.
Prune winter damage on your herb plants. Look for new growth developing on the lower part of the herbs, and cut the plant back by 1/3 to 1/2 to the healthy new shoots.
Remember to water your plants more frequently as the weather warms up and the days lengthen.
Continue planting vegetables, such as beans, carrots, cucumbers, melons, peppers, squashes, and sunflowers.
Plant okra toward the end of the month, as it does better with warmer soil.
Plant vegetables in successive plantings so that you can have a continuous harvest throughout the growing season.
Remember to thin out your vegetable plants so that they have enough room to grow. If they are too crowded, the plants will become weak.
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