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September 29, 2021
Almanac Essay Contest

Every year, The Old Farmer’s Almanac holds an essay contest with cash prizes! Learn more and enter here—and read beautiful, touching essays from past winners!

Announcing The 2022 Old Farmer’s Almanac Essay Topic:


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Past Essay Contest Winners

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2021 Essay Contest

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Hello, all, We have closed the entry for this contest. If you submitted an essay, you will have received a confirmation email. Thank you kindly for the submissions which are now in review with the editors. You will be contacted if you are an essay contest winner! Sincerely, your OFA editors 

A Kindness I Will Always Remember? PLEASE Read & Consider This

The deadline for submitting an essay was clear. It was written in writing, on pages right here. It said Jan. 22 was last day to submit. And I saw that on a Sunday, nine days after it. But the subject of the essay is what picked me back up, as I faintly just wondered, “could I still submit something”? In this time with pandemic I’ve been fiscally strapped. The financial prizes were really what grabbed me.
So this writing was all just a gamble from me; it could have been rejected it, was late, that’s the key. But I asked Farmer’s Almanac to give me chance; it’d take kindness, acceptance, and-the-essay a glance. I come from a family in farming and ag. We don’t swear by the Almanac, but it’s something we have. If my writing and essay were honored in there, it’d be cool for my family and everyone here.
I’ve never been published in something like this, but if you give me a chance, with flexibility on that final-deadline, and a shot at winning one of the top-three prizes; I will always remember this act of kindness.

Did my entry arrive?

I'm not sure how you verify receipt of essay contest entries. I sent mine to you earlier in the month. It's probably no problem, but just wanted to check, since today is the deadline.


Can the works be fiction ?


I am thinking of submitting an essay regarding my 5 year old's visit to the dentist years ago. Like many children that age she enjoyed mimicking people and when she returned from her visit and I asked her what he said, her reply was "J------ C------, what happened to you.

2018 essay contest winners

When I click on the 2018 essay contest winners link it takes me to a login page? Do I need to be a special kind of subscriber too view these?

2018 essays

Catherine Boeckmann's picture

The page is published now!

contest results

Will the winners be announced this month, August 2017? Thank you! :)

2017 Essay Contest

When will the winners be posted? When will they receive the money if they win? And how will the money be awarded, Cash, Check?

Almanac essay contest

The Editors's picture

Hi, Matthew, The winners are posted upon publication of next year’s Almanac (in which they appear), which means in August. Checks are issued to the winners soon after the winners are chosen. Thanks for your interest!


But When are the winners chosen?

Essay winners

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We do not have a date for when we’ll get together to choose the winners. Rest assured the winners will be announced with The 2018 Old Farmer’s Almanac which is published in August.

2017 Essay contest

I understand that Yankee Publishing will retain all rights to the winning essays; could the winners still use the essay as a writing sample when submitting for other freelance work? Thanks.

using the essay as a writing sample

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Certainly you could use the essay as a writing sample, Andrea. If you win, and were to use your essay that way, it might be a feather in your cap to let your readers know that it won this contest and was published. Thanks for your interest!

essay contest

Is there a limit to how many entries one may submit--and are Canadian entries accepted??

essay contest entries from Canada

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Hi, Marya-

There is no limit as to how many entries you send, but you can only win one prize. And we absolutely welcome our neighbors to the north to enter! Good luck!

200 words

Does the title count as part of the 200 words?

The title does not count.

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The title does not count. Thanks for checking!

Hi! I was just wondering if

I was just wondering if it cost anything to enter in the contest?

No, it doesn't not cost any

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No, it does not cost any money to enter our contests. The cash prize is for the readers!

I submitted two best car

I submitted two best car stories to meet deadline. Could not decide which one was better. Thanking you in advance for making the choice for me if only one per person is permitted.

Hi! Is there a word limit to

Hi! Is there a word limit to the essay contest? For some reason I thought it was 200, but I don't see that anywhere now and most of the previous winners were more. I submitted a 200-word essay. I might resubmit. Thanks!

I just reread the top of this

I just reread the top of this page, duh, and my copy of The Old Farmer's Almanac 2015, and it does say 200 words or less. Forgive me!

I remember a Christmas long

I remember a Christmas long ago when I was 5 years old & my brother Charlie was 7 years old. Our Mother asked us to make out our Christmas lists. Of course mine was long with many things {that I would not get} on it. However Charlie's list had just one thing on it. A Farmer's Almanac. My Mother said, "Charlie, you must want something else??". He looked up at our Mother & said "no Mama, just the Farmer's Almanac please". What an impression your magazine had even back then on a child so young. Charlie got his Farmer's Almanac for Christmas that year & kept it in his back pocket wherever he went...

Hey, I really enjoyed reading

Hey, I really enjoyed reading all the previous years' winning essays. Can I participate this year? I'm from Mumbai, India.

Thanks for the kind

The Editors's picture

Thanks for the kind words.This contest comes courtesy of The Old Farmer's Almanac publication which is published in North America, therefore, you must live in the U.S. or Canada to enter.

for this years essay can it

for this years essay can it be fake or do it have to be realty

We prefer that you enter a

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We prefer that you enter a real story. Thanks for checking!

I just submitted my essay for

I just submitted my essay for the 2015 contest online yesterday and realized today that I made an important typo that needs to be corrected. If I mail in a paper copy of my submission with the correction and a note, can that be submitted instead? Thank you!

Hi, Kim, Yes, you welcome to

The Editors's picture

Hi, Kim,
Yes, you welcome to send by mail with a note. Or, you are welcome to resubmit online and we will just look at the most recent copy.
Kind regards,
The Old Farmer's Almanac editors