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The Old Farmer's Almanac Essay Contest

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Win Cash Prizes and Publication in the Next Almanac!

Catherine Boeckmann
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Every year, The Old Farmer’s Almanac holds an essay contest with cash prizes! Learn more and enter here—and read beautiful, touching essays from past winners!

The topic of the 2023 Essay Contest is “A Funny Thing That Happened to Me.” Enter contest here!

Past Winning Essays

Winners of the 2022 Essay Contest: Currently published in the The 2023 Old Farmer’s Almanac

Winners of the 2021 Essay Contest: A Kindness I Will Always Remember

Winners of the 2020 Essay Contest: What Worn-Out Possession Is Dearest to You, and Why?

Winners of the 2019 Essay Contest: Kids Say the Funniest Things

Winners of the 2018 Essay Contest: How Weather Changed My Life

Winners of the 2017 Essay Contest: The Historical Figure I Would Like To Meet and Why

Winners of the 2016 Essay Contest: A New Holiday We Need—And Why

Winners of the 2015 Essay Contest: My Best Car Story

Winners of the 2014 Essay Contest: My Most Unusual Coincidence

Winners of the 2013 Essay Contest: My Funniest Family Moment

Winners of the 2012 Essay Contest: How The Old Farmer’s Almanac Has Influenced My Life

Winners of the 2011 Essay Contest: My Best Original Money-Saving Habit

Winners of the 2010 Essay Contest: The Kindest Thing Anyone Ever Did for Me

Winners of the 2009 Essay Contest: My Pet’s Best Trick Ever

All the best if you enter your own essay! Explore and enter all of our Almanac contests here.

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