How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Sedum Flowers



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Sedum is a perennial plant with thick, succulent leaves, fleshy stems, and clusters of star-shaped flowers. Here’s how to grow sedum in your garden!

There are many varieties of sedum plants, which makes them suitable for almost all types of garden designs. Use low–growing sedum varieties as ground covers and in rock gardens, and taller varieties for back borders. Sedums are hardy, easy to care for, and make great cut flowers, too.


  • Plant sedum seeds in early spring in well-drained, average to rich soil. (Learn more about soil amendments and preparing soil for planting.)
  • Space plants between 6 inches and 2 feet apart, depending on the variety.
  • Low-growing and vigorous species will tolerate partial shade, but most sedum do best in full sun.
  • You can also plant divisions or cuttings instead of seeds.
    • For divisions: Dig a hole so that the top of the root ball is level with the surface, then place the plant in the hole and fill it in.
    • For cuttings: Simply place the cut end into soil and the cutting should have no trouble rooting under proper lighting and watering conditions.


  • Once established, sedum plants require little care. Check your plants regularly to make sure they are not too dry and water when needed.
  • After flowering, cut back the plants to maintain their shape or contain them in one area. 
  • Remember to divide your plants in the spring or fall to control their spread. Throughout the summer, divisions and cuttings root readily.


  • Mealybugs
  • Scale insects
  • Slugs
  • Snails

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birds are pecking at the leaves

i thought perhaps deer were eating the leaves off my sedum plants but the last several mornings I have seen little birds pecking at the leaves I do not see any little critters on the leaves but I am now left with stalks onlyI any suggestions?

Birds Eating Sedum

Birds have been known to peck at sedum in the summer to get at the moisture stored in sedum’s leaves. Has it been particularly dry or hot where you live? This could be why the ever-resourceful birds are going to unusual lengths for water. We would suggest covering your sedum with some bird-proof netting for the time being. You can remove the netting once the sedum starts to flower, if it hasn’t already, as the birds should leave the flowers alone. We would also suggest putting out a bird bath or two in your yard to give the birds an alternative water source.


I just bought a sedum about 2-3 weeks ago, it's still in a container. Can I transplant it to the ground now or should I wait til fall?

Planting Sedum in Summer

Sedum should not have a problem with being planted during the summer. If possible, try to plant it at a time when there is a mix of sun and rain in the forecast. If your climate is particularly hot and dry, give the sedum a bit more water than you normally would.


What is typical size, height and width of sedum, and what about spacing?

A Wide Question

Hi, Roger: This question is really too broad to answer. There are many varieties of sedum, which range in height/width from under a foot to several. Spacing varies, too. Some online research would be in order. Thanks for asking!

Sedum - multiple varieties

Can I fertilize with water soluble Miracle Grow rather than the granual kind suggested ? I have it out front & neighbors cats & dogs might be exposed to the granules that don't disolve . It would also be much easier for me , but not to the extent of harming the succulents . Advice ????

Fertilizing Sedum

Sedum and other succulents are particularly sensitive to fertilizers, as their roots can be burned easily by high-nitrogen concentrations. Luckily, they don’t typically need much fertilizing. A slow-release (granular) fertilizer would likely be better for sedum, though. If you’re worried about neighborhood pets, try to find organic fertilizer alternatives.

Transplanting Sedum

Is here any certain time to transplant?

Transplanting Sedum

Early spring is the best time to divide or transplant sedum plants, especially upright varieties. Creeping varieties are more forgiving, however, and may be moved in later spring, as long as they receive adequate water. Be aware that this could interrupt their flowering, though.

Sedum plants

I need help in finding out what kind of Sedum that I have? The only thing it said was Sedum on the side of the pot. It's a small green little group that are like tight little type of plant. It almost looks like little rose but I know it's not one? They are cute little green flowers kinda?

Sedum Plants

Hi Jeanie,

There are many varieties of Sedum, but some of the most common are these: Sedum acreSedum album, Sedum anglicanSedum dasyphyllumSedum forsterianum, Sedum ‘Herbstfreude,’ Sedum kamtschaticumSedum roseaSedum rupestreSedum spectabileSedum spectabile × telephiumSedum spuriumSedum telephium. Use these names to search for images to match to your plant. We hope this helps!

Succulent groundcover

My yard of Sedum (Phedimus) takesimensis was planted last year and developed yellow flower clusters. The flowers are turning brown and it looks like the plants are dying as the leaves are disappearing. Is this a normal growing pattern? tnx

saving sedum

Sedum (Phedimus) takesimensis is a hardy, sun-loving, drought-tolerant ground cover. Is it getting sun and not too much moisture?? (A point of interest: this is a recommended green roof plant and was used as such in Missouri in 2012. That suggests it really, really likes sun! Apparently, too, it holds its leaves in winter and drops its leaves very late…then new leaves emerge. Give it time before you give it up.

Cuttings in hot soil

Right now in Cape Town, South Africa we get temperatures of 25-30 C (drought for weeks now). The soil becomes burning hot in the afternoon. I have a few small tip cuttings of a low-lying species of sedum that I'd like to plant out.

Can I still plant them in the full sun?

Stonecrop sedum

When the plant flowers the plant falls to the ground, what can you do to prevent this?

lifeless plants

We have a roof garden at work in Jersey with sedium plants in flats all around the edge. Over the past 2 years they have not flowered and look lifeless. How do I get them back to life?

Sedum Secrets

Hi, Cindy: Any number of things could be going on here. First of all, since they “look lifeless,” make sure that they are still alive before you spend much time doing anything. They could be root-bound; are the flats so crowded that you need to thin out your plants? The soil could be depleted; mix in some organic fertilizer or matter recommended by your nursery. They could be too dry; while sedum doesn’t need much water, its needs do increase when evaporation levels are high. Finally, they could be getting baked–an overlooked problem in roof gardens. Sedum can certainly thrive in full sun, and on rooftops it’s true that additional air circulation can help to cool, but at the same time the constant solar radiation (even on overcast days) being absorbed by the rooftop itself can create an oven effect that basically can bake plants. So, check the roots and soil, make sure that there is enough water, and consider doing a test in which you put up a vertical screen (just a cut-apart trashbag between two dowels or sticks) to create a partial sun environment when the sun is low in the sky at beginning or end of day (the screen will create shade). Sometimes cutting down on the sun just a little can offset the baking effect. Thanks for asking and good luck!

Do you know how early in

Do you know how early in spring (zone 6) I can plant sedum tile in the ground? If there are cold nights and/or a late frost, will I need to cover them?

sedum tile

Most plants like to be set into relatively warm soil—say, 50 to 55°F. Once they take these are apparently, generally, pretty cold hardy. We would advise waiting to avoid the risk of frost. Or plan to protect them.

sedum filled with weeds and grass

I planted several large flats of "Sew and Grow sedum last summer. They, for the past several months, have been invaded by weeds that I cannot seem to remove by hand. I would like to save them if possible.

Removing Weeds From Sedum

Try digging up the whole clump and weeding through it before replanting it (perhaps in another area, or at the least, into thoroughly weeded soil).

Wintering a planter filled with assorted sedum plants indoors

For Christmas I received a planter filled with assorted sedum plants. I live in Western North Carolina and will have to keep it indoors. Does it need sunlight or will daylight in the room do? Also can it take a warm environment or does it need cool? How often does it need watered?

Overwintering Sedum Indoors

Sedum is a succulent, so it appreciates a coarser potting soil (formulated for cacti and succulents), drier conditions (water every other week unless exceptionally dry), and plenty of sunlight. Bear in mind that some sedums overwinter indoors better than others, so consider the variety you have.


Sedum as a ground cover

I've planted a large area of yellow Carlton daffodils between a row of Emerald Green arborvitae and a low retaining wall on the left side of my driveway. The daffodils put on their 6 week show - then what?
What will provide beauty there until the Daffs are ready to pop up next spring?

after daffs, what . . .

Hi, Jim, It’s difficult for us to make a recommendation of this sort. Scroll down here to “Flowers” and peruse some of the options here:

You should go to a nursery in the spring and wander around. See what you like among the annuals and the perennials. Consider the plants’ needs and the sunlight that this area gets … talk to the folks there. Maybe bring a picture of your setting with you so they can see the kind of space you have. This should be a fun adventure—we have little doubt that making a choice will be one of your best days!

Thanks for your enthusiasm for the Almanac!


If I plant several kinds of sedum together, will they eventually all end up alike? I want them to remain individually distinct. Thank you for your time.

separate sedum?

If that happens, it will make headlines and history—or so it seems to us. We have not heard that theory and have seen wide varieties of sedum planted together without losing their individuality.


My Sedum has turned a very

My Sedum has turned a very light green, almost yellow color. It is usually a darker green. We have had a drought so I've watered about once a week. It is Nov, so it should die back soon (I'm in GA), but I was wondering if I need to fertilize it now, to have a healthier plant in the Spring. Thanks for the help.

The foliage is yellowing

The foliage is yellowing because it is starting to die back–completely normal. It’s time to stop fertilizing to allow it to go dormant. Begin fertilizing again in early spring.

My HUGE sedum and even the smaller ones

For some reason my GIANT sedum opened up and the center is open to the elements, the effect is not that appealing, however, I noticed that my smaller sedum also did the same thing. I live in Dayton, Ohio and was just wondering if this is normal? Do I need to dig them up and divide? Just wondering in Ohio.


I'm in zone six, can implant sedums in the fall?


My sedum wants to flop in the center when it gets to be about 12 or 14 inches high, so what am I doing wrong. I see others that are blooming nicely and standing up firmly,

Splaying Sedum

There is a little trick that goes a long way toward having strong, standing sedum blooms. About half way through the growing season (before they have bloomed) cut them back to about 6 to 8 inches. It may feel counterintuitive, but it really works! By mid- to late summer, your plants will look like those you are admiring. Also, they can be staked, if necessary.


How would sedums do in a five foot rectangular outdoor planter? Do wildlife (deer, rabbits, etc.) like them? Any ideas about keeping the pests you mention away from the plants? Thank you.

Sedum grows well in

Sedum grows well in containers. The plant is considered deer resistant and most critters will leave it alone. To find out how to prevent some of the other pests mentioned on this page go to

sedum that spread out like a bowl

How can I control the spreading out of my sedums, they grow to at least 2ft. and spread out like a bowl???

Sedum "spread"

I use green garden twine to gently bind the stalks around the circumference . I usually do this when the stalks are about 12" high and the twine can be loosened as needed if the bundle gets too thick.


Is there a herbicide that will not harm sedum and still kill grass and weeds?

We don’t recommend using

We don’t recommend using herbicides. You can pull the grass and weeds by hand and then add mulch around the sedum. Some folks use boiling water or vinegar on the unwanted growth but you have to be careful not to get it on the sedum or its roots.

I have the goldenglow stone

I have the goldenglow stone crop and I was wondering how I could clone or propagate another one from the plant I have...

These are easy to propagate.

These are easy to propagate. Cut a stem or two from the mother plant. Remove the leaves from the bottom half of the stem. Put the stems in a glass of water and place in a sunny spot. After a few days or a week you should see new roots on the stems. You can then put the stems in a pot with soil.

Sedum in pots should these be cut right back end of Autumn?

Advise please

Hi Jim,

Hi Jim,

The stalks can be pruned anytime after the blooms fade. Som gardeners recommend to leave them on as long as possible. Birds are  attracted to the seeds. In late winter or early spring cut any remaining old stalks back to about 3 inches.


I was given a serum plant for Easter, thought it was an indoor house plant, is there a difference. Was wondering if it would survive outdoors.

Sedum out of water

I would like to use cut sedum in a floral design. How long can it live out of water before it begins to die?

Sedum dry plants

I purchased 2 Red Sedum by mail, and they said they would ship at the appropriate planting time.
By the time they arrived, the ground was frozen.
The plants are dry, can I out them in water inside to get them ready for spring planting?

We suggest that you return

We suggest that you return the plants and get your money back. There is no guarantee that the plants will revive if put them in water or moist soil indoors.

Sedum Flowers

I purchased four beautiful sedum at a local farmers market. They might be Autumn Fire or Autumn Joy .The flowers were a vibrant
purple magenta color which I loved and complemented the other colors in the garden. It's only the end of September and they are already turning brown. Is there anything I could be doing to help maintain the color longer or is this normal?

Planting cuttings in Oct ober?

a friend just gave me half a dozen cuttings of sedum (like cut flowers) and said to bury the cut stems to see if they will grow. We are in the Washington DC area but it is nearly October, and the weather is starting to get a bit colder. What are the chances it will root?

Sedums are easy to root and

Sedums are easy to root and it should only take 2-3 weeks before they develop enough roots to survive on their own. As long as the ground hasn’t frozen they should be fine. If the temperatures make you nervous you can try rooting them indoors in a container of soilless potting mix or vermiculite, or you can even root them in a glass of water on a sunny windowsill.

I am in the mid Atlantic....

I am in the mid Atlantic.... my multi-year old Autumn Joy was growing great this year until some [expletive deleted] garden crew came through with electric shears and lopped off all the about-to-bud stalks. Will it grow more flower stalks this year? :( {sad)

I have some very low sedum

I have some very low sedum ground cover. I would like to plant a daisy like plant in the same area. Do I need to dig all the sedum out first or would the two grow together OK?

Hi, EJ: From a botanical

Hi, EJ: From a botanical standpoint, sedum and daisies (not sure what you have in mind with "daisy like") grow just fine together. That being said, the established sedum might present some physical challenges to newly growing daisies, so you might consider digging "holes" in your sedum bedsl (transplant elsewhere) to give the daisies a little space. Good luck!

Hi I live in WI and I'v put

Hi I live in WI and I'v put sedum in pots to make gnome and fairy gardens. Should I leave them out in the winter or bring them in? They're so cute I don't want to chance ruining them.

Most sedums are very cold

Most sedums are very cold hardy. To be on the safe side you can bury the pots in your garden and add a layer of mulch over them or you can turn an empty cardboard box over them in late fall.

the sedum has spread out into

the sedum has spread out into two plants, i would like to dig one out and replant it in a different area. what is the way to do this?

Spring is the perfect time to

Spring is the perfect time to divide sedum. Cut the plant down to about 6 inches. Water well for a few days before you move it. Prepare the planting site by digging a hole 6 to 8 inches deep. When ready to divide sedum, dig straight down and lightly loosen the soil around the sedum's roots. Immediately plant in the new spot and water well for the first few weeks.

Hi, I live in Southern

Hi, I live in Southern California and have been trying to grow tri-colored sedum in the parkway between the street and the sidewalk in very sandy soil that I amended with some compost. (But not a lot.) I read that this kind of ground cover is so easy to grow, but I've been trying to grow it for a year and a half, and it has actually died back from the amount I planted. I think I was overwatering it at first (twice a week), now I may be under-watering it (once a week). And the area is filled with weeds (clover-like stuff which is impossible to pull because there are so many and they have thin stems, crab grass, dandelions and more) that I have been pulling out (except for the clover). I don't know how to kill the weeds without also killing the sedum. And I don't know how to get the sedum to grow. Can you help me?

Will the seed heads that I

Will the seed heads that I have on my plants at the end of winter grow?
I never cut my plants until the spring in case they will reseed.

You have the right idea by

You have the right idea by cutting the plants in the spring, but no, they will not reseed.

can they be brought inside

can they be brought inside for the winter? They are the Angelina Sedum. They do not bloom, but they spread anywhere can touch dirt. If I can bring them inside, where are the special caring for them?


Hi, Bea, like most sedum,

Hi, Bea, like most sedum, Angelina is winter hardy. Specifically, this is hardy in Zones 3 to 11—just about everywhere. You could surround it will a bit of winter mulch (leaves), which almost any plant appreciates, but special consideration is not required. See here for details (scroll down):

I live in Washington State

I live in Washington State and I want to grow a sedum plant for my plant biology class. I want to get sedum brilliant but I don't know if it will grow in my lawn. Should I plant it in a corner of my lawn and put it next to the sidewalk so it can get full sunlight?

Hi Skyler, Seedums need full

Hi Skyler,
Seedums need full sun. Find the sunniest spot and prepare the soil with a bit of compost. Fall is a good time to plant seedlings but if you have seeds you need to wait until spring to plant.

I have just cut back our

I have just cut back our Sedum for the winter. Can it be dried to use in vases or does it need water like other cut flowers?

Sedum flowers do well as

Sedum flowers do well as fresh cut flowers. If you dry them, hang them upside down in a dry warm spot. The flowers will dry fine but the fleshy stems may take a little longer.

I bought my plant at a lawn

I bought my plant at a lawn sale. It says 'Sedum' on a piece of masking tape on the pot. The plant stems grow about three feet tall. The leaves are quite chewable with lots of green/chlorophyll, but no particular taste. I've been including a dozen thumb-size leaves in my veggy smoothies. Is that advised against? Thanks in advance.

The young leaves of many

The young leaves of many sedum species are edible, however, they also impart a low level of toxicity which can affect people differently so we can't really advise adding it to your diet.

I have my sedum in a bird

I have my sedum in a bird bath which has holes drilled for drainage. I don't know whether to bring itin the garage or house during the winter (zone 5). And have left it out during the winter. Some of it comes back but not entirely. What do you suggest?

You can leave the bird bath

You can leave the bird bath outside but cover it with a cardboard box to shield it from too much snow, thawing and melting problems. If you have room in the garage you can move it there. Sedum is hardy and it is pretty difficult to kill.

Is it okay to dig up sedum

Is it okay to dig up sedum now and put it in another spot or wait. It's a pretty pink right now.

It's best to move sedum in

It's best to move sedum in the spring. Transplant when the shoots are up a few inches. Lift the entire clump and divide it into smaller sections and replant them immediately. 

I am thinking of replacing my

I am thinking of replacing my lawn with sedums. I live in California. What do you think? I was thinking of using a mix of flats and from seeds.

Sedum is a great groundcover

Sedum is a great groundcover for dry and hot locations. Just make sure to remove all the grass and kill all the weeds before planting. For successful germination seeds are best started in flats and then transplanted outdoors. You can always sprinkle some seeds between the plant to see if they will come up.

I want to change this patch

I want to change this patch of garden next to the house. All it gets is shade. Should I move all the sedum in my garden?

Shade tolerance depends on

Shade tolerance depends on the sedum variety. Most sedum plants prefer full sun, though some tolerate partial shade and there are even a couple varieties that grow fine in shade. You can take a sample to a local nursery or cooperative extension to identify it. Chances are, your sedum prefers sun so you'd want to transplant in autumn or early spring.

Have an abundance.of flys on

Have an abundance.of flys on my sedums. How do I get rid of them?

Dan, Some types of flies are

Dan, Some types of flies are beneficial and deter pests; other types of flies are problems. If you have aphids, simply spray with water or use an insecticidal soap. If you have fungus gnats, your plant may be getting too much water and you need to let it dry out between waterings. It's hard to diagnose without knowing more information (color, size, etc.).

I reside in New Port Richey

I reside in New Port Richey Florida. Can I grow ground cover Sedum in this climate?
Thank you

Sedum is a great fit for

Sedum is a great fit for Florida. See this helpful fact page from your FL cooperative extension: http://gardeningsolutions.ifas...

We need to level our deck but

We need to level our deck but the sedums are in the way is it cut them back now to save them as they will get trampled on or should I dig them up and

Interesting question, Pat!

Interesting question, Pat! This somewhat depends on the type and from your standpoint the quantity/expanse. You could cut them back now, true. You could let them get trampled and then cut back only the damaged ones. It's usually best not to transplant in summer, as the plants' energy is focused on blooming and sometimes this makes it harder for them to adapt to a new home. Of course, the degree of "trampling" matters, too ... If ours were going to be totally ground into the ground/destroyed, we would definitely move. Sounds like yours are going to get "decked" one way or the other, but fortunately sedum are pretty robust.

I live in Kingston Ontario

I live in Kingston Ontario and this year my sedem is sitting almost on top of the ground. I can actually lift pieces of it off the earth and there are tiny white roots on each piece. The plant is quite old but I have never had this happen before. Any idea what is happening?

I have tri-color sedum

I have tri-color sedum planted on my parkway and it is doing very well. I have noticed a couple plants with clover growing right in the middle. Is there any herbicide that can kill the clover without hurting my tri-color sedum

For small patches of clover

For small patches of clover it's best to hand weed or use a knife to remove them. Push the knife at least 1 inch below the soil, then slice through the roots of the clover plants.

I live in a coastal Maine

I live in a coastal Maine town, and have four very large sedum plants that I want to move to a different location. Tall variety, grow to about 3' tall,2-3'wide. They are about four years old, and have grown bigger each year. When the flowers bloom, the stems begin to fall away from the center of the plant. When moving them, should I divide each plant? Or, if planted nearer to each other, will the larger plants hold each other's stems more vertical? Thanks for any advice you can share.

It's recommended to divide

It's recommended to divide tall sedums every other year to control the flopping. Dividing is best done in spring or fall. You can also trim the plants to 8-10 inches tall in June and they will not grow so tall.

is it better to plant

is it better to plant sedum seeds in the ground in front of a grave stone or to plant a fully grown sedum plant ?

Sedum is great choice for

Sedum is great choice for gravestones. Get a low-growing variety so it doesn't get floppy. You can seed or buy a plant; it really depends on how long you want to wait. If you plant in the spring, it should bloom in the summer, but some varieties grow quickly and others grow more slowly.

can you grow new sedum plants

can you grow new sedum plants from the old clippings

Sedum is very easy to

Sedum is very easy to propagate. Snip a piece about 4 inches long that has 3 or more leaves. Remove the bottom leaves and push the cutting into moistened soil mix so that the one leaf is above the surface of the soil. Use a well-draining soil mix or mix sand into regular potting soil.

I was given a lovely potted

I was given a lovely potted sedum, which I kept on my terrace. Can I bring it inside now that the temperatures are dropping below freezing as the pot is small and I don't want the roots to freeze.
If it starts to regrow indoors will that be a problem for the plant?

I live in Manitoba, the snows

I live in Manitoba, the snows have begun, should I "cut back" my sedum? This is my second year of them and do not know what cutting back means. Am I to cut them to the ground?? I appreciate any advice. Thank you.

Sedum should die to the

Sedum should die to the ground in the winter. Cut them down any time--now or late winter or early spring.  When we say cut them down, we mean to the ground. Some people keep wait to prune until early spring as they think the seedheads add winter interest.
In general, throughout the growing season, you can cut back a third of the sedum stems whenever they grow floppy.  When they are 6 to 12 inches tall, you can pinch back their growing tips to encourage sturdy growth (not floppy).

How does soil pH effect the

How does soil pH effect the intensity of the color in "Sedum spectabile"?

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