How to Make Lavender Sachets

October 9, 2021
Lavender Sachet

Make scented lavender sachets with dried lavender and, if you wish, other herbs. The bags will add a calming scent to bureau drawers to keep clothes or linens fresh-smelling, and also make great gifts! 

Lavender is a wonderful herb that has long used as a natural remedy to aide insomnia and anxiety. It’s perfect to aide sleep or simply bring calm into a room. If you grow your own lavender, it’s a wonderful herb for drying. Store them in a lidded jar somewhere cool and dark, or pop them straight into a sachet to keep towels, sheets or clothes (especially socks!) smelling sweet and to repel moths. If you suffer from insomnia, try inserting the sachets into a pillow so the calming scent can help you drift off to a restful slumber.

See how to make a simple lavender sachet. 

What You’ll Need

  • Use fresh lavender for a long-lasting scent. Find dried herbs at a local garden store or market. Or, perhaps you have some extra lavender after making lavender shortbread or lavender scones
  • You’ll also need a handkerchief or some scrap fabric (anything breathable plus scissors, needle, and thread. 
  • Optional: You can also mix the lavender with dried rice if you don’t have enough lavender. 
  • Optional: In addition to lavender, you can add other dried herbs such as rosemary. 

Directions to Make Lavender Sachet

To make a simple sachet, here are the steps:

  1. Spread out and iron a handkerchief or any material that you like. (Try a gaily colored antique handkerchief which are easy to find at thrift stores and antiques shops, often selling for under $1.)
  2. Fold the handkerchief (or material of your choice) in half, right sides together, and sew up two adjacent sides (leaving one short side open), as if you were making a little pillowcase.
  3. Turn it right side out, fill it with dried lavender to within two inches of the top, and tie it tightly with a brightly colored ribbon. If you wish, you could also sew them up like little pillows (as below).

Photo credit: Greentellect/Shutterstock

Give the sachet as a gift, or tuck it into a sock or underwear drawer! Enjoy this craft and please let us know what you think below.

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Lavender Sachets

This is lovely, thank you for your helpful idea.

Great information on how to make lavender sachet

Thank you for the easy way to make a sachet. I have a 4 year old lavender plant that is blooming now.
I clip them in the morning and bundled them to dry. Will make sachets with them.

This is such a nice easy

This is such a nice easy craft to do with my granddaughters, I'm going to try this this year.